Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walk Hard Premiere

John C. Reilly in character as Dewey Cox.
Jenna Fischer should have been at the top, but how do you put her at the top when John C Reilly is the star of the film? I guess I could do it since it is my blog, but I think Jenna will be okay being 2nd. Now, if she was 3rd or lower, she would be screaming, but 2nd is perfectly acceptable.
I think Jack Black forgot that the 7 pound average people put on during the holidays, is for the entire holiday period, not for the first two weeks. Hell, who are we kidding. We like Jack fat and obviously his wife likes it as well or she would kick his ass and get him to lose it. She made him wear new jeans so you know she can do it.
I'm always willing to put up a photo of Justine Bateman. She wasn't really a crush when I was younger, because Family Ties kind of came too late in life for her to be a crush. I just think she kind of got a raw deal after some really bad unsubstantiated rumors and so her movie career went completely nowhere.
Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams. Did she get pregnant and no one tell me?
I know Angela Kinsey is pregnant and she looks incredible. And busty.
I like how Will Ferrell tries to give everyone a new look each and every time he makes a public appearance. It makes it fresh.
Speaking of fresh. Ricki Lake looks really good here, and Molly Shannon always is hilarious.
Who doesn't love Leslie David Baker? Cracks me up all the time.
Kate Flannery has a gig over at Macy's after the premiere as one of Santa's very special helpers.
I wonder if John Mayer has ever wanted to be one of Santa's special helpers.


jax said...

i like my men tubby..jack black is alright.

John Mayer...blech.

juju said...

what did he mean about justine bateman???

PeepStone said...

Yeah, between the Justine comment and the Jenna Fisher comment, I'm super curious. Is little Pammy Beasley becoming a shrew?

__-__=__ said...

Am I the only one who said "Oh, that guy" when I saw John C. Reilly?

tania said...

actually, I thought, 'OMG it's Gary Glitter!'

Trix said...

I love love love love love The Office...

What was the Jenna Fischer comment all about? And what rumors about Justine Bateman? said...

Yeah I kind of would like to know some old Justine Bateman rumors.

jax said...

all i've found is she battled anorexia and bulimia hardcore before becoming a born again Christian.
She's been a clothing designer for awhile now.

Julie said...

I love John C Reilly.
My husband always thinks of him as the cop from Magnolia.

And I love the irony of him singing the invisible man in chicago. Since...hes in everything, but his name escapes people's vocabulary.

Also, Kristen Wiig's stepmom comes into my store. She's so sweet. I asked her to tell Kristen that she has a fan here hahaha
i'm such a nerd! but I love Kristen! can't wait to see this movie.

GammaGirl said...

@julie: I have high hopes for Kristen Wiig! She was definitely the funniest woman in "Knocked-Up"
I went around saying "This is Hollywood, no one likes liars." for MONTHS!

Also, LOVE all "The Office" peeps at the "Dewey Cox" premiere!

redgurl72 said...

This is taxing on my brain muscles but I seem to recall there were lots of stories in the very late 80's early 90's about Justine Bateman getting into feuds with people. I think every time she went to a club she was meant to have had an argument with Madonna or Cher. She was painted as being a royal bitch and that's when her career started to head south.

On the subject of people whos careers flounder for no apparent reason - what the hell happened with Heather Graham? Is it just me or does anyone else think she went from being a big star to a nobody almost by choice?

Kinsey said...

If "Family Ties" came too late in ENT's life for Justine Bateman to be a crush...then ENT must be alot younger than he says! ...Or maybe I'm reading that wrong?

I remember the show, but was kind of young to watch it, and I'm 25!


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