Saturday, June 16, 2007

Random Photos

Whether it's for money or attention, she does look good in this photo.
Lily Allen enjoying a shot or twenty during her show at Bonnaroo.
"Yes, I took from his wife and I'm the biggest slut on the planet."
Maybe it's the dark lighting, but Fergie doesn't look that bad.
The bride and groom wore white. The bride accentuated her white dress by going without a bra and adding go-go boots. Class all the way.


kiki said...

Britney Spears is a attention WHORE
EL you may think she looks good , but she looks like she stinks to me. said...

Ah, Lily's doing the Jager bomb thing! Been there, vomited that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Penny's dad will ruin Rod's Porsche again on this occasion?? Go Graham!

WTF said...

Shitney looks like hell and is more of a slut than Rose.

Does this Lily EVER take a good picture? She always looks "special" to me.

charlie said...

Brit may look good compared to what she usually looks like..But honestly, she is under average in looks (at least in my country-city, Sweden-Stockholm) and waaaay below the written chart when it comes to style, grooming and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Enty, I think it may be time for an eye exam. Britney looked extremely slutty and Fergie could get a job haunting houses. It could be pitch black and Fergie would still be seriously ugly.

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious! Yup, Fergie still looks like a man in a dress!!

Ent thanks for working OT this weekend!


kellysirkus said...

Ent, I'm going to assume you are being sarcastic re Britney. I'd like to maintain some respect for you

Anonymous said...

Britney behind the wheel in either a red bra or red bikini top is so desperate for the papparazzi's attention to be focused on her she will do anything to get it. I know she says otherwise, but the girl is so freaking crazy she can't handle anyone getting more attention than her.

Anonymous said...

Ent, really, try to look at Britney for what she is today, not what she was five years ago.

Britney is trying hard to be the Queen of Trailer Trash Chic. Hand her the crown already eh?

Anonymous said...

did anybody notice how close britney is to the steering wheel or is it just me because i am tall and sit far back? and thank you Lucky 9:43, i have always thought fergie looks like a melting man, too.

B Girl

drcocks said...

Yes Brit looks great in her shot gun red hat and bra.


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