Friday, May 25, 2007

Morning Links

Well I can think of lots of better ways to start off the morning, but here are some clips from Lindsay Lohan's new movie I Know Who Killed Me. These particular clips are her scenes from the strip club where she works and scenes from a stalker's point of view. As far as I know they are safe for work. I didn't really feel like watching them myself but in the screencaps she appears to be clothed much more than she is in real life.

Paula Abdul maybe didn't trip over her dog. Maybe she threw something and it broke and cut her nose. I don't know how that explains the busted toe. It doesn't really matter but since American Idol is done for this season she needs to keep her name in the news somehow. I kind of expect a few more of these incidents until the new season starts. I actually think she should think about having sex with the contestants because that scandal was way more fun. Oooooh. Sanjaya. Nice.

No one could possibly believe that Jessica Simpson wrote this, understand this, read this or even spell it. If you think she wrote this, then she should be able to get up and read it as well. Imagine her reading it out loud and you know she just can't do it.

Justin's in love with Jessica Biel. When you are at home in bed alone at night, everyone is in love with Jessica Biel. Doesn't make her love you back.

Dean McDermott's ex speaks to People. It's actually pretty interesting but the only reason she's talking to them is she is trying to sell a tv series and an anthology of essays. And lookie there. People published an excerpt from one of the essays. Well cheaper than actually paying her.


Anonymous said...

Mary Jo is sad - she was a minor television celebrity in Canada a decade ago. When this whole Tori Spelling thing came along (which, admittedly is unfortunate - Dean's a punk), she's tried to milk it like a fat cow, as a way to boost her own sadly faded career prospects. Hell, I grew up in Canada (and still live here), and when I heard about this, I had to Google her just to see who she was, and even when I saw a picture, it didn't ring any bells -even though Dean wasn't exactly a star up here either, I can at least say I had actually seen him in something before. I only knew about the television thing because of Google. The show was on an obscure Cable network. She's been at it almost non-stop and still has nothing to show for it - time to move on lady!!

Anonymous said...

Um im Candian too and I knew who she was right away becasue i used to love her cookin show with the gay dude..she used to talk about her hubby Dean and their baby all the time. Hes scum for dumping her while they were in the midst of adopting a child together. I dont care what anyone says..she got dumped pretty harshly and kudos for her to turning it into something profitable..becasue that dirt bag isnt paying up!

Anonymous said...

"Justin's in love with Jessica Biel. When you are at home in bed alone at night, everyone is in love with Jessica Biel. Doesn't make her love you back."

HAA!!! That's too true. Justin needs to lose that zero, okay the ten and get with...the 5 1/2? Okay Justin needs to just get with me and all will be right in the world. (Hee)