Thursday, April 26, 2007

Armani Exchange Sunglass Launch

When you have a wonky eye, it's better to let us see both of them or else we might get the wrong impression and think you are some kind of freak. Nicole actually looks good. They both must have got their extensions done at the same time and place because they are an exact match.
Lindsay looks like she was transported from Studio 54 into the future. Maybe her girlfriend likes her to look that way.

Speaking of which. Isn't it supposed to be a no-no for an alcoholic to be involved in a relationship with someone who drinks. Of course it could be water in that beer bottle. If you can put liquor in a water bottle, who's to say that you can't put water in a beer bottle. That must be what she's doing. Glad I figured it out. Is that really a peace sign or can I be a guy and infer something perverted about it?

"So they're free huh? They're not too big for my face? I hope Justin likes them."
"Yes, my brother is a freak, but I'm normal." Actually Kimberly Stewart looks really good here. I can't believe I just typed that. The Harold & Kumar fumes must be affecting me.
"Hey Lance. They are too big for your face. That's why I just hook them on my vest. I hope Justin likes it. The Yoko Ono of Spurs basketball didn't."


Eileen said...

In all the pictures of that event I saw, Paris looked high as a frickin kite.

ambersumiko said...

Nicole Richie is looking good these days, I love her hair! Ent, you know you're too stoned when you think Kimbery Stewart looks good! said...

If Kimberly Stewart would get just a little work done on her nose, it would make a world of difference for her.

Anonymous said...

What is it with these stupid fucks and their horizontal peace signs.

Anonymous said...

What does ENT mean by the title he gave the picture with Samantha Ronson (ax+ll+bitch? Who is the bitch? And is she with Dina in the picture?


Anonymous said...

I love how there's a semi-naked man behind JC. how appropo.

Anonymous said...

Armani is in trouble is these are the only "celebs" that would show up to their event. These people would show up to the Grand Opening of a Food Mart if they thought photographers were going to be there there might be some free food.

Pinky said...

Lindsay looks like she's got a little muff burn on her cheeks.


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