Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I really don't know how many souls Cindy Crawford sold to the devil to look this good at her age, but I'm guessing it was worth it.
I wore the same thing last week when I visited a friend in jail. Copycat.
Angela Kinsey and Rashida Jones. Both are looking lovely.
Those Fed Ex guys who cart Ellen Barkin around the country, are getting very good at posing her.

Dustin Milligan is the first announced 90210 cast member. Prepare to have your life changed.
Hey grandma.
The funny thing is that Thomas Haden Church really does look like this. No posing required.
George Clooney for all of you. Although after having Sarah Larson you might want to scrub him clean first.
Ellen Page is back and beautiful.
You think Oprah would do this?
I think Eduardo Casanova is a guy. I think. It could also just be Mika in disguise.
John Krasinski apparently thought this was senior class photo day.
Jenna Fischer looks amazing.
Some Javier Bardem for you.
And if you want a Bardem sandwich here is his brother Carlos.
Goran Visnjic is a giant compared to his wife.
When your wife is big at Avon you can get $1M a year to sell their cologne.
Looks like Jim McCallister posing with Sarah Jessica Parker.
Hey, it's the recipe stealer.
Well if she is wearing an engagement ring she must be engaged. Kind of like all the women at bars who wear wedding rings.
You think James Lipton got him some on the way to the premiere? I like to think so. He needs a quickie in a cab just like the rest of us.
Renee Zellweger actually looks pretty good here. Must be the lighting.
Where is that Silver Spoons theme when I need it? Or Erin Gray. That would be even better.
Anyone need a cat wrangler?
The lovely Parker Posey. Sorry about your show.
I don't even want to know what they are going to do with the leftover beef jerky. Brad Pitt always looks better when he isn't trying.
Thomas again with his lovely wife Mia.
The future Mrs. George Clooney then
and now.
"I can't believe you kissed that girl's ass."
Stella Keitel is an offspring I actually like.


Trix said...

Hmm Rene and Ellen could be twins.

Jenna DOES look amazing! Sheesh!

I'm betting Sarah Larson has more than one former john tryin' to sell a story somewhere.

Hee hee John Krasinski looks like he's in a fifties prom photo.

Cynthia Nixon further perpetuates the image that lesbians have no style.

DNfromMN said...

Ricky Schroeder's son looks like he has some developmental delay in this photo. What ever happened to Erin Grey, she was great on Buck Rogers, too.

Jimmy Lipton probably couldn't maneuver well enough in a cab. Limo, sure. Cab, nevah.

Javi is definitely the hotter Bardem brother. Carlos looks like Charles Bronson.

unicorn jones said...

Well, I guess we know who the engagement blind from yesterday was about

:::jamie-lynn spears:::

ps what is the deal w/ clooney and sarah larson? is he gay/playboy/bi/what? does anybody know?


Susannah Leigh said...

Javier Bardem AND Goran Visnjic! Yes! That's exactly what I needed!

jax said...

Trix- all fun n games dear,no meds needed but if you go off on Canada again...lol
El- here we are face to face a couple of silver spoons..hoping to find we're two of a kind.....haha.

and is that how the jail guard leered at you while putting on his rubber gloves too? lol.

ill take a Bardem sandwich,hold the stuffed sock.

Twisted Sister said...

Someone needs to teach poor Ellen Page how to dress appropriately for her age.

Oprah might do that, but she'd have makeup and hair people before and after the ride.

The Fedex peeps should just pose Ellen Barkin so she's spelling all their letters.

Sounds like we got an answer to the engagement announcement that's not going to happen.

I dislike Sarah whateverherfaceis so much that I'm now PRAYING George Clooney is gay.

Trix said...

Hey, Jax...about that

(sorry people, pausing for a sec to get personal, you can hate on me later)

As you probably know, I grew up on the border. Lotsa exposure to Canadian people, radio, TV, etc. I find the place to be peaceful and pretty decent overall, and admire many of your governments policies. Any "ire" or angst I have is from a childhood spent wondering why Canadian news was always criticizing American, but America didnt really criticize the Canadians--as if we liked you guys, but you didnt like us. Sometimes when I feel like that again, my hackles get up. Consider this my apology. In reality, I actually visit pretty often, take regular trips to Victoria and Vancouver, am dating a man previously of Canadian citizenship, and secretly love Barenaked Ladies and good weed.

Back on topic...

I think Crawford already sold her soul when she married that awful man! I heard he's never been able to stay faithful to her, and is the type of man no Hollywood woman wants her guy hanging out with!

Sweater said...

Cindy Crawford is absolutely beautiful. I want to hate her, just like Heidi Klum, but despite their beauty they just seem cool as hell

grumble grumble grumble not fair grumble grumble

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Re: Jaimie Lynne. I called it yesterday, but nobody listened.


Molly said...

Trix you're a manic depressive who needs meds. STFU already. You just blasted Jax and Twisted on Thursday and without any apology you're here saying you're making an effort to be nice. Until when Friday?

This is what you wrote just days ago

*Oh give me a break TS. Pointing the finger and calling other people paranoid when YOU were the one ready to blame someone when you saw someone else with your name. You immediately assumed they were posting under your name on purpose, and even said "I have a pretty good idea of who it is". Puh-lease.

As for you and Jax acting like you own the board: we all know this is the way it goes. Jax says whatever she wants, and people kiss her ass and laugh. She then trashes on strong statements made by anyone who could possibly steal the spotlight from her. In more than one case, one of her magical little roommates has shown up to say "Yeah! What she said!". Twisted Sister, on the other hand, makes her board friends by kissing up to anyone and everyone who comes by on CDAN.

And while you both SAY you dont act like you own the board, maybe you dont THINK you act like you do, but you do. Its in every conversation that deviates off topic to revolve around YOU.

Just admit, you both love being top dawgs here. Enough so that you bark down anyone who'll call you out for it.

9:28 AM*


crichmond1000@yahoo.com said...

Wino got some new hair!! Looking good.

jax said...

LOL...Trix you nutjob in the best sense of the word. you are allowed to evolve..i sure as shit have since i first started reading CDAN. my fuck yous have gone down ten fold!
its much more fun to turn my hate on the target than on each other.

jax said...


everyone gets flamed online, at least she apologized. i've been nasty to Trix AND TS at some point.

take your "just showing you" BS and go back to homeroom, class is starting.

anyone else think "Molly" is a familliar friend?

~crazypeanut~ said...

OMG, I know that she is not very large to start, but how thin is Amy's thighs??? Her arm looks bigger.

Trix said...

Molly, you know, not only do you continually ignore any positive I say on this site (about 75% of my regular posts, I'd say), you simply refuse to let anything go. Are people not allowed to change their mind or mature in any way shape or form? For instance, I was on Dlisted, reading comments, annoyed at the posters there. Realized it wasnt much different at CDAN at times, and that participating is no better than perpetuating.

Also realized to save my venting for people who deserved the snark, rather than real people whom I dont know who might deserve the benefit of a doubt.

I recognize the value of choosing my battles and eliminating unnecessary stress in my life, and vicariously instigating 'Net bickering is expendable.

yeah, I've called Jax or TS out on stuff. Yeah, Jax sometimes is sometimes opinionated and yeah TS kisses ass. But so what? Shall I counterbalance that with a disclaimer, the very real fact that I still like it that Jax at least speaks her mind, and that she's funny, and that TS helps keep topics fresh and relevant and interesting?

Also let me remind you, that it is not a concern or responsibility of mine to make sure my real personality or temperment shine through my postings, nor is it my duty to walk on eggshells and get along with everyone. I'm free to say what I like, including whatever pissy little thing thats on my mind when I'm PMSing or having a bad day. I dont filter my ugly thoughts here like I would someone in my real life, because I'm free to not care. I run hot or cold, never lukewarm, so yeah, either I'm nice or I'm horrible. I dont think its negative to be clear about how you feel.

It seems just common sense, to do the selfish thing (eliminate distracting or annoying drama) by doing the unselfish thing (not getting personal against fellow posters).

Twisted Sister said...

Molly, Molly, Molly. While I agree with some of what you've posted, when I say I skip over the bitches posts why are YOU cutting and pasting them under your name? You don't really think I read that, do you? And now I'm not going to read YOUR posts anymore.

Geeze - whatever it is seems to be contagious.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Geez. All I wanted was some gossip, and pictures of naked guys on Fridays.

Twisted Sister said...

anyone else think "Molly" is a familliar friend?

Jax, if you're going to throw out a blind item, you're going to have to give us some more clues.

She does remind me of someone, but it wouldn't quite make sense. ;-)

Trix said...

Whatever, TS, I never even said anything all that bad about you, but you've hailed me as bitch supreme and obviously dont want to read anything that might convince you otherwise.

captivagrl said...

no thanks for the(little) bardem sandwich.....clooney looks like he's loosing weight and moving into grandpa territory....everyone, just say no to 80's fashion,please.

jax said...

someone who goes by the same name as someone who has a very PINK Blog. you could say it's the new black.lol..that enough?

apologies to every one else who has to put up with this crap.

i'm over it!!!

Twisted Sister said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marnie said...

God, if that's Clooney's show-girlfriend, imagine what kind of nasty down-ass hermaphroditic do-anything lesbian siamese twins he's got on the side.

The mind boggles.

jax said...

sent- it will come in from jackiel

sillyme said...

I hate when John Krasinski wears his hair like that. He's not good looking enough to pull it off.

What did Enty mean about the cat wrangler, and who was that woman?

I love Jenn Fischer, and all of the Office women. Where was Mindy Kaling? She's so funny and talented.

Twisted Sister said...

I deleted the post so I don't start getting spam. And hate mail...lol.

nothingsacred said...

i love parker posey, jezebel james, and her fucking dress.
i want it. where do i get it?

Amber said...

Remember that sitcom that Thomas Haden Church was in with Debra Messing? I think it was based on a British show..

surfer said...

Hey amber, Thomas Haden Church was also on Wings, with Steven Webber and and Tim Daly. That was a looong time ago.

Carla said...

amber the show you're talking about was called "ned and stacey".

duncanpowers said...

That Ellen Barkin picture makes you think twice about forgetting to put sunscreen on your neck, doens't it?

Mia said...

watch out, menses molly is on the loose again! lol

StudioBB said...

What's the deal with Goran Visnjic and his wife putting up with his cheating and random spawning? I heard they were split, but I guess they're putting on a front for now.

honest said...

Got tolove the future Mrs Clooney, she obviously plays for both teams.

Ent's Ex-wife said...

Jenna Fisher is exquisite but I just wish George Clooney would hook her up with the magical stylist he hired for Sarah Larson. Whoever styles her should famous and highly in demand. Anyone have any idea who turns "pretty woman" into cinderella?

Ent's Ex-wife said...

Any chance we could have some John Krasinski for Full Frontal Friday? If we promise to watch Unhitched? Heck, I'll even break into all the nielson homes and make sure all of their sets are turned to it.

Sweater said...

I would really like to vote for Torchwood dude for fff
You ladies will sooooooooo thank me. He's hot and needs to have my babies.
He just doesn't know it.

tania said...

do you mean John Barrowman? I've searched and searched for a peen pic of him! Considering that he's notorious for dropping trou on set all the time (and he appeared in 'Hair' on stage), you'd think it would be easy. But nope - all I can find is butt shots. Which are nice, but not quite the ticket.

mngddess said...

You know, Ent, sometimes you are a real asshole. Cindy Crawford looks great because she ages well and she takes care of her body! But I guess that never occurred to you. I can just imagine your comments if you met all of us CDANers.

Personally, I think George does not like to be "embarrassed" and is quietly making plans to dump of Sarah. Might take a while, but a nice car and some cash should do it. It's what he did with Celine when she started bugging him to get married. It's called a "severance" package...