Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It has definitely been awhile since I have seen Colby Donaldson.
ADD huh?
Merry Christmas from one red nose to another.
If Alicia Keys keeps looking this good, I would want to watch her date herself also.
Always a big fan of the red carpet grope, Adrien Brody goes for it with Elsa Pataky.
My southern friends would say that Heather Graham looks like she just got wallered.
That is a good looking suit on Hayden Christensen.
Not so good looking is Edie Falco.
Is that a bra or part of the dress on Chloe Sevigny?
After the event, Claire Danes and the other wait staff cleared the dishes.
Rachel Bilson looks even more amazing here than when I knocked her over at a Borders two weeks ago. She was buying Restaurants For Dummies in case anyone is interested.
Doing the "Elaine" isn't the best look for Natalie Portman.
If that is the way Vanessa Lemon Jello blows, then Nick might want to consider someone else.
John Leguizamo looks good, but also looks he needs directions to the closest bathroom.
Jennie Garth is always amazing. Getting hammered in Vegas with your dance partner while the husband watches the kids is even better.


Melissa said...

Yaaaaaa. Britney looks like a straight up TWEAKER.

jax said...

the telltale signs of addiction,bad skin around the mouth and chewed up fingernails.

oh and losing your fuckin mind.

EL babay please post the uber cute shots of Hayden in VF-she looks great...the shots are awesome. said...

Adrien Brody looks kind of hot in that picture.

I think Affleck and Santa might have smoking some mistletoe.

DNfromMN said...

I wonder why he posted Colby... other than the fact that he's a cute millionaire.

kellysirkus said...

That is the worst picture I have ever seen of Natalie Portman!

Never thought Claire Danes could look good, but after the site of Britney ... hell, that mess looks like she's been locked up in Motel Notell with a herd of Hillbillies and a meth lab.

Can't quite put my finger on what Alicia Keys has done to herself. Is it just the weightloss and a nose job, or is there more. Whatevs, she's looking great!

Tracee said...

Adrien looks like my hub which makes him sexy in my eyes...even if he's a coke head.

When did Jennie get old...when did i get old?

ladorabelle said...

I love the thumbs-up the guy with Jennie Garth is giving. So frat boy. That and the skeezestashe. Every lady loves a skeezestashe.

april said...

Britney looks like she had an upper lip peel. It makes her look like a huffer! A huffing Axl Rose, actually!

Mia said...

hayden chrisyensen, good suit or not- would be wise to find one that fit him.

look at the sleeves. ug. I hate it when men can't dress themselves.

kellysirkus said...

as I always say,
if you can't be a good example
you'll be a graphic warning.

Every Girl needs to look at this image of Britney Spears. Just say NO
NO to the home lip waxing kit
NO to the skanky weave extensions
NO to the late night Taco Bell drive-thru

jbeebs said...

Hee Hee doesn't Hayden know you're supposed to leave the last button on your jacket unbuttoned.
I agree with the Jennie comment"when did she get old...when did I get old?" Too funny!!

Jim said...

He looks more like Jennie Garth than she does!

nadiakotsev said...

is the jenny garth comment a reveal? B list actress cheating? i cant rem any off the top of my head...

ehinckle02 said...

What is up with the John Leguizamo comment?

Christine said...

I think the pic of Colby has something to do with Rachel Ray....I read somewhere that she is having or had an affair with him.


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