Monday, December 04, 2006

It was a long weekend but only because I worked so much. Unfortunately there was no play. I was going to go play, but decided to just space out instead. I was supposed to go the VH1 Big in 06 Awards with E & E even though I really do hate awards shows, but all I really wanted to do was sleep. I did not actually sleep, but did just sit there and stare mindlessly at a few movies one after the other. E & E had a great time and they said it was so cheesy that it was fun.

Thanks for all the comments and links and everything else people send. I really appreciate them all. As was posted I do leave in all the good and the bad. If I can say whatever I want, you should be able to say whatever you want. So good or bad, the comments stay as long as they are directed to me or the blog. If someone goes off on another poster, I reserve the right to pull it. So cuss me out, criticize my writing and my periods, it is all good.

There are some articles I saw over the weekend that actually confirm or at least take them one step further. One article in particular confirms one of my blind items from last week, but takes it a step further and is not something I feel comfortable in linking to. I am sure some other site will do so though.

The blind item I am referring to is NOT the Jessica Simpson article some of you have posted. (Sorry, no MV here) As some of you may have guessed last week, I support the other side in her divorce and am privy to some details that cannot be shared. (except of course for the sex tape which does NOT exist) With that being said, and as much as it pains me to say, Jessica can sing really well. I have heard her sing A cappella many times and she can truly sing. From what I understand Jessica did not spend enough time learning the song she was supposed to sing and just blew it. The confusing aspect was there was supposed to be a teleprompter for the lyrics, so I do not know if she did not notice it, if it was not working, or some other reason. When singers know there is going to be a teleprompter they sometimes will just run through the song once or twice and rely waaaay to much on the helping hand.

I will be back in a bit with how Kylie Minogue is getting her heart broken.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez - his ex wants to write a "tell all."

btw...JS sings but her technicians know when she can't hit certain notes and they manipulate the sound.

Anonymous said...

sorry - "her" ex (not "his") :)

JeeezeLouise said...

Must be the "News of the World" bit about Paris and Brit?

Anonymous said...

adding to my Jennifer Lopez not e-

Or Madonna as she/Guy are seeing a marriange counselor.

Anonymous said...

I guess MV is not Madonna as you just posted about her marriage.

I think MV IS JLo!

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the News of thw World.

Opinionated1974 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Opinionated1974 said...

I really wasn't going to comment on the story above. I just wanted to tell you that you have a very interesting site and I commend you on how you are running it. You are being very diplomatic and ethical. I support your work and send you kudos. You definitely have won a fan in me. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I like this new format. Keep up the good work Ent Lawyer!

About the big BV from last week.
You know, I don't think the first interpretation of this BV was correct ie "Female Celebs Arguing--But in Love" as stated in the fanchitchat forum.
If you read well enough the BV, it doesn't state that the other celebrity ("or two") who celeb (#1) is arguing with , is the same as celeb (#2).
The way I see it (cf the news of the world's article), ie the BV attached and corrected:

"I keep trying to type this and I just cannot believe what the caller said. They definitely would know, but it is still unbelievable.
When this female celebrity= Paris Hilton (#1)= is arguing with another female celebrity or two = (Lindsay Lohan and ...)=, it has always been assumed that the argument pertained to boyfriends or some trivial matter.
As one of the female celebrities =Britney Spears (#2)= continues to go through personal problems, she is reaching out to friends with the story that she is involved in an on again and off again relationship with the other female celebrity =Paris Hilton (#1)= and that what started out as a laugh became love for celeb #2 =Britney Spears= while celeb #1 =Paris Hilton= preys on those emotions and treats =Britney Spears #2= as a plaything when she needs someone which is causing =#2 Britney Spears= to spiral out of control. -- STAY TUNED --"

So other questions can be asked:
is Paris the one Britney Spears got fucked by this weekend according to Perez Hilton, or was it by Brandon Davis (eww)
Was Paris ever involved with Lindsay Lohan: that would explain LL behavior of last week ie a jalousy tantrum

I know you can't respond Ent Lawyer but for everyone else, fell free to discuss! :)

Anonymous said...

MV is not JLo.

Rebecca said...

I think it was brandon and britney. yuck!

Rebecca said...

I read a blind item on one of the gossip pages about a newly single pop tart caught having sex in the bathroom of a hollywood hotspot, and then I saw this below....know anything?
Meanwhile, Spears hit the Hollywood Roosevelt with Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis. They got along so well, our spy even caught them in the bathroom together.

Anonymous said...

MV is not Jennifer Lopez, her singing voice sounds just like her speaking voice.

Megan said...

Love your blog! It's just so good. Glad your friend had a good time at vh1 big in 06 I was so happy with who won the reality tv award. :D Hope you feel better soon.


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