Thursday, April 03, 2008

50 Cent Is A Jackass

According to Radar, 50 Cent is headed to court today to evict one of his baby mamas and kid from one of the many houses he owns. 50 already went to court last month to cut her monthly payments from $25,000 to $6,700, and now he wants her and his kid gone from the house.

Now, I will be the first to admit that this particular baby mama is not necessarily a woman we would call a role model to society. However, just because she is not someone who is warm and fuzzy doesn't change the fact that 50 slept with her and got her pregnant. There are allegations that he lied to her about giving her the house in which she currently lives (at least for today), and he hasn't gone out of his way to be the best dad either.

Reports are that he wanted to kick her out because she was bringing guys over to the house and sleeping with them. Maybe 50 thought he still had her exclusively. I don't know and I don't really care. This is not about them. It is about a kid who is ten years old and has been going to the same school his entire life. Now, 50 is going to kick him out as well as a half-sister and send them to a far worse neighborhood.

I just think that as a parent you should do everything in your power to make sure your child has a great life. So he is pissed at the woman. Who cares? You want to take your anger towards her out on your kid who has done nothing wrong? You want to make him suffer because your pride is hurt? Are you planning on moving some other baby mama into the house? Money tight and you need to sell it? Be a man, and let them stay.

I really am disgusted with parents who abandon their kids. It is not just like a dog you can send to a shelter. I am even more disgusted when a parent chooses to make the life of their kid miserable when there really is no reason for the misery other than the fact they hate the parent.

Grow up 50.


Angela said...

I thought 50 only had one BM and one child?? I think she's the one that is always with him at fashion shows.

Irishstayc said...

yeah well unfortunately i think this is the norm - at least for me and those I know who divorced and became single parents.

My ex got remarried when our daughter was 13 (4 yrs after we left) and after that she wasn't allowed to visit him anymore... Nice huh? Thank God for grandparents, friend and uncles... At 21 my daughter is well adjusted and a lovely woman... regardless of her fathers idiocy. and no I never trashed him to her...that was the toughest part...LOL

jax said...

what a prick! he was just on The View not long ago talking about how great a kid he had and how he is a dedicated father.

oh and IMO ditching a dog in a shelter is sometimes just as bad, at least 50's son won't be put down in 30days.

shiny_special_one said...

I'm prolly gonna get flamed for this, but I wish there was some way that restrictions could be put on having children. I wish people had to prove their seriousness about, understanding of, and commitment to the responsibility to raising a child before being allowed to have one.

I know, I know, it would never work. Who would be the judge, what would be the criteria, how would you enforce, blah blah blah. But every time I see a neglectful, selfish or just plain ignorant parent short-change their kid I can't help wishing there was a way to prevent people from having kids out of vanity or aimless stupidity (meaning, "Oops, I was too lazy and/or stupid to keep myself from getting pregnant, so here I am having a kid even though deep down I'm really not interested in dedicating myself to raising one).

Having a child isn't simply a right, it's a privilege. Or should be.

Jesse D said...

Amen, irishstayc. We're going through the same thing here with the ex hub. He has a "new" family and doesn't want anything to do with his "old" family. Ass. Here's me, gettin preachy on the soap-box, but honestly, I think one of the biggest problems we face in our society, and one of the largest contributing factors to the issues of juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, teen drug addiction, etc, is the number of parents (usually fathers, but I know there are single dads out there, workin it out) that abandon their children. If you don't want children, DON'T HAVE THEM. And please realize that you DIDN'T marry and divorce your children, just their mamas.

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

Far worse neighborhood?! $6k a month is a shitload of money to some people...including me.

Alpine Summer said...

Lame, 50. Real Lame. Take care of your kid(s). You have the means, now just put in the time.

And, to echo Jax, please don't drop animals off at shelters. That's why there is a free pets section of every newspaper and rescue shelters for unwanted animals that don't put them down. Big pet peeve -- I've been working on a pet adoption and shelter awareness program and website for Metro Atlanta.

Angela said...

$6000 is a lot to the average person, but Curtis pulled in at least $10 million last year. Sorry but $72K isn't anywhere near 17%; besides, if he can spend money on whips, chicks and bubbly, he can pay to take care of his son.

Nikki said...

I don't think the problem is the kid. 50 does appear to be a good father, as the child was up here while he was filming. The mother of his child, has another child(ren) now. And I suspect 50 thinks he's supporting them and her boyfriends with the free lodging. (besides didn't the court tell her to vacate?)

Normally I side with the mothers, but I think this one got too greedy. How many judges reduce child support (they went to court because she was demanding more than the 25k/month he was giving her. $6700 a month is enough to feed the kid and pay rent (and still have money left for herself -which isn't the point of child support), as 50 is responsible for all of his other expenses, school, medical, clothing.

jlb said...

I hope karma bites him, and all parents like him, in the ass. Hard. Way to teach a small person respect for other human beings. I quite honestly have cut people out of my life based on how shitty they treat their children.

Trix said...

I'm with you, Shiny. Seems theres no easy solution.

I think perhaps if public perception shifted, and women who are not fit to be a mother felt more freedom, personally, financially, and socially, to have an abortion, then perhaps that would solve some of the problem.

An even better solution would be for women to feel secure and confident enough in their own earnings and supporting themselves, that they're not always on the look out for another meal ticket. I think most women are overly concerned with "finding a man to keep", because they want the security. If they could be secure themselves, independent and self reliant, they wouldnt have to keep a baby...or even put up with a man they didnt truly like...all for the sake of the financial security...

I think better education about women's options in life, that being beyond just reproducing, would really help as well. Many women get pregnant and just give up and go on with it. Perhaps if they didnt feel it was just inevitable, or The End, they wouldnt feel resigned to keep a child they did not love.

I read a stastic today that broke my heart--one in fifty US babies is neglected or abused regularly. Similar findings in Canada. Babies. The women who dont want to be mothers, need to know they dont have to be. And then maybe all those prenatal and childs services can be redirected towards people who actually love and want their children! (I knew a woman with four children who'd buy them ONE gallon of milk for the entire month, and she'd eat steak every night, all on the governments dime....yeah I really wish I could scratch that chicks eyes out.)

LOL maybe what we all really should be doing, is mandatory birth control shots monthly, and you have to apply for a parental application to be taken off Yeah, I know, way too "The Giver"...or Logan's Run or Anthem whatever literary metaphor you wanna throw in.

lainiekazan said...

That her lawyers are making such bizarre claims (see the Radar article linked) tells me she's not operating with clean hands here.

That said, Fiddy's notoriously tight with a buck and just cleaned up millions with a SmartWater IPO or something.

Sounds like each side has issues they'd rather not be made public, so money is the excuse to get her out of the house.

blossom6673 said...

Part of their support agreement was that a portion of the money was to go to her finding new housing. Apparently she failed to do that.

I'm with Shiny and Jax on this one. And I am a single mother getting $500 a month in support. Bearing a man's child does not mean he supports you for the rest of your life. He is supposed to support his child.

Raising a child is a 50/50 share of responsibility - including financial responsibility. How much is this woman contributing to this child's financial state? Instead of going after this guy for more more more (whether the has the means or not), maybe she should try bettering herself to be independant - it does wonders for your self-esteem and integrity.

P said...

Nikki, I agree with you 100%.

For all we know 50's doing this so that he can file for full custody of his son now that his son's mother is technically "homeless". I'm not a lawyer *clearing throat* so I'm just thinking out loud.
But that woman has been trying to milk 50 forever (hence the court's recent decision in 50s favor)

Enty, *tsk tsk* @ this post. Yes, 50 is a jackass, no argument there, but don't perpetrate the "rapper with a million baby mamas/kids" stereotype.

dbfreak said...

"It is not just like a dog you can send to a shelter."

Nooooooooooooooooo! I HATE when people think of animals like they are not living beings who will most likely be put to death if they are sent to a shelter! Pet peeve as well for me because my husband and I have rescued so many cats over the years, some from horrendous situations and some just from plain abandonment. People should not only have to prove themselves worthy to have children, but animals too. There are way too many cruel and evil people out there who are free to go get pets and have kids, but can pretty much treat them however they want.

I'm sorry, but I just don't think that pets should be looked upon as being worthy of worse treatment than children. Probably because I have cats and no kids.

I apologize for the off topic rant, which is now over.

abigail7881 said...

The people that drive me nuts are the young people (late teens/early twenties) who are on Medicare, receive food stamps, and cash assistance from the government. On top of that, they are perfectly healthy, except for a cold (I work at an Urgent Care as a nurse), but they don't have a job. They have the latest Sean-Jean (am I spelling that right?) or Tommy clothes, because they don't have to spend money of food - they have food stamps for that. Rent? Get on section 8 - pay only $20 a month for an apartment that would cost $500 a month. On top of all that, they get cash assistance from the state. More babies they pop out, more money they can get from the government and the taxpayers.

What ticks me off is that I'm a single mom to a five year old boy. His father complains about paying up to $50 a week for support. It's getting to a point where I don't even think about the child support.
I am the one paying for him to play sports, to do things with him on the weekends. All the money - comes from me. My sons father lives in the same town, and probably does not know what his kindergarten teachers names are (there are 2). The only thing that I could possibly ask for from the government would be better health coverage.

Sorry for the little tangent. I work my ass off at two jobs to support myself and my son, and it irritates me to no end to see people taking advantage of the system. There should be a time limit on coverage. People being raised to take advantage of all that is available and not try to better themselves, will only show their kids how to do it to.

Its a system that needs to be stopped.

Mia said...

all of you moms/ single moms... can you imagine a $6700 child support check?

that bitch is trippin if she's pissed at the reduction, knowing full well that is education & medical concerns will be taken care of.

child support=child support... not baby mamma support.

sauvage said...
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Moonmaid said...

If that's a real picture of the kid, why is it up here?

someone said...

I am with p, above, on this situation.

And I am hungry, but it is too late to eat. 5 more hours till breakfast.

Not enough time to finish so much work.