Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Photos Part One

There were really no truly worthy candidates to grab the top spot today. So, the appearance of Bode Miller on the top is simply a matter of chance.
Bell Biv Devoe - New York
I know Austin Chick has never been in the photos before and as a director would normally not be, but I just love the guy's name. He has a ready made porn star name. No need to combine the address and dog's name. Saves a great deal of time at parties.
So the woman on the left is another Ronson. This time Charlotte. The woman on the right? Guess. Come on. Give up? How about Shoshanna Lonstein. Do you know she is 33 now? 33? I remember when she was like 18 or something and doing Jerry Seinfeld. I'm getting old.

Celine Dion in a bikini. If that isn't frightening enough, she has a hose. Attention residents there will be no water today because Celine has used it all. Again.
Hard to believe that Bobby Trendy still gets invited places and that I get desperate enough for photos to post him.
Lots of athletes today. Here is Ben Roethlisberger.
Not exactly the monumental sand castles from we saw in Belgium a few weeks ago, but in my mind a better promotion than a pie hole eating contest.
If you notice the backdrop, then you will have seen that Bobby Trendy was at the same party that Emmanuelle Chriqui attended. Feel sorry for her. Nicky Hilton was also there. Don't feel sorry for her. I hope Bobby followed her around the entire night screaming "Nicky!"

It's always nice to see former Vice-Presidents out there plugging products.
Damn Dave Navarro wears a lot of makeup. Notice the woman checking out his ass.
Almost the top spot. Almost. The guy is Harold Kuhn. The laughs are what makes this day easier. Thanks Harold.
Coco Sumner - London

There will be more photos of this event tomorrow. The guests are still arriving so there aren't very many available yet. Jenifer Hudson looks really good.

So, you know I gave that stylist in Sydney a bunch of crap a few weeks ago for designing and wearing that outfit that I said would never sell. Guess I was wrong.
John Cleese is already moving on to the next wife.
Jimmy Barnes - Melbourne
Feist - Brooklyn

Just in case you haven't seen the promos on Bravo every four and a half seconds, Jo & Slade have a new reality show.

The only guest other than family and the guy having sex with her that came to Jessica's birthday party is Vivica Fox. She came because Jessica is the only woman who has a worse career as an actress. Makes her feel good to say hi to Jessica.
You probably don't know any of these people, but from L to R are Julia Roitfeld, Jeremy Kost, and guest. I love the and guest. I especially love them when they look like this. When you are the and guest, you need to bring the cigarette smoking (even though banned), drinking, cussing, loud mouthed, don't care what anyone thinks guest. That is a party. You can also bring Luenell. Either works well.
Been wondering about John O'Hurley? Well wonder no more.
Looks like Josh Hartnett knows how to win friends and influence people wherever he goes. Check out the guy in the background.

Lisa Bonet and her two kids. Yes, that is Zoe back there somewhere. So basically that is about a six foot purse.

The drinking really helps to clarify some things.
More Josh and look who he brought with him. Interesting.
So, Kevin Costner doesn't look that great, but for once in about 20 years I want to see a film he is in. Go figure.
Jason Taylor. Sorry about the angle, but this is the only one he took.
So, imagine you are 5 and you are in the Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas. Just minding your own business. Reading Thomas The Tank Engine or Dora or perhaps something more edgy like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, when a dude in a wheelchair comes rolling up looking like this. Do you think you would scream and run crying to mommy? Well Michael Jackson spent the majority of his two hour visit to the store in the children's section. Yes, his kids were there also, but they were off to the side. Michael was just rolling along and reading children's books.

This is as good as Michael Imperioli has looked in awhile.
Margaret Cho - Los Angeles
Well at least she looks normal. Still wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, but it is good to know that Mischa Barton is still capable of dressing normally.
Lake Bell just because, hell it's Lake Bell and she looks good.
A Barber twin. This one is Ronde.

That is a whole lotta bike, but Queen Latifah is a whole lotta woman.
The man responsible for American Idol. Do with him what you wish.
A whole bag full of DNA samples. See, even when Maury Povich is on vacation he wants us to know he's ready to make somebody a daddy or let them off the hook.
And he brought along Connie.


Kevin said...

Bellll- Bivvvv - Devoeeee........
Whole - Lotttta - Milka.....


schneefloeckli said...

I looove Bode Miller and his t-shirt - wpuld probably like him even better without it. :-P

Josh Hartnett and Kirsten Drunkst: Sounds like a hint to me, but what BI?

And why is Michael Jackson in a wheelchair? Just because or is there really something wrong with him?

d said...

"the drinking really helps to clarify things"

see? That blind is Kate Hudson!

CarolMR said...

Shoshanna Lonstein is still as gorgeous as ever!

captivagrl said...

we were checking in, they were checking out. they had disturbed the other guests on thier floor with "loud, wild sex noises". a hotel employee told us this gossip about connie and maury 20 years ago.

kris said...

about the only thing i like about SNL anymore are the Maury and Connie skits...

lutefisk said...

You know if you give Josh Hartnett a bob, he would look a lot like Suri.
Just saw Night Shift the other night with Kevin Coster playing frat boy #1.

plot said...

Looks like Shoshanna got herself a breast reduction. Good for her! Before, all you saw were tits, and she's a beautiful woman.

Lance and Kate are that blind about the athlete with an actress who is also seeing a friend's ex on the side. The drinking would explain things.

Swear to Gawd!, Suri Cruise looks more like Josh Harnett than anyone. Yes, little tommie, KatE and Josh all have the same coloring and face types, but DAMN, the ears, the facial expressions, the eyes.

I'm not saying...I'm just saying.

Ariel said...

Didn't Queen Latifah's brother die in a moto-bike accident? She used to wear the key on a neclace. I am surprised to see her riding one.

Also the Bobby Trendy store on La Ciennega and Melrose closed last month. They tore down the front facade and took out everything inside. Guess he is not doing too well these days.

mooshki said...

I've heard mixed things about Josh H. His ex-gf was beloved in theater community here, and people were pissed that he was an ass to her. She was apparently way too smart for him anyway. On the other hand, the guys who work at the liquor store near his Mpls. house said he's always fun and nice when he comes in. Maybe he's bipolar. :)

Re: Nigel Lythgoe - I was looking up some stuff on SYTYCD and I came across this gem. Very lol-worthy.

I used to semi-idolize Connie Chung until the torch singer fiasco. What the hell was she thinking?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Queen Latifah's bike is fucking hot. It is. I'd kill for that ride. My boyfriend just sold his Beamer motorcycle (*sniff!*), but it's good because now he's way less likely to die and stuff.

Uh, did somebody else dress Mischa? Honestly. She looks...*gulp* PRETTY. What's going on? This is totally disrupting my sense of normalcy.

Kate Hudson blows. With the exception of Almost Famous, her movies blow, she wears a fuckton of fur but claims to be this hippie freespirit, and I now know with utter certainty that she's not half as attractive as most of the girls in my high school. Or me. There. I said it. And it's not because she's not wearing makeup. I find her "beauty" to be COMPLETELY OVERRATED.

One more thing: there's a tiny little part of my soul that weeps for Jessica Simpson. I feel bad for her. She takes a LOT of shit from the media (and, yes, she cannot act or sing, but she doesn't seem like an EVil person. Am I wrong? Has anyone ever encountered her in public?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

OH MY GOD. I forgot to mention Bel Biv Devoe. "Poison" is seriously my theme song. I want it played at my funeral.

Never trust a big butt and a smile!

Anonymous said...

Cho rocks.

jax said...

she's dope! BBD loved em.

ok tha tis fuckin Suri in a wig and facial hair right there kids. notice he hasn't shaved the facial hair since she was born? never had it b4. he also never had the raving drunk problem before either.

Marisa said...

That Burn Notice sand promotion thing is literally right across from where I work and I didn't even notice it...I guess we really are jaded in NY.. -tear-

Marnie said...

You're ON today Ent. Best photos in a while.

Maja With a J said...

I've probably pointed this out once or twice before but I f*cking love Margaret Cho!!!

When Josh Hartnett was filming "Resurrecting The Champ" here in Calgary, he also spent a bit of time getting hammered at the Ship & Anchor Pub, making out with girls who were not Scarlett Johanson. They were, supposedly, dating at the time and she even came up here to visit.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Ronde looks just like Tiki. Never seen him before.

Cho's concert this summer is awesome. I saw it back in May. GO SEE HER! (But skip the opener blah.)

There will be a Swing Vote review shortly. I need to write it still, saw it about 2 weeks ago. quick review: it's fun, go see it.

Why did Susan Sarandon get caught in that photo w/ Hartnett and Kiki. (Mooshki - which liquor store is near the Hartnett's? Hum's or Lowry Hill?)

Daughter of my dad's friend got dumped by John O'Hurley back when he was still on Seinfeld. She was a hot 20-something model. So yeah, he likes em young.

Unknown said...

ernestine -- did you inadvertenly answer the blind about the nice, cute girl who can't be pinned down as one thing -- actress, singer, or whatever? You know, the one who lies J&B.

You describe Jessica Simpson almost the same way the blind is worded...

Unknown said...

Hrmm, Lake Bell is looking too skinny.

I like the Cleese pic, good for him.

notvotingforsuckno said...

yessssssssssssss! My thoughts exactly. Kate Hudson has ginormo ears and tiny eyes. She is like Jessica Alba - her movies stank, but she keeps gettting hired. Also cannot get over her wearing the thong bathing suit while at the pool with her son.
And, I am also on Team Jess. Okay, so she got a little big for her britches and cheated on Nick. And made some sucktacular product. But hasn't she suffered enough?

dlc said...

Ha ha - love the Bode Miller pic. His t-shirt is awesome! Seems like he has a decent sense of humor.

trashtalker said...

"The drinking really helps to clarify some things."
d, I took that to mean that that's how Lance is able to be with Kate. Notice he has TWO drinks.

Indeed, Lake looks skinny. And she looks hungry. And cranky.

RagDoll said...

Talk about getting OLD: I remember when Connie married Maury and I thought it was the weirdest mis-match ever. Look how many years they've been together! I guess I'm eating some crow for dinner!!

Free Queen Latifah story: She loooooves her some motorcycles; the super-fast street bikes. She had one of the SICKEST rides ever, like almost 10 years ago. It was also a BMW...a 650 GS Dakar, and I did NOT know it was hers and I stopped to admire it. I was checking everything out, when she came running up to see if I was some scummy brat about to steal it.

I was a scummy brat, but I was no thief, LOL. I rattled off the specs for the bike, and asked her questions, and she was so tickled that this short, scrawny girl knew about bikes, so she offered me a ride.

HAIR RAISING! She is not afraid of speed kids!!! And she didn't take it easy! That bike really was the bomb, and she was hella cool.

c17 said...

1) The Barber brothers have beautiful smiles. And they seem really nice.

2) I think MJ "had" kids to have someone to "communicate" with on his own level. Someone one who would never leave him. That's why you always see him around kid things - it's what he relates to. Also, there are some awesome kid's books that adults can dig as well - check out Maira Kalman's "Max" books.

3)I'll ride bitch behind the Queen any day! She's fierce!

The Dude Abides said...

re John Cleese already moving on to the next wife:

hilarious...that looks like Natasha Richardson

plot said...

ragdoll, that one of the coolest celeb encounters I've ever read!

Now I'm really sweet on The Queen.

Anon said...

@ ernestine- I've met Jessica a couple of times and she is truly a sweetheart. I have a soft spot for her because she appears to be really down to earth and was super nice to myself and everyone that I personally have seen her interact with. Whatever her faults may be, most celebs featured in these blogs are for more deserving of the venom spew than her.

MnGddess said...

Do me bay-baaay, (uh), do me bay, bayyy...

Celine looks fine - from that angle.

Could someone run over Bobby Trandy with a car? He is dis-gust-ing. (Oh yeah - Freudian slip)

Ah, Burn Notice started last nigh. LOVE Burn Notice.

I would like to look like Emmanuelle Chriqui, and I also luv that dress.

Jennifer Hudson DOES look good.

Ah, the ever-emaciated Jaslene from ANTM. I hope she got a voice coach because her voice is annoying...

I used to love Bravo, but now that Jo and Slimey Slade have their own show, I'm switching.

(AAARRGHH!!! When is this website going to STOP taking longer than 90 seconds to load up???

Lisa Bonet looks like she's trying too hard to be hippie. Waaay too hard.

God - I used to (embarrassingly) have a "thing" for Kevin Costner, but now he just looks used up.

Michael Jackson = FREEEEAK.

How cool is Queen Latifah??

Maury Povich USED to be a legitimate talk show host in Philly. Now he's a sleazy slimeball in NYC.

bionic bunny! said...

maury used to be legit everywhere.
when did he turn into springer???

B626 said...

Yes, Burn Notice has the season finale tonite-best USA series ever because Bruce Campbell shows up every now and then.


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