Friday, May 04, 2007

944 Magazine 1 Year Anniversary

I know. I know. But if she asked me I would have told her not to wear that dress. It's just not flattering at all.
Hey Alicia. See that strap over your right shoulder. Presumably it leads to a purse. Hopefully inside said purse there is a brush. Might want to use it. That's all I'm saying.

1. "I really thought we were supposed to bring our own lunch."
2. "The only food in this lunchbox are some very special brownies."
3. "Want a picture of the snake? Got em in my lunch box."

A typical conversation between Cisco Adler and Mischa Barton when they were dating.
"That's some good shit."
Fifteen minute pause
ZX loves his brows.
Yes, she is who she is, but she actually looks good. I said it. Kill me everyone, but she really does look pretty.

Kimberly Stewart...not so much. I think she and Paris just swap out extensions.
Would you want Laura Prepon pissed at you?
Stacy Keibler has apparently leanred her lesson and is being incredibly sweet to everyone she meets.
The Tonya Harding transition begins for Tara Lipinski.


Anonymous said...

TR's is dress is not that awful.It's the posture. Doesn't anybody teach these bimbos how to pose for the camera? Don't they get to see how it's done and copy it, like Sarah Michelle Geller at Tribeca, copying someone else's look and posture. Good taste, SMG.

jess said...

THAT'S ZX??? Anyone else catch that subtle reveal?? I'm disappointed... said...

Awwwww, Cisco has a lunchbox to carry his balls around in....

Anonymous said... not following...please explain.


Anonymous said...

Jess, are you referring to the ZX comment about the brows followed by KK's picture that starts with "Yes, she is who she is..."? I'm not sure I'm seeing that as a reveal of ZX as opposed to EL's chagrin at actually saying she looks good. What do the rest of you think?

meme said...

Is that you el?


bionic bunny! said...

i THINK the comment was saying that ZX loves the eyebrows on that guy. dunno who he is, myself.

the next comment is related to the picture of the dark haired woman. i can't tell who she is, either.

neither is a ZX reveal, at least not a blatent one. i do remember an eyebrow comment sometime back, but i can't remember if it was made by ZX.

anyway, no, i don't believe either of those pix are her.

bionic bunny! said...


i don't think those things will fit in that lunchbox.
could've done without seeing that in my head again.

Anonymous said...

That's Kim Kardshian and the guy from the 'Borat' movie. ZX & EL saw a heavily browed guy when they went to lunch. Their little joke.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kardashian is smokin' hot, too bad I'm the wrong color for her...

Anonymous said...

kim also fights the evil unibrow force. it is a fantastic pic of her, maybe she just had a wax (her brows you pervs!)

Anonymous said...

is stacey keibler the young actress who had plastic surgery done???


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