Friday, July 20, 2007

Emmy Flashback -- Style Evolution 2

Matthew Perry

49th Emmy Awards

51st Emmy Awards
55th Emmy Awards
58th Emmy Awards

Rob Lowe

52nd Emmy Awards

53rd Emmy Awards
54th Emmy Awards
55th Emmy Awards


kellysirkus said...

Wow, can't believe how strung-out Matthew Perry was 10 years ago. Seems he got himself cleaned up and back to life. We'll see if he can do the same for his career. Was I the only one liked Studio 60?

Tracee said...

Kelly, I've never seen the show. I tried once, but found something better — picking lint out of my bellybutton.

Does Rob Lowe age? God he's as mechanical as Nicole Kidman....I wonder if they have the same plastic surgeons.

Mia said...

I'm sorry, but I hate to admit I liked studio 60, but not for the writing, for the charachters and the actors themselves.

And Rob Lowe seems to either hate alterations, or go strictly off the rack because he's wearing one after another ridiculously expensive ill-fitting tux.

Christine said...

Is it just me or did Rob Lowe's wife get dressed in the dark? Get thee to stylist, pronto!

kellysirkus said...

Rob Lowe would NEVER spend the money on alterations. He is very well known to be "thrifty" with the bucks. BUT he did manage to purchase a sprawling estate in Montecito, right by Oprah's. So he must be doing something right.
I believe there was a Blind here about a "cheap" actor and I was certain it was him.


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