Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Plastered And Shares The Love

Mary-Kate Olsen shocked onlookers, club goers and her friends with her behaviour at a Teddy's nightclub in New York Saturday night.

The actress visited the nightclub with her friends Saturday night where she proceeded to get hammered which is extremely unusual. While drinking, she was spotted kissing several different men while stumbling everywhere and mumbling incoherently something about "New York Minute," and Uncle Jesse.

An onlooker told gossip website X17Online: "Mary-Kate Olsen was wearing a see-through green dress. She was completely wasted, she was humping and grinding against a column with another girl. Then she was flailing all over the dance floor. "

On her second pass through all the men of the club, and allegedly some women, all the guys began taking pictures of Mary Kate as she made out with everyone and just was the floozy we have always wanted her to be. She then fell over onto a table and proceeded to break every glass on the table before toppling over onto everyone sitting behind her. No one was hurt, but Mary-Kate was given a bill for the damage and the bill for many drinks she kept buying for all the guys she was kissing.


tedtedted said...

Are you trying to tell this story isnt true or exaggerated - because X17 didn't mention NY minute or Uncle stamos - plus I though it was odd they said she was wearing green - shes been very goth lately and never out of black - but usually you say these two are ok girls - do you think that MK is the next trainwreck or just a young girl having fun?
Please do tell?

tedtedted said...

Where are the pics? surely they would be worth a bit?

tedtedted said...

Sorry for the multiple post but I'm trying to work out how you tell your stories and blind items so I can work out things -

Teddys is in LA not NY is that a hint the story is not true or an error.

Maybe she was drowning her sorrows she hasn't been seen with heir Max since her 21st Birthday any goss on that.
Also Ashley has new secret boyfriend as she told Marie Claire in recent (good) article and shes glad he's a secret - anyone know maybe she was with him at White party at P.Diddys?

april said...

I think Ent is trying to tell us something with the 'Uncle Jessie'-comment...Yuck! That's soo wrong.

Mooshki said...

At her size, it would only take one drink to get her trashed.

noel said...

if it only takes one to get trashed imagine what a dozen (or two) will do??

Uncle Jesse... ewww

Connie said...

She looks like such a child, a depraved child.