Thursday, May 03, 2007

Morning Links

I'm all for suspicious white powder photos, but even these seem a little lame. I mean we know Kate loves her coke and she did disappear for hours, but she also doesn't look like the type to waste any coke on her jeans.

Keira Knightley was devastated by anorexia rumors. Uh-huh.

That marriage lasted two minutes. Glad to know Jennifer is available again for me.

8 comments: said...

It could be cake frosting.

Oh wait, what AM I saying? She's a supermodel. said...

And for the record, Kate looks just as beat at 9:30 as she does at midnight.

Anonymous said...

heck, i've spilled coke all over myself plenty o' times. and i'm going to be anonymous for this tidbit o' info =)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 9:59 anon - ditto here, and anon for this as well!

Anonymous said...

Messy cokewhores...never learn.

Anonymous said... now that THIS Brad and Jen are divorcing...was there ever a BI about them? Is he the actor beating his wofe? Cheating on his wife???

Come on!!!!

DesperateToBeCool said... many COOL anon posters telling us riveting coke stories. Wow, wish I was that COOL.

Anonymous said...

I thought it Bradley Cooper was gay? Wasn't he a Ted C Blind Vice a couple of years ago between him and the older guy from Alias?

Maybe JEsposito found out being a beard isn't as much fun as it sounds.