Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Denise Richards Leaving LA

Today is a good day. Actually it is a great day and I want to thank the people of Hidden Hills for making it such a great day. If I could, I would go up to each of your homes, ring the bell and say thanks.

Turns out that all the folks in Hidden Hills got together and complained to city officials about the filming going on at Denise Richards' home. I guess that in addition to just a general dislike of Denise they also hate having production crews all over their swank neighborhood. So, what is an "actress" to do? Why move of course. Denise has put her home up for sale. Now, if I recall she used to own two on the same street, but is now down to one which she has priced at $4.2M.

Yes, for just $4.2M you to can live in the house Denise Richards called home. I personally think that because she lived there the price should drop considerably. Not like a Hale Bopp house price drop but still, I'm thinking maybe it is worth just four or five dollars.

Now, you may be asking yourself what all of this has to do with Denise moving out of Los Angeles. Well, I'm glad you asked. See, in addition to disliking the filming, apparently the neighbors got tired of the noise that 14 dogs at one house causes and so they complained to the LA County Animal Control who ordered Denise to get a kennel license. No, not for her, but for the dogs. Denise was not pleased about this and so wants to get out of LA County's jurisdiction which means she will be some other county's problem.

So, to all the people in Hidden Hills. Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if it comes with loads of free pig poop.

Chatty Cricket said...

perhaps that's how she keeps her lawn so green?

littleoleme said...

Good for them.
I hope someone helps out those doggies too. They were probably barking "help us! help us!"

Sis said...

Ugh...I hope she does NOT make it to San Diego County!

notachance said...

Really, what county wants her and her 14 dogs? Unless she goes rural and gets a farm, she's still gonna need a kennel license in an incorporated area.

mooshki said...

The new dog-as-accessory trend makes me sick.

lutefisk said...

I can't imagine what that house must smell like.

Emma31 said...

I bet that house is dirty. I just get that vibe when i watched an episode.

Unknown said...

i love her. Am i the only one?

Graveyard Rabbit said...

"Not like a Hale Bopp house price drop but still, I'm thinking maybe it is worth just four or five dollars."

- the funniest thing I read all day

bionic bunny! said...

@nota, she won't need the license if she moves up here, as long as they are not pit bulls or rott weilers.
and holly fucking crabcrass, there are a lot of places up here--- including "ana verd estates", beautiful homes worth 4 times what they have been selling for since they have started and stopped, started and stopped, building up here 45 mins to an hour from the studios

but don't tell her.shhhh. our infamous winds will blow in from the dump, making her house smell like a chemical/ manure dump. so there is ALWAYS HOPE!

stupid c**t.
oh, and i forgot to mention..... the scio's are building in a facility (narconon) only a few short miles away. fa-la-la).

i think i need a wee bit of sandwich.


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