Saturday, December 02, 2006

I was not going to post today, but then I remembered about the A-D list proposals and links I had promised to share that so many of you contributed. In addition, another e-mailer sent me some links to some British tabloids, and so not much effort was required on my part.

A-D List

Alison who is almost as fast as Jeeze Louise when it comes to response times, was the first to come up with this link to Wikipedia and their discussion of the Ulmer Scale which is used a great deal in Hollywood, but to me is still way to subjective because of things which are left up to someone's perception such as a willingness to promote films, their versatility and professional demeanor. In my experience, the subjective items scored really high when the money brought in is really high. Someone could do everything in the world to promote a film and be the nicest person and the most incredibly gifted actor, but not bring home the money and they will be low on the scale. Meanwhile, the biggest prick or bitch on the planet who refuses to do anything for the movie but has a high box office can be at the top of the list. The subjective items just give people an excuse to say no.

The most innovative award goes to Sara who also contributes some of the links from the British tabs below. Sara's really good idea deals with the word "stars." She compares stars to the astrological signs and is incredibly clever. Here it is almost word for word.

A List Stars--- Shine brightly, consistently, and even folks that live in the middle of nowhere have heard of them. They can carry a film on their name and earn maga-bucks.My ideas would be Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney. You probably won't see these stars getting trashed at the local nightclub in your tabloids.

B List Stars--- Again consistent, usually working, star maybe in the ascendant/descendant; recognizable but maybe not as big as an A lister. Maybe TV rather than film? Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Selma Blair, etc etc

C List Stars--- May have once been A/B; Can put in excellent performances, but lack the consistency; either due to performance or poor choice of project. May court tabloid coverage, may need to put some clothes on!!! Matthew McConaughey, Denise Richards, Pam Anderson, need I go on?

D List *cough* "stars" (using finger indications!!)--- Probably famous for being famous, will do anything to get publicity (other than what their job title is e.g. Act, Sing, etc). Usually look like they could do with a good wash, and use cheap publicity stunts (yes, like "forgetting" to put their underwear on - I don't feel the need to name names here; other than to say that anyone from a reality TV show or some other cheap 15 minute of fame show is probably going to fall into this category too!

It is possible for performers to fluctuate quickly between the B, C & D categories depending on their circumstances and current behavior. A list stars tend to remain there (hence the consistence comment).

Really, really good. Thank you so much for your effort, and it really does make a great deal of sense. I am not sure if I agree with some of the classifications of all the celebrities named, but it is a great starting point.

Sticking with Sara. My favorite link she sent involves Ms. Beckham, guns, and some Japanese tourists all at Posh's house. Click here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for not deleting my comment about how I hate the mention of the countries and all the insignificant links you's good to know you will keep negative comments too! kudos. BUT if you run out of something to say don't fill the pages with useless facts and links, just wait till you get good stuff. It makes a difference I thinnk. To me anyway. ciao :-)

4:20 Bitch said...

I dont mind useless crap,as long as I always have something to read. :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah - great job.

Alison :)

maverick said...

(yes, like "forgetting" to put their underwear on)
she is more A LIST than anyone else right now.

Anonymous said...

yeah...and lumping Salma Hayak and Penelope Cruz with Selma Blair? Salma is Academy Award nominated, very hot right now and where the f is selma blair? If Salma is B list then selma is c. When did she work last?

Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't match 100% with the description--but Ent was bound to fudge things to make it less identifiable. Could this be our MV without her S?

Anonymous said...

I read a blind item on one of the gossip pages about a newly single pop tart caught having sex in the bathroom of a hollywood hotspot, and then I saw this below....know anything?
Meanwhile, Spears hit the Hollywood Roosevelt with Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis. They got along so well, our spy even caught them in the bathroom together.

Anonymous said...

Selma Blair - B List??? I don't think so! Nothing less than a D-Lister!

GODWELL said...



Why should Selma Blair be A-List??

That chick up their that said that is a nut. She stinks too.