Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Feel Too Sorry For Michelle Rodriguez

Look, I am a fan of Michelle Rodriguez. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it is because she is who she is and just the fact that she doesn't really care what people think of her for the most part.

On the one hand, I think everyone wants to pity her because she got sentenced to six months in county for her probation violations, but she is lucky she didn't get more time. She basically lied, at least twice, about what she had done community service wise and she could have been locked up for much longer.

Also, let's not forget why she was originally locked up in the first place. She had two separate driving incidents in 2003 which led to her getting her license suspended. Then, in 2004 she was placed on three years probation for pleading no contest to a DUI charge and driving on a suspended license. In 2005 she was arrested in Hawaii for DUI and served time in jail there. In California, the Hawaii arrest was considered a violation of her probation and she was sentenced to 60 days in jail. That's two months. She served 4 hours and 20 minutes.

This time she won't get that break, as the judge said she needed to stay put even if the jail is crowded. She still won't serve the entire 180 days, but at least she won't be getting out in 4 hours.

Between now and December 24 when she has to show up for jail, she will earn several million dollars starring in the new James Cameron film Avatar which is filming in New Zealand.

Us regular folk would be unemployed because our boss would have fired us. When we got out in six months, we would probably have to go work for minimum wage somewhere with no health insurance because no one is going to want to hire someone with our record. We wouldn't have got to wait two months before getting thrown in jail. When we got out, our significant other might have left us, or we might be homeless because only one income wasn't enough to cover the mortgage. Our oldest daughter got knocked up because she met a guy and brought him home because mom was working a double shift to try and save the house, and our son has started quoting Oscar Wilde and is depressed.

So, don't feel too sorry for Michelle Rodriguez.


Tracee said...

Believe me Ent, I don't. Jail will be like a buffet for her with all those lezzies. They won't be hot, but she'll get by.

Simone said...

she's an idiot. She got a break the first time and fucked it up. She deserves to do the full 6 months. And if rumors are true about her, she'll probably enjoy her time in jail.


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