Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Photos

Didn't Delishis just get married? Well she needs to make a living just like anyone else I guess.
Some party in Australia. Just thought you ladies and certain gentlemen would like a little something to make you smile.
"Now come on. I didn't say 17 milk shakes a day made me put on this weight. I said 7."
Courtney and the Bean.
Michelle Scott Lee had a little too much to drink at her birthday party.
Be careful Sean. Don't want to have to bail another person out.

Naomi Watts is like the frikking Energizer Bunny. This pregnancy just keeps going and going and going.
Yesterday it was Posh's legs, and today it is Madonna's arms.
Sure I can see what Petra saw in James Blunt. A one hit wondered homeless guy with no future.
Speaking of no future. Well I wonder if I dress up one of my blow up dolls to look like Jessica if it will be the same.


Twisted Sister said...

Naomi's stomach doesn't look any bigger than the ass on Delishis, so be kind, EL!

adore said...

I thought I read somewhere that that wasn't Francis, but somebody in Court's band.

K said...

is that Madonna pic another example of over-zealous photoshopping to get a quick buck?

april said...

Helena Christensen looks really haggard in the picture with Sean Penn. How long is it since she rocked the runways and frolicked around in Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game"? Ten years? I guess we're all getting older. Sigh. I guess Madonna's age and lack of plumpness has finally caught up with her. A *little* bit of fat on her bones would look better.

Tracee said...

Courtney has put her daughter through a crackhead boot camp. Messy hair, sunglasses to hide the dark circles and don't forget the sneer. How old is that chick? So sad!

jax said...

That's not Francis its Courtneys bandmate..she uses all young females in her band now.

This was on Dlisted yesterday and had the commenters having a shit

kellysirkus said...

Yeah, just have to chime in - that is NOT Frances Bean. I think when you are talking about 14 y/o children you should be a lot more careful!!!!!!
Even though you did not make any snarky comment about her (or any comment at all) a picture implies 1,000 words.
Please go ahead and shred the hell out of all the adults who CHOSE to be celebrities but let's leave their kids out of it. It seems to cross a line with photos of minors who are not "in the industry" splashed all over the internet.
That's my 2 cents said...

God, Naomi Watts is getting ready to bust a BIG one out! I'm glad its her and not me!