Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Photos Part One-Great Biggie Size

Some of my favorite people in the world were out and about yesterday, including the lovely and talented Lisa Loeb.
One of my favorite people in the whole world and a reason to watch Uncle Buck repeatedly, Jean Louisa Kelly.
The newly engaged Anna Chlumsky.
Like I'm not going to post of Alan Cumming in a kilt even if he is standing next to Debra Messing.
I'm thinking a new version of Three's Company starring Holly Robinson Peete, Amy Yasbeck (who would provide the original connection to the show) and of course Tom Arnold who seems to be enjoying a martini or three. I thought he was sober.

They both look great as usual. I give up.
Emile Hirsch who was winning an award for something last night. I'm excited to see whether Tracee would do him, so check the comments later.
I must admit I pissed myself a little when I saw this photo of Claire Danes. She actually showed some emotion. It probably is only done to distract everyone from the kindergarten art teacher smock she's wearing, but I'll take it.
Do you really think the B phone is the right name for this? I doubt Beyonce is the first word that comes to the mind of everyone when they see the letter B next to Beyonce.
Even for Mary Kate Olsen this is a new low.

Lindsay Lohan wearing a New York Dolls shirt? Heresy I tell you. By the way, her boyfriend has got to be the fattest pro snowboarder I have ever seen.
When is the last time you saw Jim Carrey's daughter?
And she's a singer to boot. Or, maybe she just likes taking photos holding a guitar like Avril Lavigne.
Jennifer Aniston in her natural state.
Richie Sambora is already out of rehab? WTF? Seriously?

There are just so many ways I could go with this. Somehow though I don't think this is Ricky Martin's way unless the person on the bottom has a beard.
When your everyday look in the year 2007 is straight out of the Boogie Nights wardrobe department, you may want to change that look or become a porn star.
"Who brought the vodka?"
Mandy Moore continues her slow transformation into spinsterhood.


trashtalker said...

Did Jim Carrey finally get a hair cut? Or is his hair just slicked back?

jax said...

Jim Carey-Oh its still long and emo.

Ricky MArtin- that IS HIS

Lindsay- your boyfriend only wears Wu Tang tee he 15?

MAry Kate- wash rinse,repeat.

Where the hell has Anna SChulmpksy whatever been since My Girl 2? said...

Mary Kate looks like she's been on a 24 hour crack binge. Maybe she can talk Richie Sambora into buying her some chapstick.

Tracee said...

Every time I see Lisa Loeb I get that damn song in my head, which totally a guilty pleasure...

"And you say, I only hear what I want to."

Dammit! That song will be in my head until I drink it out.

I'm glad Mandy's found a less chunky sweater to sport. She doesn't looks too frumpy, cute girl though, bad taste in clothes.

i have no idea whatcha talking about with Mary Kate- isn't the mechanic grease hair and cum stained clothes the look for fall? Brit's started a trend ya'll!

Fabiola Thing said...

Tracee--You never fail to crack me up!

DNfromMN said...

tracee: you didn't give us your take on Emile Hirsch as Ent requested...

Who is the "and she's a singer to boot" JC? And who is RI the boogie nights guy?

I don't mind that Ricky plays for my team. I'd take a swing at that.

Anna Chlumsky looks like Angelina Jolie in that pose. It's quite frightening.

Tracee said...

Heeeheee! I didn't even see that one.

Ent!! You talking about me?! I was so distracted by Anna Chumscrubber's Tim Burton inspired-outfit that I forgot to comment on Emile.

You know me Ent. I'm easy. I'd butter him up, put down some saran wrap and go to town. But Ent I have to admit...that's what I'd like to do to you. Go to town on your man boobies. Do you breastfeed? Does beer come out?

Bleck, I just made myself sick. Loves you though! :)

Julie said...

I like Anna's dress. her tights, not so much.

Yay! Jean Louise Kelly!
Yes, Dear is one of my favorite shows haha

Kory said...

This is 2 days in a row that you made me laugh with the Claire Danes comment.

jenner said...

Oh. My. God. I just watched Uncle Buck this weekend and was like "I wonder whatever happened to that chick who played the teenaged daughter?"


I've seen Yes, Dear a couple of times and STILL didn't make the connection...


april said...

Loved the picture of Jennifer Aniston! LoL!

Angela said...

Lisa Loeb: her face has so much botox in it that even Nicole Kidman would seem expressive in front of her.

Claire Danes: with that dress, she's looking like Angela from "The Office".

Mandy Moore: don't forget she's tall and has large shoulders. I (I'm a man) would still do her.

Fabiola Thing said...

Love Uncle Buck!

kellysirkus said...

Jim Carrey's daughter seems really NORMAL


huge KUDOS to Jim that we have NOT seen his daughter in photos in ages! That's a good thing

ps I heart Lisa Loeb

Miss X said...

Didn't Jim's daugther used to be overweight and frumpy? She's adorable now.

DisorderlyMan69 said...

Too bad Heidi Klum only likes Mandingo cock. She looks even better without makeup. I'd love to eat her pussy and make her cum.

captivagrl said...

love,love,love LISA.....and was that bought or brought the vodka?

Jerry said...

Mandy Moore continues her slow transformation into spinsterhood

SACRILEGE!!! Do not EVER take then name of MY Mandy Moore in vain. She will never be a spinster as long as I'm around. And as long as she doesn't mind that my man boobs are even bigger than Ent's.

We're Like This said...

Anyone else in love with Alan Cumming. He's always been a slow-burner for me.

But dayum, that accent.

The good ones are always gay...

Jim said...

I think that's Ashley.

Hez said...

Yes yes yes to Alan Cumming.

His fragrance is called CUMMING, ferfucksakes. Genius.

And once on Conan I heard him use the phrase "irretrievably vulgar" and it was one of the sexiest things I ever heard.

He's a total prize and I want him as my gay sidekick at all times... him and Tom Ford. A girl needs the very best gays she can get (shall we call this the Bobby Trendy Law?).

PS Speaking of gays, did Mandy Moore find herself a new one? The stick up that chick's ass should give them plenty to talk about.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Lindsay Lohan wearing a t-shirt with a rock band she has most likely never actually heard. Thank you for pointing that out. The rock t-shirt trend is making me very upset. VERY UPSET.

Mooshki said...

"Or, maybe she just likes taking photos holding a guitar like Avril Lavigne."

I love you Ent! Anyone who trashes the motherfucking princess is a hero in my book.