Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some Morning Links

Sanjaya's mom and sister busted in 2005 because of the 310 marijuana plants at their home. Sanjaya's mom then decided to turn on Sanjaya's step dad and have him busted as well. Awwww. That's love baby.

Anorexia "is the nice girl's way of becoming a crack whore." So Kate Beckinsale used to weigh 70 pounds and was anorexic. But what she's really saying is that she was a crack whore and not anorexic after all? I'm confused. Has she wanted to be a crack whore? Is she a nice girl who dreams of a life caring about nothing but crack and using her crack whore body to get that crack? A crack whore is generally someone who has sex for crack. Anorexia is doing everything possible not to eat. So logically does that mean that Kate Beckinsale is someone who wants to have sex so she won't eat?

Some really good dirt on Diddy.

Popsugar is trying to convince themselves that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are a couple. Click on these two photos from their site, and then get back to me. One. Two. I guess I have seen men walking and standing like that but it's usually during a ballet. Yes, I go to the ballet. Not very willingly though. It's hard for a man of my girth to fit into those tiny seats for long.


Anonymous said...

my maried to his flaming husband of a brother is more straight than Gayden, I mean Hayden.

Anonymous said...

My ballet instructor would have blown a fuse if that was the best I could do in a position.

Still photos have a way of stopping action...I'm just saying.

Midwest Surfer

Anonymous said...

El, my gaydar is pingin'.


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