Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

I know, I know, but I'm fascinated with the Johnsons. There was some confusion last time I posted a photo of Jesse, so wanted to make it clear this time. Jesse, who is on the left is the half brother to Dakota who is on the right. Left, right, it doesn't matter. I want more of them. Why can't I have 26 episodes of the Johnsons instead of Ashley Dupre?
Wow. It is a really good thing you are safe America. Actually this is on the set of Ugly Betty so she has an excuse. It is on the set, right?
I'm too scared to go to wiki. Why do you ask? This singer's name is Algebra and I know I will fall out of my chair laughing if she has any brothers or sisters named Geometry or English or Subjects I Failed in High School.
I'm guessing Anne Hathaway is either doing the mating call of a favorite bird or, what her ex-boyfriend is doing in prison right now.
It's a Backstreet Boy. I know, I know, but honestly there aren't very many good photos today. I wish someone who shall remain nameless but saw Vanna White and Kim Kardashian at lunch together yesterday would have taken a photo and then we could just discuss that all day. But, they didn't and so we are left staring at a photo of a Backstreet Boy.
Do you get the feeling that the only time Corey Feldman actually gets to touch his wife is when there are cameras rolling? It's like he's holding on to a life jacket.

Nice of Jake Gyllenhaal to dress for dinner.

I'm guessing that Hilary Duff woke up yesterday and decided she wanted to be noticed by the world.
I didn't even recognize Elizabeth Hurley. I don't know if it is the fact she had to venture out during the day or if she got a bunch of work done in the last week or so. (I know. Timing isn't right) This is not the same person we saw last week at Elton's house. Maybe they hired a look-a-like.
DJ Yoda - Abersoch, Wales
Christopher Meloni. He's in Italy and really I have nothing else to say. He's in Italy. He is there at the same event as Kim Cattrall, but I think Chris has a little more willpower than that. God, I hope he does. I mean I think most guys on the planet would.

LL Cool J - New Orleans

If you would like to contribute to the US economy and help us all out, Kyra Sedgewick is standing by to take your calls. Standing by. Umm, don't all call at once. Hey, we'll throw in a Kardashian. Your choice.
Ahh, there is Kim. The joke would have worked much better if she was under Chris, but hey, we all make mistakes. Kim's mistake is that she thinks the people of Italy will be more impressed with her if she bends completely over to allow a clear look down her dress.
Now I'm going to have a Hall & Oates YouTube thing going on all afternoon.
The doorman looks oddly pleased to be staring at John Mayer's ass.

John Corbett and Nia Vardalos filming, "Addicted To Windex"

Solange Knowles and her father. I thought the puppet thing was a myth, but look he even holds her hand while she signs her name. "Yeah baby, make that one payable to Matthew Knowles."
Morris Day - New Orleans
Your choices are House Of Wax and I Know Who Killed Me
A first time appearance for Logan Marshall-Green on the set of his new film with Richard Gere.

The Mekkits - Abersoch, Wales

Our reader photo. Actually sent in by the boyfriend. Well he says he is the boyfriend, but really how do I know. He could have just seen her in Paris, took her photo and then posted it all over his house.
When you see Richard Gere from this angle he does look like an old cop about to be retired and fishing.
"Where the hell is Mike Rowe when you need him?"
Not enough photos today so you get Penelope Cruz. Not actually get mind you, I mean I think you have to be Javier Bardem to do that right now, but you get the point.


lutefisk said...

Penelope Cruz loks Just like Alexa Ray Joel there.

Unknown said...

What's with the Christopher Meloni/Kim Cattrall comments?

Emma31 said...

Ok i am going to comment on that name "Algebra". That is just down right MEAN to do that to your kid. i understand people want to get creative but this is truly ridiculouse,

P.S Christopher Meloni is hot :P

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

No. Penelope Cruz looks just like RINGO STARR.

What possesses women to obtain bangs like that? It flatters NO ONE. The only person who could pull it off was Bettie Page, and that was close to 60 years ago!

Today's reader is super hot.

Kristen S. said...

So now he's an ex? (I mean Anne Hathaway's Eye-talian guy). Last I heard you were insisting they were still together, Ent. Anything you'd like to share?

And, "Addicted to Windex"?!?!? I hgope it's not as bad as the sitcom they tried. It was a great premise for a TV show, but it sucked so hard. I really enjoyed the movie.

yellow said...

Ugly Betty doesn't look like it's production yet, there no sides out for that show.

America is just doing method acting, and keeping in character during the hiatus. That's dedication.

lutefisk said...

Ernestine--how was your birthday?
You think all that hair on Penelope is actually extensions?

CarolMR said...

The Johnson kids are quite good-looking!

catherine said...

The Johnson kids are good-looking, i would so love to watch that show. All the disfuction on both sides with cameos of the parents.

CarolMR said...

Is Jesse Johnson's mom Patti D'Arbanville?

califblondy said...

I think so, Carol.

What happened to the son Melanie had with, crap, I'm forgetting his name, Bauer? What was that kid's name?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Adrian -- awww. Thanks for asking! It was awesome! I got exactly what I've wanted since I was five or so years old: an airbrushed shirt with a unicorn, a rainbow, and my name emblazoned across it, courtesy of the town fair. 29 is gonna kick ass!

MontanaMarriott said...

The dad is Steven Bauer from Scarface and his name is Alexander Bauer but he has never been seen.

lutefisk said...

@ Ernestine---29? AAACK!! Makes me feel old! Glad you got your wish. I am still waiting for my Barbie Beauty Center!!!

Production Girl said...

WOW!!! Penelope Cruz sure has hooked up with a bunch of celebrities who have hard-core gay rumors floating around.

JB is another one to that list.

VelvetStaccato said...

Who would have ever imagined seeing John Oates AND Morris Day on the same day - in 2008??? Sweet!! They both look great!!

Unknown said...

AJ is hot!!!

califblondy said...

Thanks, MM, I just came back here to answer my own question because for some reason "Alexander" popped into my head. I'm full of useless info like that. I'm the go-to person in my family for those kinds of questions. I've had to settle many a family argument. If I could only make a living knowing Elizabeth Taylor's husbands.

Anyways, what's with Ent's references to Mel and the family? Is he a close friend or something? Didn't he say that he knows Dakota reads this blog?

Hi Dakota, btw, if you're really reading.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Is it just me or is Reese (W., not our lovely CDAN friend here . . . unless they're one and the same!) looking a little rough? I think Kim has had work, but she looks good here. She looks happy. But, then again, she is doing the Audrina ceiling look.

Doc Girl said...

Thanks Ernestine, I'm today's reader photo! My boyfriend sent in the photo, I had no idea until I clicked on the site to read it tonight.

Unknown said...

Doc girl, you are gorgeous...love the B&W photo as well.

As for Don Johnson's son...wow...I thought he WAS Don Johnson for a split second...then I remembered Don Johnson is OLD like me. ;)

Unknown said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, I love when you throw me a bone Ent.
Jewels Luvs herself some Mayer man. Wish I was that boy's gueetar!

trashtalker said...

I thought John Corbett said a while ago that he had retired from acting so he could do his music stuff.

Posture, Richard Gere! Posture!

juicy said...

What's with the Christopher Meloni/Kim Cattrall comments?

I wanted to ask the same thing about 8 hours ago, but the site is delaying again!! I heart Chris M!

BTW, been around since the beginning, just now starting to post... occasionally... Nice to meet you all!

jlb said...

I thought someone said a long time ago that Penny Cruz makes about 2 million per beard job....

MnGddess said...

I thought Jesse Johnson was a young Luke Perry for a sec...

Those are some good-looking kids. Not as good-looking as my kids, but almost.


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