Monday, March 12, 2007

More Links-Because No One Wants To Work On Mondays

When Kristen Cavallari and her boyfriend breakup she can always say the tattoo NZ stands for New Zealand. People will then ask what her favorite place is there. She can then reply she has never been there before. Better study up Kristen.

Another Paris Hilton boob job rumor. If she gets one, the transformation to porn star will be complete.

At least Colin Farrell waited until he was alone before asking the girl for her phone number and then hooking up with her. I love In-N-Out also, but I have never got service like that. Didn't the girl in the drive thru notice the baby and baby's mama the first time he came by?

Clair Danes/Patrick Wilson Gap commercial


Anonymous said...

what a stupid betch Kristen is everyone knows You are suppose to get your lover to tattoo your name on his body, then You dump him. you don't ever get his name tatoo'ed on your body.

vera said...

I love that commercial! It is so cute. Bet they sell a million boyfriend pants!

operaghost said...

Re: Paris, I'm with the peeps on I'm Not Obsessed. If that is a push-up bra, why isn't every woman wearing one? Looks like surgery to me.

I've always though the In-N-Out burger franchise had a bit of double entendre going on...

I think the Gap commercial is adorable. Especially since my buddy Raoul (POTO) is in it. But to him, I must say once more: The white ruffled shirt is mine. Get your own! ;>


Anonymous said...

This story is crap..or at the very least.. ancient history. Colin hasn't been in LA in almost a year. He's been filming in London, then home to Dublin over the holidays and then straight to Bruges, Belgium where he still is.
Digging up old stories, with no proof even, is pointless.
Monday, 12 March, 2007