Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coachella Information And Set Times

So I know ZX is going and I know James from Australian Idol is going. AP is going, and yes, even I'm going. Probably. If I go it will be just for tomorrow and for one act in particular. We are supposed to have dinner tonight though and that always overwhelms me to the point that I'm goofy for a few days. I always buy. With once concert she paid for an entire's year tuition and so I'm eternally grateful. Anyway...


Set times are posted! CLICK HERE
Customize your schedule! CLICK HERE
2007 Festival Map is posted! CLICK HERE

Can’t make it to Coachella? Watch Coachella LIVE online in the AT&T blue room April 27-29. So, go to or, while at Coachella, visit the AT&T blue room Refresh and Recharge Tent.

Listen to Coachella artists on the AT&T blue room Radio: CLICK HERE
The Virgin Megastore is once again hosting band Autograph signings at the festival this year. (schedule below is subject to change)

Friday, April 27th

Busdriver 2-2:30pm
Silversun Pickups 3pm-4pm
The Noisettes 3:30-4pm
Stephen Marley 4:30-5pm
Amy Winehouse 4-5pm
Rufus Wainwright 5-6pm
DJ Shadow 5-5:30pm
The Brazilian Girls 5:30-6pm
Benny Benassi 6pm-6:30pm
Peeping Tom 6-7pm

Saturday, April 28th

Good, Bad & The Queen 1-2pm
Regina Spektor 1-1:30pm
Jack's Mannequin 1:30pm-2pm
Peter, Bjorn & John 2-2:30
Ozomatli 2-3pm
Travis 3-4pm
MSTRKRFT 3-3:30pm
The Frames 3:30-4pm
The Fratellis 4-4:30pm
The Rapture 4-5pm
Ghostface Killah 4:30-5pm
Fountains Of Wayne 5-6pm
LCD Soundsystem 5-5:30pm
The Nightwatchmen 6pm-7pm
Hot Chip 6-6:30pm
Tiesto 6:30-7pm

Sunday, April 29th

Klaxons 2-2:30pm
Kaiser Chiefs 2-3pm
Mika 2:30-3pm
CSS 3-3:30pm
The Roots 3-4pm
Mando Diao 3:30-4pm
Jose Gonzales 4:30-5pm
Lily Allen 4-5pm
The Feeling 4-4:30pm
The Kooks 5-5:30pm
Placebo 5-6pm
Tapes n Tapes 5:30-6pm
Air 6pm-7pm


Anonymous said...

funny, I used to go to the date festival back in the days when the headlining band was some polka or country western group. Mind you, I was 6 and my parents dragged me out there. But boy was I surprised a few years ago when my friend emailed me to see if I wanted to go to coachella with him. I was like, "Why the F*** would I want to go back to that dustbowl?!"

Then he showed me the venue.

Anonymous said...

please go see Air if you can,their music is amazing!

So you are going to see Bjork is my guess.

hez said...

Darn, Ent, those tickets and backstage passes you sent me still haven't arrived yet. Guess I'll have to miss it AGAIN.

Have fun! Tell us how drunk Winehouse was!

ambersumiko said...

Bjork, CSS, Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor, Travis, Ghostface Killah & Brasilian Girls!?! Holy crap! Did you see Bjork on SNL? It's been my dream to see her live! There's a Virgin (mobile) festival coming to Canada in Sept. and it's almost the same line-up. Have fun Ent!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that MetrobloggingLA & LAist is of use to the writers "creativity" AGAIN.

Frequent Flyer said...

I don't think "creativity" was the thought here. I think Ent just happened to post information about Coachella like about a million other sites. It's just helpful. I looked at LAist and they just have a clip of a band who is going to be at Coachella. In addition, your own argument makes no sense. If you cite two blogs that mention Coachella, then only one is creative. Yet you credit both of them for being creative and not Ent. At what point does creativity stop? One blog, two blogs, ten?Everyone in LA talks about Coachella constantly during this week each year. I also think it's funny that you must read each post religiously because you make the same comment or form of comment at the end of every post. said...

GOD I hate living on the East Coast! Friday looks like the best day to me IMHO. Sunday kind of sucks.
I'm dying to know who your "select artist" is.
It's Amy Winehouse, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the posts today & 12:11 are talking about the writers here using OTHER writers material from net, not pictures or schedules. Now that I'm looking it is interesting, but nothing to get your feathers ruffled about frequent flyer.

Anonymous said...

Now here's a question I'd like to have answered: Does signing autographs for only a half hour mean you have no fans, or does it mean that you're too much of an asshole to devote more than a half hour to the fans you do have? Hmmmm...?? A half hour is not a long time when you figure these people will probably show up 20 minutes late anyway.

Anonymous said...

So I guess if we see pap pictures of a fat, bald, old guy hanging with some hollywood hotties, it will be you EL? That is the description you gave us, right? We'll be looking!

hez said...

Frequent flyer, yr awesome.

Ambersumiko, Bjork is doing an all-ages outdoor show here at Deer Lake Park... I don't have tix, but can you imagine the fun?

Anonymous said...

God,somebody ressurrected Jesus and Mary Chain! Hope they don't go revival all the way with their traditional fan rioting at the end of the gig.

Jem said...

Holy shit, you get Crowded House? We don't even get Crowded House. Have fun!

Rachel said...

I'm really jealous you get to go to this. I wanna!


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