Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maxim Hot 100 Party

Sometimes I really think Avril Lavigne is hot and other times all I can think about is that no one has actually seen her husband alive since they got married. The last thing he saw before his death was a pack of raccoons headed his way.
Brian Austin Green thought this was the Teen Beat Anniversary party. Megan Fox does the hotel drape thing well though.

DJ AM invites the cameraman to date him.

But, in the end decides to get some more publicity by dating a guy.

How many copies of this photo does this guy have all over his office this morning? I even think Haylie gave him a little something extra back there. Why not right? He might be an investment banker or actually have a job which would make a nice change from who she usually dates.

AARP Top 100 party is around the corner Ms. Griffin. Ask for Ent.

I could have posted the usual photo of Kim Kardashian except that she's back to the big makeup look and dresses that look cheap and whorish. So I thought I would focus on her sisters. I actually would like to go out with the shortest sister but don't know if she goes out with guys over 60 because hey, I'm not Bruce Willis. This is the sweetest her very tall sister has ever looked. Usually she looks like she would kill anyone who comes near. It's also possible that it may actually be Kim's brother since I've never seen him in public.

Engagement photo-op one day and then dog kissing photo-op the next. The only thing left to stir up any publicity would be to make some anti-gay remark like her co-star or even just say she's gay.

Yes, Lindsay, Ice-T is at the party, but it's not the Players Ball. Glad you have an outfit ready though.

"I f***ed my man, beat him up, changed clothes, and just trying to rub in the last little bit of fun into my gums."

No more Laura for awhile. I almost said no more yanky my wanky but didn't know if you would get the reference or just think it obscene.
Wrong choice Sophie.
My favorite outfit of the night.
Auditioning to be the new Mrs. Ice-T.
"Hey buddy All Access passes are not really all access."


jb said...

So, a reveal?! Kate Walsh I mean.

Who gets engaged after a month?!

Hez said...

These Maxim parties must truly be among the most depressing events ever recorded on film. The desperation! The starfucking! The posing! The sneering! (Oh, wait... that's me sneering.)

All the "ho-ier than thou" attitude is just so fatiguing. Not to mention the line-ups for the *cough cough* bathroom.

And I think I have begun to hate "DJs-turned-celebrities" more than is really feasible.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Lindsey's forehead lately?

Didn't even recognize Brian Austin G. - nice black nail polish.

Anonymous said...

Digging the 16 Candles reference. That was one of my favorite lines in the movie.

Anonymous said...

loving the guy next to DJ AM

Anonymous said...

Lindsay seems to have two looks for the camera lately: scowling and "seduce the camera"/stoned. The blonde dye and scowling makes her look rough in the face.

Anonymous said...

re the future potential ex-Mrs. Ice-T - after you've had that much silicone injected/installed, are you even considered human or are you classified as a literal Barbie?

bionic bunny! said...

i don't know who miss silicone is, but i love the look on the face of the woman behind her. every one else seems purposely not looking.

Anonymous said...

Ent's comments on the Avril photo are hilarious! I haven't seen her pukey husband. HAAA!! Pack of raccoons!!!!

Is that Rebecca Romijn? When did she start looking pruney in the face? And who pulled Brian Austin Green out of the 1997 closet?


Anonymous said...

"Who gets engaged after a month?" You mean, besides Marcia Cross?

Anonymous said...

16 Candles. Truly one of the best films ever.
Brian Austin green - dare I say that he looks....good. Dressed poorly but looking good.

Anonymous said...

who is the hideous thing wearing the black straps? it's reminiscent of the dress rose mcgowan wore with marilyn manson, but what a grotesque caricature of a woman underneath.

Anonymous said...

ASm I the only person on the planet who thinks Brian Austin Green is gayer than a goose?

HolyGirl427 said...

The woman in tha black dress is the most famous transgender around, Miss Amanda LePore. She kinda has to have silicone because she didn't get all those parts naturally.

Also, I really wanted the 16 Candles line to end "...the Donger needs food!"

Mad Morrigan said...

lmao @ John Hughes references. Methinks ENTY isn't as old as he pretends to be. I'd be willing to bet my favourite fuzzy bunny slippers that those of us who get the joke are mid-late thirties/early forties.

Oh, and EW EW EW @ tranny. The expression "ew" was solely created to describe that picture. It has now fulfilled it's purpose and can be retired to the tomes of "rare and outdated" words along with "tart" and "golly".


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound intolerant, because I am for GLTBQ rights, but...Amanda Lepore should just kill herself. I mean really. I think she sets the trans movement back by a couple decades at least.

Trannies like that think worse about women and objectify them as horribly as any misogynist I've ever met, too!


Jem said...

Enty? That you with the Duffs? hehe

Anonymous said...

Brian does look good! Rebecca has forgotten how to pose. Amanda's just a caricature - SO not a woman regardless of her parts. Sad.

Anonymous said...

hey i got the 16 candles reference and i'm 23! it's one of my all time favorite movies

tigereye said...

OMG!!!! um, potential Mrs T is scaring the hell out of me. whoa whoa whoa. and if you're trying to be a woman, there are better ways. thats just awful

brum said...

Coming late to this one but whats up with Hohan's hands, is she fake-tanned and forgot to do her hands or is it the lighting?