Thursday, May 24, 2007

Entourage In Cannes

"Could I get some room please? Back up a step or two there Connolly and get back in line. Everyone knows they are here to see me. I'm Jeremy Piven. Who the hell are you guys? Hey Adrian. Stop looking at the camera."
Must have been before the Piven rant.

"If you want to see just how much of a back stabbing prick I can be I encourage you to watch PCU on DVD. Since I refused to do the commentary with anyone else, I basically get to rant for two hours about how awful the director and cast were and how if they only listened to me the movie would have been #1."

Well at least he knows his nickname.

Jerry Ferrara just is having a good time and enjoying the ride.
Do you see how the rest of the cast is just normal? Show up, get your picture taken, enjoy Cannes.
I'm guessing Kevin Dillon just knocked Piven unconscious.


Anonymous said...

Piven, hair piece or weave?

Anonymous said...

It looks like cheap hair and LOTS of makeup!


B :) said...

It looks like rodent hair.
Jeremy Piven

Pinky said...

Thank you Enty, you made my day. Again.

Anonymous said...

what's with the stretched out neck on the v neck t shirt? my husband likes entourage, it's an o.k. show but i think adrian is a HORRIBLE actor.


Anonymous said...

Adrain looks awful....and addicted in the first solo pic.

Anonymous said...

Piven = bad rug. Doesn't this guy make enough $$ to get a really good piece.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:57 and 11:21,
Totally agree. Adrian looks a mess and he annoys the crap outta me on Entourage. Piven looks all drugged out in these photos. Surprisingly Connolly looks normal even though he's been in the depth of hell, a.k.a. Nicky Hilton's vayjayjay.


mookie said...

i'm so glad i'm not the only one annoyed by jeremy p.

Hez said...

Lainey said that Connolly suddenly played the diva and decided he'd only do half the press line. He announced he'd had enough, went inside to use the can, came back out and stood and WATCHED while the rest of the cast finished their interviews without him.

Sounds like Entourage is getting behind-the-scenes bitchy like Desperate Housewives. Either that or there's a new (and shorter) Rob Lowe in town.

Anonymous said...

Piven. I know he's a jerk,but I
still want to have bad dirty fun
with the man.


What is wrong with me?

It's Jan Levinson/Michael Scott
thing I guess.

Anonymous said...

Piven is hot, I saw about a month ago at a newstand in WEHO. It's just that he's also a jerk!!!

Hez said...

ROFL @ 2:24 "the Jan Levinson/Michael Scott thing".

Shall we refer to that as a disgustfuck?

lec said...

love Entourage!!!

I heard Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) is a major sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised no one has mentioned this yet, but notice how "ENT" decided to label JP's 2 pics. "cent+jack" and "cent+ass".

"At least he knows his nickname" indeed, and that he is a Jackass answer. Of course this isn't a shock to anyone as he is the stand-by answer to almost every JA item. It is like a drug BI being about Nicole Ritchie. Shocker!

Anonymous said...

Good observation, 4:50!
I hate the Piven with a vengeance! He is soo full of himself. Crash and burn, dude!


N said...

"Could I get some room please? Back up a step or two there Connolly and get back in line. Everyone knows they are here to see me. I'm Jeremy Piven. Who the hell are you guys? Hey Adrian. Stop looking at the camera."

Best. Caption of the Day.

Kevin looks like he's waiting for his prom date that is never going to show up..

Anonymous said...

Piven is that annoying coked out dude who never leaves t

and apparently a bad weave.

mngddess said...

When he was the doing the series Cupid on ABC (loved all 13 episodes), he hair satrted to fall out from all the stress I guess. Now it has mysteriously returned.

He may be an obnoxious prick but I still think he's kinda sexy. Sorta.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:50 I believe ur right. This BI sounds like Piven's assholeness.


Last night at the Ralphs Supermarket on Sunset. This award winning B list television actor, formerly a B list movie actor with one big starring A list role had a huge cart filled with groceries. The store was packed. A woman with two items comes up to him and asks if she can go in front of him. The actor replied, "Why the f*** would I let you go in front of me? Are you dying? Is there someone waiting for you who is going to die? The purpose of a line is to put everyone and everything in order. I was here first and you were here second."

She replied that he seemed so nice on television.

"Well this is Ralphs, not television and you need to learn to tell the difference," he said.

At that point she left the line and went to another on the opposite end of the store.


Anonymous said...

I used to think Jeremy Piven was an okay kind of actor when he was in Ellen and the good old balding days of Say Anything and Gross Point Blank.

But now he's got his own show and wig pieces (why not just go bald gracefully Jez?) he's turned into this show-off "look at me" kind of guy which just strikes me as shallow.

I am so glad I do not live in that kind of world.

He's also quite annoying and unless he is any different in "real life" he also comes across as arrogant.


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