Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Was Wrong But I Should Have Been Right

I dislike Paris Hilton as much as the next person, if not more. However, with that being said, there is no way she should have been given the 45 day sentence. I went back through my files last night for the past two years, and as near as I can make out I had three clients go to jail for violating probation by driving on a suspended license. Each of those three have been in and out of prison most of their lives. In addition, the driving on a suspended license was not their only probation violation. Finally, two of the three were given 30 days in jail, and the third was sent back to jail for a year.

Now obviously, Paris had several chances and warnings but so does everyone else. In most cases her probation should have been extended, her suspension reinstated, or she should have been given community service, or even a huge fine. If everyone went to jail for violating probation by driving on a suspended license and sentenced to 45 days then new jails would have to be built solely for these offenders.

Her only real hope for avoiding 45 days is to show up at the jail after there have been a slew of arrests. Say, right after Memorial Day weekend when the jails are extra crowded. I don't think she will be as fortunate as Michelle Rodriguez who only served two hours of a 60 day sentence, but I also can't see Paris serving the entire 45 days.


Anonymous said...

I hope she serves every stinking minute of her sentence. I'm sick of celebrities being treated like they are better than anyone else.
She is a complete idiot.

Hope she likes the broomstick up her herpes infected vagina.

Anonymous said...

Her parents should be put in jail for producing this worthless creature.

plotterist said...

I wonder if the judge was appointed or elected. Don't know how these things work in CA. If he is elected then he just won himself another.

Unlike you, I can see how Paris was sentenced fairly in this case. Her lack of response and respect for the legal system makes an example of all rich kids who buy their way out of trouble. Had she attended ONE class, responded to ONE suspension violation through her lawyer, shown up at court on time ONCE, the judge might have sentenced her as you say. Unforch for her, she ignored every gesture at her disposal to show the judge that she took this situation seriously. Ergo, he threw the book at her.

WTF said...

Yep what plotterist said.

voice of reason said...

Apparently she's not the kind of princess who has sovereign immunity.

Megs said...

This hate for her has gone way too far. When someone uses the public dislike for a person get them re-elected it's just crazy. I dislike her morales but I don't wish her jail time for something so silly.

Hannahbelle said...

Well...I can understand why he sentenced her. As she has said numerous times she has "many young fans". So, regardless of it is for the guy to get re-elected or not, she should be considering how her actions may affect those young fans of hers. And so here she is being used as an example.

Anonymous said...

What is happenig to Paris is part of a new wave to do the "right thing" with celebs who break the law...give them jail time. I don't think she deserves 45 days but she does deserve something harsh and its not just a big huge fine!

People are watching these celebs getting away with crap and regular folk can't get away with even a traffic ticket. I remember the night she got busted on that last charge...she was busy smiling and yakking on her cell phone the entire time. I'm quite certain Paris and others like her think they can get away with it or else money will answer everything else.

CinCin said...

That's Hot...

Best News of the year.

She is a bigot and a waste of space.

Call me cruel, but maybe this will do her some good.

I STILL can't believe Perez has nothing to say. haha.

Twisted Sister said...

ENT, you've been living too long in the land of the over privileged.

You wrote, "Now obviously, Paris had several chances and warnings but so does everyone else. "

HUH? Everyone else? You mean everyone else in Hollywood?

Sheesh - don't they get enough breaks for bad behavior?

B :) said...

I agree with twisted sis.

Anonymous said...

Megs, I can't believe you characterized her actions as 'silly'.

'Silly' actions like these get innocent people killed. She absolutely should go to jail.

Twisted Sister said...

Thank you, b!!

And another thing - this little bitch takes this all so seriously she couldn't even show up on time for her court date. Please... if she was poor and unknown, she'd have gotten in trouble for that alone - at least here in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I had to sit through 2 days of defensive driving and $140 for the course and court fees for driving a whole 6 miles an hour over the speed limit (on a highway). So yeah, 45 days for violating probation for drunk driving and for driving with a suspended license doesn't seem too harsh for me. It's a shame I wasn't caught drunk driving instead of driving 6 miles an hour over the speed limit then they probably would have just let me go with a warning. (For some reason drunk driving isn't considered too big of a deal by law enforcement...guess ZX and I should take up drinking!)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with Ent here. My first reaction was to laugh with glee, but it's a bit harsh, if she ends up serving all 45 days. I'd say a few days in jail and probation would be fairer.

plotterist said...

Yes ma'am to twisted sister -

Anywhere I've lived, never Hollywood, the flagrant disdain for the law that Paris has shown has garnered the harshest penalties...even in rich kids. Jebus! ONE mandatory alchie class and the girl would have have an extended probation on her hands rather than jail.

Anyone who shows such hubris (or stupidity) to ignore every condition of their suspension and probation gets slapped hard. Maybe other violators are harder to find than Paris, but once they pull another ticket to jail they go.

I DO understand the subtleties of petty jurisprudence. Most the time if a defendant gives a little bit they get the benefit of the doubt and a wrist slapping. Paris did NOTHING like some wino in the alley who "forgot". Does she expect an easier sentence than the other DUIs who ignore court orders (not once but three times) and get their 45 days?

Celebs are facing tough justice these days, for whatever reason. The trend is to make them examples for the rest of us. PH's lawyers couldn't have been blind to this.

Twisted Sister said...

Anon 3:05 - Michelle Rodriguez from Lost was sentenced to a longer period and spent all of a few hours in jail before she was freed.

You really think Paris Hilton will be forced to serve the full 45 days? You and ENT aren't paying attention to reality.

Empathy said...

Like "Ent" I don't like her, but I also think she's been unfairly sentenced. I've watched every single blog out there explode in a mighty shower of glee over her being harshly sentenced and I really think that if people would stop projecting their hatred of people with money onto Paris, they'd see that she's being treated unfairly as well. This judge is clearly trying to make a name for himself and I honestly feel very bad for Paris. What she did was foolish but not 45 days in jail foolish...

Kudos to "Ent" for going against the easy blog joke commentary flow.

Anonymous said...

Her looks will certainly be altered by not being able to constantly bleach her hair and get the fake tans. I don't imagine one is allowed to take special shampoos, skincare products and makeup into jail. Someone in there will have a camera and a lot of less than flattering photos will make the internet.

I hope she gets a really scary cellmate.

Anonymous said...

I thought Paris hilton had a DUI from last fall? Or "alcohol related reckless driving" violation. Anyway, isn't that what Paris originally got the suspension for? Then the subsequent chain of events caused this 45 day sentence.

Why shouldn't she have gotten the maximum sentence allowable for violating the suspension.? I mean-if it all started with that "dui"-she could have killed someone.

B :) said...

All of Hollywood is crapping or laughing in their pants.

In college I lost a friend to drunk driving.

She has money for a cab or a driver.I think these actions make her a sociopath.

p.s. I don't dislike Paris at all. I have defended her on occasion in the past.

ProfessorJ said...

I totally agree twisted sister - ENTY must be deluded into thinking these priveleged EXCEPTIONS he adjudicates in LA are the STANDARD! I've lived in LA and the priveleged folk out there do get away with murder, LITERALLY; back here in NYC (& Im sure most other places in the US as well), the legal system prosecutes people for unabashedly ignoring the law. Warnings happen, sure, but not to the extent that Paris had them -- I read the court documents and tehre is a very clear case against her. If any regular person did what she did they'd have gone to jail, too. I know 4 people who have been to jail for violating probation by driving on a suspended license - and they certainly didn't have the benefit of being warned 3 times! (& the fact that Paris CLEARLY lied to everyone by claiming she didn't know - come on now, honey....we aren't THAT stupid; you thought you could get away w driving anynway and so you did it. period.) OK, Ive written enough! THis situation just really pisses me off....

Shana Moakler said...

Hey does anyone remember when she wore that shirt that said, "I'm Paris Hilton, I can do whatever i want"... bwaahaaaaaahhhaaaaa!!!!!!!
Anyways, the fact remains that she is a drugged up whore who likes to get wasted and attack people with slurs against their race (using the N word on tape multiple times), finacial position (broke from Compton?!)and sexual orientation when she is in fact herself bisexual. She is THE master manipulator. This my friends is called Karma. Screw fairness.

ent lawyer said...

I really believe Paris is a horrible person, a very horrible person. I think she thought she could get away with anything, and can understand some jail time. 45 days I think is just too much. I would be happy with 3 days IF she had to spend it with the general population. To me that is almost harsher than her sitting in a private cell for six weeks and then cashing in afterwards.

I can see how people want her tossed in jail and to throw away the key because I feel the same about Pete Doherty while others think he should continue to get chances.

CarolinefromOz said...

Well said Ent. I would LOVE to see Doherty put away too how he gets away with his shit is beyond belief.

ProfessorJ said...

Ok, ENT LAWYER, I can understand that position -- it's absolutely reasonable to suggest 3 days w/ the general pop rather than 45 in a private, sequestered cell. You've redeemed yourself.
Yours in reason, :-)

Anonymous said...


You are correct. As I have stated earlier, I too had a probation violation because my right to drive was never reinstated in California. I served no time and my probation was was reinstated for the remaining 2 years because of this SNAFU. I am glad that she will have to serve, but this sentence is not typical. She is being made an example. I can't think of a more deserving person.

Also, she will be released after only serving half to two-thirds of the time.


ProfessorJ said...

Oh, and I'm with you on the Doherty issue; that guy needs to be locked away in jail or a lock-down rehab facility. He is a serious danger to himself and others and does not deserve the rights he has been granted in the British court system. Shame on them for letting go this sociopath drug addict time and time again.


B :) said...

The judge made a great decision.

She can request solitary,right?

What should the next "Simple Life" be called?

Is wrong way Ritchie next to go to the clink?

Christy said...

I, personally, am glad she is getting the 45 days, (in all honesty, I am sure it will be reduced), at least the violation will still be there on her record. She was warned and pulled over twice, she had more than enough chances, clearly she thought she was above it all. I am so glad she is being held accountable. I guess it is too much to ask that they all be held accountable for their actions, but it looks like it is going in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Well put Ent., i agree that three days with the general population would be more than fair... OR we could lock her up with Doherty... Anyways Ent., this is why your blog is becoming such a daily must read, you actually respond to the things that your readers have to say and those responses are well thought out and witty. Thanks for blogging!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, and enjoy EL's comments, but he seems to be leaving a couple of important details out of his opinion(or I read the news incorrectly). She got caught driving on a suspended license TWICE!!

The second time the cop found the piece of paper she had signed saying she knew her license was supsended. She didn't sign up for an alcohol rehab class. She showed up 15 minutes late for this court date. Her dumb ass mom heckled the judge. What the hell does anyone expect after doing that? Rant done...

Twisted Sister said...

I'd like to see her put in WITH Pete Doherty in the general population....hehee....

But seriously, wait and see how this plays out. I'm telling you right now there is no way she's going to have to serve 45 days.

I totally agree, however, that she's evil and feels she's above the law, which is why I gagged over her quote that she never breaks the law. What a liar.

Throw Madonna in, another useless piece of trash, and I'll be happy - even if it IS only for three days.

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor Paris Hilton. Shes finally getting treated like a normal person. She violated her probation twice. I am sure she had excellent attorneys who did advise her of her license suspension. She finally ran out of chances that pouting her lip and whispering sorry in a baby voices couldnt get her out of. I am laughing my ass off. I bet Nicole is scared as hell now. Both those girls are a complete waste of space. Their only talent is partying and its finally catching up with em!!!

Anonymous said...

who the hell would want to give pete doherty, the biggest waste of o2 in history, a chance? I'd love to hear the arguments of supposed "supporters".

Anonymous said...

Europe's liberal drug policies. Rather than stuff the prisons with drug addicts, they would rather get them treatment.

What would putting him in prison accomplish exactly? He isn't a danger to anyone but himself.

Stacy said...

Sorry ENT, but "everyone else" would have been sitting in jail since their first driving while suspended.

I don't suppose showing up 15 minutes to court, her mother's histrionics, and then lying under oath right in the judge's face helped her cause any. If it makes you feel better call it 5 days for probation violation and 30 days for perjury, and 10 days for being and insufferable diseased c*nt.

BTW, I despise the C-word and have NEVER used it before just now.

Anonymous said...

the 45 days is well deserved but like most have said she will most likely not even serve half of those 45 days.

i just think it will be great to have some time without daily pictures of her herpes infested ass. but like ENT has mentioned she will undoubtedly cash in and write a book or appear on Oprah to discusss her time in the clink.

I think Paris is the only celebrity that can pretty much survive anything thtat is thrown at her and become only more famous and garner even more fans. god it makes me weep for humanity that this piece of shit is considered a celebrity.

Stacy said...

Yeah, Paris can survive anything anony 7:05, that's why she's a cockroach...or a virus.

Megs said...

Oh no I'm not saying that DUI is silly far from it. I have never driven while under the influence and never even had a speeding ticket. I'm just saying it's silly to get jail time for driving with a suspended license. I can see community work but not 45 days in jail. I want room for more serious crimes like rapists, drug dealers (hardcore drugs), and assault charges. I feel much safer having those people locked up then some spoiled crazy girl who only hurts people who let her.

Anonymous said...


If she got a DUI then she is a danger to anyone else on the road. Drunk drivers kill every day. Her sentence is light as far as I am concerned for all of her violations and arrogance.

Anonymous said...

I think the judge was planning on giving her 30 days, but when she showed up EIGHTEEN MINUTES LATE, he gave her the max.

She thinks she can get away with anything- this is her wake-up call.

Anonymous said...

Look at it as her rehab. Except it's at the expense of the taxpayer. The other 2 (Poptart and LL) were stealing all the attention she had to do something.

Anonymous said...

No eye contacts, hair dye no nothing.
see ya when ya get out sweetie.

Anonymous said...

D'ya know if she has right of appeal? I bet she won't serve ant time if she appeals, unfortunately. I agree with the poster that says she can afford a chauffeur, so it was pure stupidity and cockiness which made her think she could get away with this. PS. Doherty should be put away too, however the state of our prisons in GB means he'll have even more access to drugs than on the outside! Someone needs to release a spiked form of heroin or crack and get rid of all the wasters, better than using tax payers money to "treat" or "punish" them! Em x

Anonymous said...

yeah kill em all, then when were done with the drug addicts, lets distribute some poisoned matzo ball soup, so we can get rid of the worlds other diseased people. yeah that sounds like a plan.

Twisted Sister said...

Anon 2:12 - yes, her attorney said they would appeal. That's one of the reasons I don't think she'll actually serve 45 days. Also, and Michelle Rodgriguez from Lost was sentenced to 60 days and was out in two. I know the judge said she wouldn't get out early for good behavior, etc., but that's another reason the appeal might be strong enough for another judge to just give her community service and a fine.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the cunt got time. Perhaps getting assraped by Bubba the prison guard will teach the whore a lesson. She ought to go to jail for prostitution. She was an apartment whore during her first year in LA.

Anonymous said...

As for Perez~ he's more interested in his own celebrity than doing a good blog. His time is slipping away..

As for Paris, think of how many times this dumba** has driven high or drunk. Give me a break, she should have been caught loooong ago. The 45 days makes up for all the other times in my mind.

Anonymous said...

There might not be enough time for an appeal.

Judges aren't so quick to reverse the decisions of other judges (as opposed to juried court decisions.)

B :) said...

It's the kooky 9th circuit..

She'll have to take out her extensions. I want to see what that would look like.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the 9th a Federal appeals court?

Reaching the "over my head" area of the swimming pool here...

B :) said...

I swear I watch too much courtTV.

If it goes to app. I'd bet they'd over turn.

Anonymous said...

the most pressing matter is the message it sends to the young girls who emulate her
if it instills a sense of what is right and wrong in young girls (for once) lock her up... she owes them one... if i were a parent i would throw my hands in the air with glee... it must be so exasperating trying to instill values and self worth when this is what they see plastered all over TV and mags
so far young girls have seen that you can be a vapid jealous whore that changes friends like underwear (haha bad example), pushes other girls off podiums, makes up defaming lies about other women and tells the press her fabrications and never has to pay the price???
let’s not forget she reinforces a sense of entitlement... when these tweens get pulled over by the cops they will expect to use their cell phones to call another ride so as to get back to Teddy's for last call
imagine a young girl who thinks she won't ever be ostracized for a public sex tape, flashing her vagina, DUI, disregard for the legal system, driving around in her car hangin a joint out the window when you know the paps are filming, films her racial slurs, doesn't pay her bills, has the world see her abortion receipts and herp script and she still has supermodels and greek heirs and pro footballers on her arm who will bed her without a care in the world about how many thousands have been served and what else has been up there and more so what is growing up there that she will be donating to them???????

I really hope they make her stay the 45 so they actually the minivan majority will have faith in the legal system that is a joke as well
and don’t deny her power over young girls for a second... every single one of those tiny dogs and every single dog purse sold is a tribute to her power over us all... Lainey calls her ebola... i TOTALLY agree
she is the poster child of entitlement and for the good of the nation she must be brought down
phew... and i don't even hate her... i just hate what she represents
and i am not saying there is anything wrong with sex or abortion or weed or herp or paying yer bells... it's just her attitude about it

UK Reader said...

I doubt that she'll do her 45 days, however, I think that everyone (who wishes to express an opinion) would feel better about this is she was just a tiny bit contrite. She doesn't appear to care that she has committed perjury by lying on the stand (about knowing about her suspension) when there was a doc. signed by her in her glove-box.
Also - if driving without lights at 70+mph in a 35mph limit, isn't an offense that should have been written up - I want her lawyer, coz it looks like he can get her off anyone!

I also pity poor old Elliot! Its SO obvious that she takes no notice of what he says & yet, when push comes to shove, she stood on the stand & blamed him!

WTF said...

Nicole Richie HAS to be crapping herself. She's next.

Anonymous said...

so what most of the people here are saying is that there should be two sets of justice. one for people we like and one for people we hate. thats cool, i hate niggers, jews, mexicans and all other non-whites so from now on if you fuckers step out of line, your getting the wip.

Megs said...

Anonymous 11:37,

I agree about what kind of person Paris is or what her image is. I also agree on the negative influence on youth she has but I think that there comes a point when parents/guardians need to take responsibility for their own kids. If you don't want your kid to crave love to the point they sleep around with anyone who will give them attention then hug them when they are kids. If you don't want your kid to look to a celebrity to raise them then raise them yourself.

This Paris epidemic is not fueled by Paris but fueled by lazy arse parents who should never have had kids and instead should have had a dog. Blaming Paris and then expecting are legal system to punish her is ridiculous and what really scares me is how many people are for it. It really shows how lazy we are to where we look to are legal system to fix an issue instead of getting off our butts and doing something about it.

Shoot if people have this big of an issue with her call vh1, call US weekly, and everything else that has her picture and tell them to stop it. Sue if you have to with your own money but don't expect our law enforcement to waist their time following her around and giving her ticket after ticket, that is not the laws job it's ours as a society and people to tell her it's not acceptable what she is doing. If more people told people that what they do in a public setting is not appropriate instead of being shy or timid about peoples rights we would have a lot less of this mess.

I have police officers come to my work and they do not deserve to clean up after lazy peoples messes you see someone stealing tell them to stop or tell a worker, you hear people swearing where kids are present tell them to stop and bully them out of there, you see people smoking weed or other drugs in public places tell them to do that at home. Hear a gun shot report it... we need to be more responsible as a society instead of looking to our protectors who are over worked as it is.

Twisted Sister said...

It's OUR job to give her tickets for driving drunk? You sound confused about who is able to enforce the law, as well as what this issue is about.

Anonymous said...

Oh for pete's sake. Paris Hilton's DUI wasn't caused by lazy parents other than her own. As much as I agree that over 50% of people shouldn't be parents, they aren't responsible for PH's behavior or her notoriety.

How about blaming capitalism, hm? We live in a society where everything has a price and nothing has value.

Successful capitalism depends on the sureness of mediocrity and the lowest common denominator.

Are you willing to forgo the ease of living in the US and buying any damn thing your inner child desires? Like that SUV? and Walmart? Well, people like Paris are directly related to "successful" marketing which has us all in its thrall.

Go live with the Branch Davidians if you want a strict alternative - since that is about the only alternative you are going to get around here.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON, anony 5:22


Megs said...

no I don't think it's our responsibility to ticket her but the paparazzi who saw her drunk getting into her car should have told her that she shouldn't be driving drunk and to offer calling her a cab or something. I don't like Paris either but this witch hunt and the public desire for her to suffer is creepy. By the way I love America and our freedoms my post was only in response to the hate of some girl in Hollywood being made an example of and the public disgust of her actions without any action to stop it being so public by the people who are so disgusted by it.

Anonymous said...

so fuk it
we all agree to disagree right?
who really gives a shit
she'll get off a simple life episode making slammin the slammer
and life goes on...
i miss the crazy days of ms spears shaving her damn head off and attacking pappies mary poppins style... paris is boring as shit

long live lilo and brit brit
paris is old and mature

give hayden p a year... she will give us what we want

look on the bright side
we have lilos little sis and brit brits sis and that evil troll dakota fanning and that lovely little miss sunshine to look forward to... lets hope they scratch each other's eyes out

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with the
judge's ruling. It's not b/c she
has money or sleeps with anything
that moves,it's her contempt for
other people's welfare.

Driving drunk is no joke. I have
lost friends from high school and
college to drunk drivers. I was
hit by a drunk driver myself. It
has got to stop being cute or
funny to these idiot celebrities.

Mel "Sugartits" Gibson included.

Hire a car and driver. Call a
cab. Get the ever present photogs
to take you home.

Paris' dismissive attitude toward
her actions and the remedy given
to her by the court is stunning.

Jail time is likely to be the only
thing that gets her attention.

She's what? 25? Plenty old enough
to pay the penalty for her wanton
disregard for the laws of the land.

(end rant)

Miss Helen Crump

Twisted Sister said...

Megs, if you think that Paris would change her behavior based on a suggestion or offer from anyone around her, then you haven't been paying attention. She's above the law - an attitude passed along to her by her parents and the rest of the very wealthy and privileged.

And since when is it a witch hunt when people support seeing the law enforced? I don't want to see any harm done to her in prison, I just want there to be a level playing field in the court of law.

amy said...

her biggest loss is elliott mintz. that guy was worth his weight in gold.

B :) said...

Don't worry about Elliot. He still has Yoko Ono.

He knew what he was getting in to when he took P. as a client.

He needs to go to rehab after working with P.
Everybody else does....

Anyone following Phil Spector's trial?

Anonymous said...

Well said 5:22!

Anonymous said...

I love you Helen! (Miss Helen Crump)

mngddess said...

Ent, you know thw reason Bacteria-Girl went to jail is because of appearances. Everytime she violates the law, she seems to walk away to do it again and again. She was sent to jail as a reminder to everbody ELSE that you can't get away with breaking the law (even though she does). My fear is that she is going to kill somebody innocent while she doesn't suffer a scratch.

If I had it my way, I'd give the mother a tubal ligation and lock her up in jail. She's the true idiot.


Anonymous said...

I think it is only fair that she finally is being held responsible. I can think of more than a few occasions where she (or someone driving her car while she was in it) crashed into another car and FLED the scene! It was all caught on some paparazzi's video!


Anonymous said...

Maybe if:

1-right after the arrrsst she didn't go online saying it was 'no big deal'

2- didnt fuckin drive x2!

3- showed up to court on time.

She deserves it and yes she is being made an example...about damn time!

Anonymous said...

As a parent, I feel relieved and satisfied that we can point this out to our children as proof that there are consequences for your actions; there is karma; there is justice. If she is being "used" to set "an example" then so be it. It is she who set herself up for that position, quite intentionally, I might add
-- kellygrrrl

Anonymous said...

Doherty will go to jail but be a star and probably be liked.

If they put Paris in the general pop her looks will change in the first five minutes due to her poor attitude to the general public.

It's a bad scene certainly. Glad it's not me!

mookie said...

i'm so glad ph got time. i hope she ends up doing all of it.

it would make me so incredibly happy that for 45 days society would be with one less racist, on less bigot, one less junkie.

she's an entire slew of other things...i could throw in skank and all those fun words, but the above stated it what matters to me.

so yeah, paris. enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I think taking away her life for 45 days was the only appropriate punishment. Obviously ordering her not to drive didn't work before. Any fine would not make a remote dent in her bank account. Community service would be just another joke for her, sort of like a special edition of the Simple Life.

But no Blackberry, hair dye, extentions, makeup, blue contacts, Birken bag, nightlife, sleeping in, designer clothes, booze, drugs, horizontal hulas or being able to experience any public attention for 45 days? Perfect.

drcocks said...

Sooner or later, we all must dine at the table of consequences.

LaTia said...

Same thing I said Ent, cannot see her serving the entire 45 days.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised she didn't jump for joy when she heard she was headed for a PENAL institution.

Anonymous said... up are you on legal matters in CA???

The Early Release Program has since been scrapped...i know becasue I helped scrap it!

-Your Honour

Anonymous said...

your honour: thought you might enjoy this post responding to the previous Paris prediction from EL:
LeagleEagle said...
noel I actually believe that the "legal" opinions written by "EL' on this site are in fact the best indicators that this is not written by a licensed, practicing and "top hollywood entertainment lawyer". The advent of the internet, Court TV talking heads & easy research material has created alot of "experts" that simply relay the information they've gathered. An actual attorney would know the specific laws, pertinent facts and how they impact each situation. A true lawyer is quite literal and the factual errors and omissions are telling, particularly the "Perez" and now the Hilton opinions. There is also no familiarity with the court itself, such as the lawyers, prosecutors and especially the judges. These are essential components any competent attorney would be familiar with, use and factor into any opinion and defenses. That being said, I have no wish to ruin any innocent pleasure others may have with a stated fictional blog. I do find it quite interesting however that the "writer" has chosen to respond on a Saturday with another "legal" mea culpa.

7:57 AM

bionic bunny! said...

i truly do have a problem with her. first, she's busted on a DUI. then, she violates her probation by again being DUI. she then SPEEDS through a parking lot, after dark w/o headlights. she got pulled over for that, and upon checking, the CHP busts her on probation violation AND driving suspended plus whatever the last ticket was actually for? speeding?
unsafe driving?
she put the nails in her own coffin. i also believe she should serve her term with the general populace, but as i stated on another site, she will be kept in "celebrity confinement" away from the other prisoners. remember O.J. and michael jackson? putting them in with the rest of the group would have been "dangerous" for them.
isn't that the whole point of NOT getting arrested and NOT violating probation? its the attitude.
my own son did an assinine thing, wound up losing his license, going to court, paying fines, going to classes, paying more fines, and waiting 3 years to get his license back (more fines).
what infuriated me was, at a party at his house, his "friends" were screeching with laughter YOU GOT A DEWY! WHEN? WHAT HAPPENED? HAHAHAHA. he laughed when he told the story.
if some broke kid kills a telephone pole its "funny". this ,my friends, is the lesson that needs to be learned.
considering the nice cushy cell she'll have, i think she needs to do all 45 days. at least.
but i also agree she won't.

-irate bunny