Friday, February 15, 2008

When It Comes To Marion Cotillard - Picturehouse Goes Cheap

Picturehouse must have learned some lessons from Vince Vaughn on how to go cheap. Oh, not with their own self promotion or anything to do with how the company itself looks. On that they go all out. Now, if you happen to be an actor or actress though, then they want to go as cheap as possible as often as possible even if it makes you look like crap.

Picturehouse is the partnership of HBO and NewLine that is responsible for La Vie En Rose. They are making a ton of money off the film, but apparently have no desire to accommodate any of the wishes of the lead actress of that film Marion Cotillard. For the entire promotion of the film, and during the entire award season, Marion has been paying for her one hair person and one makeup person to travel with her to make sure she looks good. It is not out of vanity, but because she has been making multiple appearances daily and has been to multiple award shows in support of the Picturehouse film. Although it is really expensive, Picturehouse has not offered to pay even one penny of the bill despite the fact she is out there shilling for them.

Well, when it comes to the Academy Awards, she finally broke down and asked the company if they would pay for the two to come over to the US, and put them up in a hotel. The company laughed at her and said, "Everyone in LA is better than anyone in France who does hair and makeup so you can just use someone here."

Nice way to make friends and influence people. This is the same person who won the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for Best Actress you are pissing off here. Marion from what I understood just started crying and is going to borrow the money from friends to pay for the two to come over to the US and do her hair and makeup.

To me this is not about diva behavior, this is about a woman who is probably going to win the award for Best Actress and be looked at by over 1 Billion people across the globe. In that kind of situation are you going to get your hair and makeup done by some person down at Supercuts that you have never met?

Meanwhile, Picturehouse keeps running those full page ads at a cost of well in excess what it would cost for them to fly over the pair and put them up in a hotel for the week.

Picturehouse needs to stop being cheap and Marion needs to find an agent or manager who has some balls and who is not afraid of a studio.


ms_wonderland said...

God, how many more people can New Line piss off with their meaness? Marion was so sweet and shocked when she got the BAFTA. They should be treating her with the respect she deserves.

NQ said...

Wow - that is unbelievable. So they can waste $20,000-$56,000 on EACH Oscar ad, but they can't cough up $3,000-$5,000 to fly over two people for a few days? It's particularly sad given how sweet, talented and apparently humble Marion is. Her BAFTA speech was so cute.

heather said...

How weird this 'story' is. This is an fictional refit (substituting Cotillard) of when Picturehouse wouldn't pay ($100K) for Nicole Kidman's stylist (Zoe) & team to fly to the NY opening of Fur in 2007.

nycer said...

"How weird this 'story' is. "

Marion obviously has a stylist, she's looked great in Chanel & Ricci. I also remember American Rachel Goodwin as credited for some of her red carpet makeup recently too. It does sound too much like the Kidman story & I think it would be somewhere in the media if it were true.

Judi said...

No B.S. on this one. It's true. And pathetic.

heather said...

This is fantasy. While Kidman didn't rate the $$ at the time for a secondary opening, this actress is certainly getting the PR promo bucks. The woman has been wearing Chanel, Nina Ricci, Armani, more Chanel for all these PR events including the Picturehouse fete. So even if she doesn't have a stylist per se (the fashion houses give you someone) she has had her hair & make up done by very well known Americans while here for the last sevral months, it's been written about.

Judi said...

For all the non-US and some of her US promo appearances all last year, she's had her regular hair and makeup guys from France. These are the ones she wants... and they aren't coming cause Picturehouse refuses to pay for them. What message does this send to Marion?