Thursday, October 11, 2007

Britney Changes Her Mind About Her Kids

Yesterday the word was out that Britney Spears was going to court today to try and regain overnight visits with her kids. Her attorneys had implored to be there to show that she really cared and to show the judge it wasn't all a bunch of hot air.

Britney has passed at least one drug test and so this would really show the judge she could handle the kids overnight.

So did Britney show up for court? Hell no. As I'm writing this, court has already started and all attorneys are present, but Britney is still in Marina Del Rey and probably sleeping.

Way to show the judge you care. I don't care if she has to sleep at the courthouse, she definitely needs to be there for the 26th, or it will be a LONG time before she ever gets to spend time with her kids alone again.


Reese said...

A photo on another blog has shown that yesterday she decided to ditch the underwear and have her skirt up around her waist again. I think the judge already gets that she doesn't want the kids back, she doesn't need to be quite so blatant about it.

Diva said...

what a pathetic piece of trash she is. **shakes head**

Anonymous said...

What is her problem. She says her kids are important to her and what does she do NOT SHOW UP. Wonder what lame because she will come up with. Her career as far as I see it, it's over. She doesn't seem to be making any effort on her career, her kids or herself.

jax said...

Best line I read yet:

TMZ is reporting that Britney skipped the hearing. Either she really doesn't want her kids back or Starbucks started adding bacon to Frappucinos today.

Gotta love Superficial!!

She is a vile excuse for a mother at this point. I also heard that she told someone "she didn't care and didn't want them in the first place" hearsay of course..but i can totally see that smartmouth shit for brains say that.

At this point she may not be on drugs but she is mentally incompetent...whata mess.

ps..Brit put your panties on,its digustiing you trash.

kellygirl said...

can we just stop reporting on this idiot already?

how messed up are those kids going to be?

littleoleme said...

I second kellysirkus - Britney is not workth anyone's time or attention. She doesn't want the kids. We know this. Let's move on.
Poor little boys.

MnGddess said...

"...Starbucks started adding bacon to Frappucinos today."

Computer spew!!!!!

That girl can't run her own life, much less anyone else's. Pretty soon she'll run through all her money and she'll be naked in Playboy. and Hustler. and (insert name of nude mag here).

Cyn said...

Hopefully the kids are going to be just fine....because they won't be seeing their mom very often and she'll just be some crazy woman they have to visit with occasionally.

Unknown said...

Harry Levin of TMZ said she calls them all the time to let them know where she is going to be. And she clearly has X17 on retainer.

bluegirl said...

What the hell is she wearing? Does she know half her buttons are undone??'s britney, she probably does.


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