Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brad Still Loves Jen

(I don't think it's any big deal to love your ex. If my ex's didn't love me my ten alimony checks would be so big that I would be living in my parent's basement instead of the basement I currently live in.)

Just as it appeared that Jennifer Anniston was finally over the heart-wrenching pain and humiliation of her split from Brad Pitt, Brad’s mother stunned Jen with a poignant secret that set her head spinning!

“Brad still loves you,” Jane Pitt confided to her former daughter-in-law during a June 17 launch at Jen’s Malibu home, a family insider reveals.

Since the devastating 2005 break up, Jane, 66, has remained very close to 38-year-old Jen, and they continue to talk and see each other.
But this latest heart-to-heart about Brad and Jen’s failed marriage triggered a whole new flood of emotion.

“The most difficult thing for Jen was when Jane told her ‘I know Brad still loves you.’ That really blew Jen away,” says the friend.

“Although she’s reluctant to admit it, the fact that Brad still loves her gives her new hope that they can at least have a close friendship.”

And nothing would make Jane happier.
“I think she wants Jennifer to understand that Brad isn’t a heartless man,” says the insider. “After all they went through; he still has strong feelings for her.”

That wasn’t all that Jane confided about her 43-year-old son. The actress was also rocked by this painful revelation: “Jane told Jen that during their marriage, Brad told her he wanted at least five kids. That was tough for Jennifer to hear because she was desperate to have children with Brad and was shattered that they were unsuccessful.”

And there’s more! “Jane also said Brad had a fear of commitment and had been damaged by past relationships,” says the source. “But she didn’t want Jen to hold any bitterness towards Brad. Jane loves them both and wants the best for them. She’s been worried about Jen since the break up.”

During their intimate conversation, Jane also told Jen about Brad’s plan to build an ultra-modern mansion in Pacific Palisades, Calif., where he can raise his brood with Angelina Jolie. He recently met with German architects in Berlin to discuss his dream home.

Doting grandmother Jane also told Jen that she loves Brad’s four children with Angelina and would be thrilled if they stayed in the U.S. more, so she can see the kids.
Still, according to the friend, Jane surprised Jennifer by telling her that while she’s fond of Angelina, she’s not Jen.

The insider adds that Brad knows how close his mom is to Jen and hasn’t tried to interfere- even though Angelina is having so many problems right now and isn’t thrilled about Jennifer’s ongoing warm relationship with his family.

“Those close to Brad wonder what his next move will be and if his relationship with Angie will survive all the stress of her weight loss, the sadness over her mother’s death, the demands of an ever-growing family, the jealously of other people and the grueling world travel,” says the source.

“And, of course, there is Angie’s deepest fear- that Brad will leave her and go back to Jen.”
And what does the future hold now that Brad’s mom had told Jen about his continuing deep feelings for her?

“It was nice for Jen to hear how Brad feels about her,” the sandier explains. “The last thing she wants to believe is that her marriage was all for nothing, and she’s grateful to know that Brad is thinking about her. But the sudden rush of feelings over-whelmed her.”


DNfromMN said...

"the sandier explains." what's a sandier? this is so not news or interesting at all.

sunny said...

Strange, out of the blue, and coupled with a story about Jen meeting Shiloh,all this accomplishes is to bring out the hate-Jen-with-an-irrational-intensity brangeloonie brigades.

kchal said...

Selling magazines is ALL they are trying to do and this is the age old battle of the mistress vs the wife - and who really thinks that STAR got all this detail from Jen's lunch w/Brads mother - pulease....

Tracee said...

You know what I find strange. Jen hasn't really done much since Friends, yet her name is in the tabs every other week. I wouldn't doubt that she has someone recycle old information just to keep her recent. I'm sooo sick of hearing about her heartbreak.

donna said...

tracee you are so right .. although she didnt look too heartbroken sneaking out of that model's hotel room at 2 in the morning ...

femmecafe said...

Kshal is spot on... they're just capitalizing on the Jane visit and making up shit to sell the mags....

Tracee, her name is in the tabs because Havune her PR guy makes sure of it.... said...

I am OVER Brad Pitt, Jen, Angelina, and all the peripheral players in this drama....Brad's mom, Jon Voight, his underage girlfriend, Vince Vaughn...the whole damn business.

pusssykatt said...

Who leaked this 'confidential' conversation? Also, how could Jane think that Jen would think Brad was heartless...just because his mother is. Jane needs to get over it, and allow Jennifer to get on with her life also...quit putting salt in the wound. Jane sounds very immature, even though she's 65, and I hope she realizes NOTHING is ever confidential with Jennifer. What she doesn't leak, she has her friends leak. And who says Jennifer couldn't get pregnant...maybe she just didn't want to STAY pregnant.

JJ said...

I would love it if Brad broke it off with Angelina and pursued Jennifer Anniston "hard". She would have to put him through the ringer though.

Sorry Angelina. Not all of the good will ambassadorship in the world can erase stealing a woman's husband.