Friday, July 20, 2007

Emmy Flashback--Worst Dressed

Paula Abdul is always a fashion disaster but she holds out for that something extra at the Emmy Awards. There could have been much more, but I feel bad for her having to be a sugarmama and her show tanking.

54th Emmy Awards
589th Emmy Awards (notice Warren in the background trying to suck in the gut and get that corset back in place)
Vannessa Sexillo - 58th Emmy Awards
Jennifer Love Hewitt - 57th Emmy Awards
Kim Cattrall - 55th Emmy Awards
Mary Hart - 55th Emmy Awards
Mary McCormack - 57th Emmy Awards
Tess Smith - 57th Emmy Awards
Angela Bassett - 54th Emmy Awards

Alicia Silverstone - 55th Emmy Awards
Edie Falco - 56th Emmy Awards
Heidi Klum - 57th Emmy Awards
Heather Locklear - 56th Emmy Awards


jhammert said...

I think Heidi should get a free pass since she'd just had a kid like a week before. Although, the print IS a bit yick.

Pinky said...

Those have got to be the most hideous dresses I've ever seen.

Tracee said...

Pinky, I agree. These ladies are all over the place. Maybe that's why I don't watch the emmys. -yawn-

S.Leslie. said...

I have to say some of dresses really are hideous. But Angela Bassett looks hot, she is working that dress.

Melissa said...

Actually, Alicia's would be awesome if it was in something other than *yawn* white. The cut is simple but different. Very apres-Brad Aniston. said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing a dress made out of the filters for my air conditioner!

Mia said...

Aicia's isn't bad-she just needed to dress it up.


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