Friday, September 01, 2023

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

#1 - This alliterate singer was probably A list in a group and definitely A list solo. Despite having numerous STD's, he would always make any groupie wanting to have sex with him to do so without protection. If he really wanted to have sex with them and they insisted on condoms, he would just rape them without a condom on and take photos of them naked and having sex to shame them from telling anyone about the rape.

#2  - Speaking of rapes, this foreign born singer was A- list in his group and at one point was A+ list as a solo star. Back in the day he would regularly get this A list solo singer drunk and then rape her. She learned to avoid him but he would find out where she was partying and then go to the party when he knew she would be wasted and do it again. It was really sick behavior.

#3 - This singer started off on Disney. She was never more than probably A- list as a singer. Disney stopped really supporting her when she yelled at an executive because he didn't have any coke on him. She was way underage when she yelled it too.

#4 - This A+/A list singer in a group who had very little solo success would only help out other females who wanted to work with her if they would sleep with her first. Later, she would also make them sleep with her husband.

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