Monday, July 07, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Last Minute Reader Photos

Stevie Wonder and his daughter and son. Top spot material all the way.
Didn't take Balthazar Getty long to take that wedding ring off. Do I see a tan line there?
I want you all to know that I will admit when I am wrong. Therefore I want you to know that I didn't think it was possible for someone to be more ugly than Criss Angel. Pamela Anderson has proved me wrong. I hope you will forgive me for my error.
Speaking of errors. No, I won;t say anything about David Spade, at least not here. Goodness you would have thought he was a teen superstar the way I got angry e-mail by the boatloads when I snarked on him before. Of course it could have just been David doing it.

Dolly Parton - London
Dwayne Johnson looks really good here. Stiff, but good.
Duran Duran - Liverpool
10cc - Charlbury
This is a first time appearance for Kellan Lutz. I had to put the guy in. There has to be some kind of attention for having the guts to wear that outfit in public.

Kevin Costner gave an interview after making his kid cry by performing with his band over the weekend. Kevin said he liked to "ride with Buffalo bareback." I know, I know, but apparently he meant he rides them like a horse.
It's been a few months since Jamie Pressley made an appearance. She looks fantastic.
Although I know it was planned in advance, it still made me laugh.
George Clinton - Detroit
Are people so desperate in this world that they will actually date Michael Lohan anyway? Seriously, with everything you know about him and have heard about him, you would still date him and let your photo be taken with him?

Mary J. Blige - New Orleans
This is allegedly an edible bed. First of all, I can't imagine eating that much in one sitting and second, I don't see the Ranch dressing dispenser in the headboard.
Don't know who it is? What about if I said, "All around the world." Lisa Stansfield. OK, now go YouTube her.
Well I don't call it random photos for nothing. Noel Gallagher actually got an award that night in case you are wondering why his head seems even larger than normal.
Peter Murphy - Ft. Lauderdale

Who knew so many of you loved Peter Krause?
One Night Only - Abersoch, Wales
Neil Young - Roskilde, Denmark
So, now that Mandy Moore is single again, what do you think the odds are that her dream guy is 400 pounds and lives at home with his parents? Hey, I could knock out a wall and least make a separate entrance to make her feel more at ease. Sneaking out through the kitchen gets old after awhile.
Rafael Nadal at the Wimbledon Ball.

Russell Brand and his girlfriend Teresea Palmer. I know, Phoebe Price must have been crushed. Of course it might not last long if Teresa reads what Russell is saying about her. Apparently having Teresa Palmer as your girlfriend isn't cheap.
The Queen of Sweden takes aim at the seagull that stole her caviar.
And then tries to explain to the child that it was all a joke. **note** It is a joke. As far as I know the Queen was just trying to start a race. The fact that she killed this girl's parents while doing it was just an accident.
Save this one for the photo album to show the kid.
Ahhh, it's reader photo time. These all came in after the deadline, but hey, I'm not the IRS here. I don't care. I do know that the reader in this photo must be the one on the right because do you think there is any way in hell that Melanie Griffith reads this site? Dakota? Hell yes. Melanie? Nope.

Reader #2 and hey, she just got a new job as an on air personality in Pennsylvania. So, make sure to crank call her station whenever you have a free second or two.

Reader #3. Another Canadian. Have I told you that I feel like I should just move there, or at least invite the entire country to my block and have a party. You bring the beer though.
A Brazilian and a wedding. Is this the first reader photo from a wedding?
Yeah, yeah, our reader took the photo with Chris Osgood. Let the rants begin.
And last, but definitely not least, a very lovely reader closes it out.

So, on Wireimage, you can be who you want to be. Actor, actress, musician. Whatever, it doesn't matter. They will call you what you request. What did diddilypiddily request this weekend? Get ready for it. Empresario Sean Combs. Seriously. I guess that is what you call a guy who takes a shot at the teenager while he was his baby mama.

All the Anne Hathaway photos, but I have been neglecting Steve Carell. Sorry Steve.
The German answer to Aaron Carter. Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht. Yeah, I know, with a name like that he better enjoy this shot at the photos.

Billy Baldwin not looking that great.
The young Knives - Abersoch, Wales
I have seen four year old kids with bigger legs than Tamsin Egerton.
Is it just me or does Katie Holmes look the worst you have ever seen her? Those bags under her eyes are huge. Lets not forget here that she is only 29. P.S. How about letting the kid walk sometimes?


K said...

Life, who put that suit on Nadal?!? My darling Roger may have lost Wimbledon (heart said Rog, head said Nadal, so it's not too much heartache for me), but no way could he go out in public wearing such an ill-fitting suit! Looks like Nadal borrowed it from a gorilla... he's cute though!

diatribes and dish said...

Love, love, LOVE Peter Krause, even if he does look a tad schlumpy here.

donna said...

hey ent .. thanks for the reveals .. and all i gotta say is that poor katie doesnt look long for this world .. what a freakin shame .. where are her parents? friends? anyone .. dare I say the word intervention ...

adrian said...

I hear Mandy likes basements.
I am so glad the reader photos are continuing.

bramblewitch said...

I was at that Peter Murphy show in Ft. Lauderdale, lots of fun.

kris said...

ah...p-diddily an answer to a blind????

Davide Spade can bite me..I can't believe there are people out there who like him (unless you are right Ent, and it WAS him emailing you)

posted this same pic of KatE Holmes on my site...truly sad....

MrsRhododendronson said...

I think the Jim Carrey photo is hilarious, too.

Good lord Tommy Boy is sucking the life out of Katie, isn't he? I'd feel sorry for the girl if didn't think she had signed up for this willingly.

Emobacca said...

Why is the most electrifying man in sport's entertainment, the people's champ The Rock hitting the botox?

Lisa said...

OMG I use to love (still do) Lisa Stansfield she looks different now but still beautiful...I'm so tired of that Jim Carrey picture enought already....Pam is such a tranny trainwreck I would say she looks horrible in that picture but sadly she looks horrible in all pictures and in person...lucky her...Pete Wentz looks like he hasn't bathed or brushed his teeth in a few days but damn I still find him so hot

Gayla said...

Not to be nitpicky, but it's BEEN Around the World, not All Around the World.

And we're back on the love side of the Mandy Moore love/hate pendulum, I see.

Good grief, Katie. I am sure I'm the last person on earth to discover this, but I found out yesterday that she was actually supposed to reprise her role as Bruce Wayne's girlfriend in The Dark Knight but turned it down in early 2007 due to 'scheduling conflicts.' Are you kidding me?! Is that one of the requirements in your marriage contract Katie, that you kill your career at all costs? Shame.

jax said...

soory El apparently Mandu is dating George St. Pierre..who knew?

KAtE looks like a bag of smashed assholes. sick.

readers- god we're cute. and yes EL we'll bring the bring the belly.

Cheryl said...

Kate is looking like my mother in law, which is not a good thing. However, I'll bet Tom enjoys wearing that hat a little too much.

MontanaMarriott said...

Lisa Stansfield, LOVE HER!
oh and the Queen of Sweden always reminds me of Ali Mcgraw, how about pics of her gorgeous kids?

Criss Angel is such a lady UGH

Kara said...

All the reader photos are wonderful! The smile on the face of the last reader's photo makes me jealous. Gorgeous!

Mooshki said...

Duran2 still gives me the quivers.

Mmmm, ranch dressing. Stupid Kraft just changed their recipe and it just ain't as good as it used to be.

Russell Brand is the new Colin Farrell, isn't he?

Are you saying that Melanie can't read? Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

april said...

Katie's face looks like it's puffy from crying. Poor girl.

What BI is Diddy in?

Jewels said...

First off: Thanks a fucking lot! I can't get "Been around the world" out of my head now...

Beuark! Pammie needs to stay home for a few years, away from anything 'preservative', and definitely away from all these dirty boys. That guy just looks oily.

Dolly Parton came to Casino Niagara last year, her waist is, like, 14 inches around! Could be the fact that her boobs are 88 inches though... LOL!

And I swear, I thought that was a Mme Tussault wax figure of Dwayne.

Jaimie Pressley looks fantastic!

Okay, to be fair, hookers need love too! What? You don't think that woman's on Michael Lohan's payroll? ;)

LOL! Pete Wentz looks funny!

Suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute readers. That bride is gorgeous!

kasnecka said...

Donna, I agree she looks very ill, but--and sorry if I'm not up on the latest--what would she need an intervention for: drugs, alcohol, cult membership...?

She looks like she has the flu or something much worse.

Harriet Hellfire said...

The brazilian bride looks like someone famous...just can't remember who...

And this was probably the last place I'd expected to see Queen Silvia - even with all the royalty pics as of late. The Swedish royal family is kind of boring, and completely detached from reality. Still, the patriot in me proudly hiccuped when I saw it..*L*

Alpine Summer said...

Yay for good-looking readers. The convo is still going on in the mass reader photo comment area, haha.

Anyone want to kidnap KatE? I kid, Scientologists, I kid. (Only sort of.)

Queenie, don't shoot the bird! Haven't you ever heard of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

No love for Mandy Moore. Ever.

I could fall for Kellan Lutz, though I don't know who he is. Someone tell me he's not a douchebag.

Dolly is amazing. She doesn't care that she's three-quarters plastic, and neither do I.

bionic bunny! said...

yay! keep the reader pix coming, ent! all the other girls are so gorgeous, it gives me hope for myself!!

ms snarky said...

I'm sorry. I know it's wrong. I love David Spade. So, so wrong.

Reese said...

Rafa looks great; I'm still exhausted just from watching that final yesterday—best tennis match ever! More Rafa and more Roger Federer; they are both incredible, on and off the court.

k: a friend of mine met Roger at a post-Wimbledon party a few years ago. She doesn't follow tennis and wouldn't have known Roger Federer from Roger Rabbit, but ended up talking with him (just the two of them) for several minutes. He never mentioned who he was other than to say his name was Roger. Friend asked what he did and he said he worked in professional tennis. She thought he was a product rep or some such thing and asked him if he'd gotten a chance to attend the tournament. He told her he had and that it had been fun. She left the conversation without the slightest clue he was the men's singles champion or the #1 ranked player in the world. Very refreshing for a professional athlete, but Roger has always been a class act.

Marcy said...

Katie looks like she has been crying like someone above me suggested. Or, she is incredibly overtired. Poor girl. Should have stayed with Chris Klein.

DNfromMN said...

beautiful readers, still. Wow.

Only thing stiffer than the Dwayne Johnson is the reaction it got from me.

Pam looks like a blow up doll with that expression.

Kellan Lutz looks like Kevin Alejandro from Ugly Betty (dead Santos).

lol at the queen comments, enty.

WGO the german... male Avril Lavigne anyone?

I'm afraid that's the best Billy Baldwin's going to look from here on out. I remember when he was the hottest Baldwin bro. Now Alec looks the best.

farmgirl said...

Peter Krause is so lovely.
Thank you for the hunkage, Ent!

Christine said...

Those Duran Duran pics never get old...keep 'em coming Ent!

beyondseattle said...

I thought that was a wax figure of the rock. hmmmm botox. katie looks like she was let out of her dark dungeon for some sunlight. Love the reader segments.......always beautys.

El was talking about the teenager who had the affair with Christie Brinkleys husband. She also slept with Diddy or Puffy or whatever his name is while he was with Kim Porter, mother of his children.

Alpine Summer said...

DN, they don't call him the Rock for nothing.

Joanna said...

Katie looks as pale as a ghost! I ALMOST - *ALMOST* feel bad for her. But when you think about people such as the ones in Malaysia who work 16 hrs. a day and aren't allowed to sit down the whole time making clothes for The Gap, then it puts Katie's situation into perspective. Well, at least Katie doesn't bitch and moan about how tough her life is like some of these H-wood wastes of space.

valerie said...

Give me more Rafa! More Federer! Greatest tennis match ever, period, bar none.

ps. Double plus love points for ENT if he can get either of them in FFF :)

nancer said...

i'm glad someone else is sick of seeing this kid being carried everywhere. i can see legs. why don't they let her use them?
ditto for violet affleck.

Katie, please come back to life.

beyondseattle said...

i just saw a tmz video of Katie and Tom and their body language says a lot. he knows she looks bad and I worry what he will do and why is she wearing a jacket in the summer? maybe im wrong but he probably blames her for his decline in image.

surfer said...

LOL Ent, at the edible bed comments. But if you look close enough, you'll notice it's a comforter. See the bed skirt at the bottom?

And Ent, did you catch the end of Wimbledon yesterday, when your favorite royals actually jumped up and smiled and shook Rafa's hand? There's life there after all.

Dave said...

Woo on the Peter Murphy. And man, the 10CC is the way-back machine.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I freaking LOVE Peter Krause. Keep 'im coming, ENT!

And is that really Godley and Creme after all these years?

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

Someone behind Katie is wearing a green long sleeved sweater, so maybe it was chilly there.

I heard the name Suri is tagalese for "short maniac's beard". But that's just what I heard.

JJ said...

Agreed, more Peter Krause!

I was also wondering about KatE's coat. Could that be wool? She looks near death. Give her a beehive and we've got our HIV+ singer

jp said...

TommyGirl, could your eyes be more evil? You look like you're sending death rays to Katie, just daring her to run.

Poor Katie. I guess drinking all of that olive oil isn't keeping the fat on your bones? I hope you don't collapse in the sauna during your Purification Rundowns. TommyGirl would be pissed off if you do one more thing to ruin his reputation.

duncanpowers said...

Whenever I see KatE look like that, I just assume she's recently been through a cleanse or a "level". That must be so scary.

trashtalker said...

Ent - LOVE the queen comments. I like it when the unexpected snark hits you at the end.

reese - Re: Federer at the party - Can you imagine if it had been John Schneider? The poor girl would have been ripped a new one. (That relevation still stings, BTW.)

Obviously the reason celeb parents keep carrying their toddler-sized children is for the photo-op potential. The paps can zoom in closer that way than if the kid is walking around on its own.

hotchacha said...

Kara, you're so sweet. Thank you.

The last reader pic is mine.

jbeebs said...

"The brazilian bride looks like someone famous...just can't remember who..."

I think Audrina from The Hills.I can't believe I just wrote that!

Amy said...

I also want to know who all the ppl emailing about David Spade are b/c in the comments I have only had bionic bunny and now ms. snarky on my side.

Amanda said...

Two things-

1. Peter Murphy- still yummy after all these years

2. Canadians ALWAYS bring beer. It is one of their many endearing qualities.

The Dude Abides said...

Loved it when Rafa climbed into the Royal Box at Centre Court and shook hands with Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia. Best tennis I've ever seen. Here's a few photos from after the match.

Federer's girlfriend, Gavin Rossdale, and Gwen Stefani (Roger's friends) are looking at him in sympathy while he sits in his chair after the loss:

Rafa w/the prince and princess:

Rafa at the moment of victory:

Post-match congratulations:

Another angle of Rafa as he realizes he is Wimbledon champion:

DetroitRocker said...

Just saw Dolly doing an interview on TV. Her face never moved. Just big white teeth and tons of make-up. Can't believe that this women use to wear a good size 14, you would think that she would have been lipo-sucked out by now. At least her heart is still real, and she is bold enough to tell you there is not one thing on her that hasn't been restored.

Pamela Anderson looks like a dirty Dolly.

Cute Little Redhead said...

LOVE Peter Krause! LOVE HIM!!

LOVED 6 Feet Under!! What a completely awesome show that was and he just blew my mind. He was and is totally amazing.

Loved everyone on that show.

captivagrl said...

katie has aged 20 years.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the Kellan Lutz pic! For those of you who aren't familiar with him he will be in HBO's Generation Kill this month and the Twilight movie this December.
And to the person who asked, he is a real gentleman and a real sweetheart.

Progressive Independent Woman said...

Love Stevie but he needs to go bald since his hairline now begins at the crown of his head. I know he's blind and ever'thang, but... Trust me, on this, Stevie's Brother Who Dresses Him. He will really thank you for it.

Pam Anderson used to be so pretty - now she look's like Waylon's Madame.

Dolly Parton and The Rock look as if they are wax figures at Madame Tussaud's.

Costner's kid is a cute little guy.

George Clinton looks cracked out. Smoking crack rolled in Chronic at an old age will do that to you. P-Funk indeed.

Is Rafa Nadal wearing a leased tux? I believe he is and that ain't right. But then, it wasn't right for him to dig in his butt while pulling his speedos out of the crack during the Wimbledon Championship; it wasn't right for NBC's camera to linger on the shot either, but they did.

Tony said...

Reader #3 and 4 are absolutely gorgeous.