Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Billy Elliot on Broadway. Why the hell not start with it. I really loved that film. My one question about it though has always been whether they really needed the shot of what happens in the future. Kind of ruins any chances that Billy may have broke an ankle while dancing, started using drugs and then ended up selling stereos out of the back of a van.
Abi Titmuss' book is called The Secret Diaries of Abigail Titmuss. Forgive me if this seems obvious, but if you publish your diaries, are they really a secret anymore? Shouldn't it be called something like "Used To Be Secret Diaries, But I Needed Some Cash."
I know nicht in German means not, so does it mean that Adam Sandler doesn't have a dick shaped like a leg? I'm probably missing something.
It has been forever and a day since I have had Autumn Reeser in here. She has totally changed.
Alan Rickman almost made the top spot just because I think he's great and doesn't get enough respect.
Coldplay - Pemberton, BC

Hello Cate Blanchett. I promise I'm looking right into her eyes.
Bruce Springsteen - East Rutherford, NJ
Now which Bill do we confuse Bill Pullman with?
Wow, Emma Watson looks 18. What a refreshing change. Someone dressing their age.

How long do you think this whole getup actually lasts for these flight attendants when they are working a flight?
Dita von Teese in her normal pose.
Have to say, I'm liking this one better. Maybe because she never faces the camera directly, but she looks completely different here.
I think this is the first time for Chris Pine.

So, nothing to say about Judd and Leslie. I just want to go on record right now that no one better try and remake Ghostbusters. Ever.

I think Ian Ziering's sticker says "Hello, I used to be famous."
Isabella Leong looks gorgeous.
I think Heather Tom looks great as well, but I can't stop looking at the guy in the black suit and trying to guess what the hell he is doing.
Frank Bruno seems kind of shy for a guy who would kick the crap out of you as a boxer.

I'm going with the whole new boobs thing or hair or pregnant for Kirsten Dunst.

Been a long time since I had Jill-Michele Melean on here. You look great.
Jealous Girlfriends - Brooklyn
Just because I know you all like James Franco. You would think as much as all of you love him that he would be in the tabloids sometimes, but nope.
James Denton always seems popular also.

Yeah, but does Ne-Yo know the song?

Everyone is always making comments about shoes they like. So, apparently someone thought these were interesting or they wouldn't have taken the photo. They belong to Natalie Imbruglia.
A new way to get rid of jellyfish stings? Judging by the reaction of red speedo boy, I'm guessing he likes it. No, not the face. Lower.
Kenny Loggins - Readington, NJ
Remember that Bai Ling comment I made last week about the tattoo she should have got. Well just bring that comment over here.
Just at that instant, Chris Martin dropped trou and poor James fell to his death.

Prince Charles getting his groove on. I'm guessing he is listening to "Gettin Jiggy With It"
"I tell you, I get no respect."
"Ignore the hand, coming to rest on your ass. Ignore the hand."
Apparently Miranda Kerr has come to her senses and did hook up with Orlando Bloom in Paris.
The Umbilical Brothers just because it has been awhile.

Travis - Incheon, Korea
Taryn Manning on the set of her new music video. Yeah, I didn't know either.
Teri Hatcher performing live. How I feel for her poor daughter.
Wow. A multi-millionaire and he can do the Vulcan thing.


Uber*nought said...

I think Kirsten just got a bra on, Ent.

Harriet Hellfire said...
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Harriet Hellfire said...

I don't just like Slash and really young guys, I also have a thing for Alan Rickman. So thank you for that. Didn't you write something about Sharleen from Texas the other week? Because there was this fantastic Texas video that had Alan Rickman in it, they are riding in the back of a car in the dark and then they dance at a gas station. It's beautiful. I think it was called "In Demand".

califblondy said...

Teri's rocker chick outfit is hilarious.

tania said...

Red Speedo Boy - dude, I'm so sorry! Nature was not kind to you at all.... ;-)

Hollie said...

Is he hinting at Kirsten for this BI?

adrian said...

Dita looks just like Lillith Crane in that picture. She is much prettier when not trying so hard!

cinephan said...

Re: Billy Elliot boys

Don't worry Enty, you'll be able to see all that stuff you're looking for when they turn Corey Haim's life story into a musical.

adrian said...

good catch Hollie!

Marnie said...

Pullman / Paxton is also a tip of. There was a BI about easily confused names. Too lazy to find it.

Jason said...

Jmes Franco has been in a blind or two ..,.I am pretty sure he is gay and closeted.

Rachael said...

franco is well-known in our area for partying and hooking up with the college girls. i don't think he's gay.

Mel said...

Good pics day. Thanks for Bruce...he will always be the man but Travis is coming to play in our little town in a few weeks - love Travis, can't wait!

francesca fiore said...

Oh my God, are those the guys from the Upside Down show?? I love those dudes!! I didn't know that grownups knew who they were!

jlb said...

Ugly, ugly shoes.

LOL to the pictures of Prince Charles.

Teri Hatcher just tries way too hard.

eye-an ziering's annoying - especially his name.

califblondy said...

Is it just me or is Prince Charles looking nearly decent in the white jacket?

Okay, it's just me.

Ernestine said...

Kiki looks like shit. But she always does. Kudos for being all dependable or whatever, Kiki. I DO think she's kinda photogenic, though, for whatever reason -- but only when she's posing and has 345 pounds of makeup on. I LOVED those Miu Miu ads from a season or so ago.

Does Cate Blanchett EVER look bad? I just really, really, really love her. She's honestly my girl crush. Okay. Her and Helen Mirren.

Teri Hatcher is the antithesis of my girl crush, I think. Her and Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone is just the fucking antiCHRIST or something.

Is Naomi biting that dude's lip off? God. She's as scary as Natalie Umbilicalcord's shoes.

Dave said...

Jebus, look at Dita's shoes in the first shot, now that's what I call tippy-toes. How about this, all women just admit that they're not as tall as they'd like, and everyone get rid of those ridiculous shoes, how the hell do people walk around in those things, sheesh.

And yes Tom, this means you too.

selenakyle said...

Ent, either you or your picture-loader is on the money today!

A third of the way thru randoms and I'm seeing class-act peeps. At least up til Dita, who reminds me of my southern-born, depression era NYC-bred grandmama, who had long legs, stack heels, a tiny waist...and my Mom at 16.

The clothes that ladies used to make for themselves would put us all to shame, right jax? (you know the garment business, dontcha?).

Alan Rickman--how cool of an acting career could one have, by Grapthar's hammer?

And Adam Sandler is HOT, hotter as he gets older.

Tuaca shot, anyone? I took off work today.
typing sketchy, contacts fuzzing, sk over & out...

selenakyle said...

And Kirsten is looking good! Good for her!

Never really understood the bad rap--Smack or no smack, crazy or no crazy, what the hell?

I'm a wreck and have never even seen smack! Crack, either! None of the acks. And very few of the prams, lams, aines, or whatever the heck other sh*t out there!

Sara said...

From June 11, 2008 BIs

"#2 - How do I describe this guy? B list actor with a name that seems to cause some confusion. Very little television. Nope this guy is all about films. Big films, Top grossing films, independent films. Great actor but also underrated. Award winning but nothing big. On the set of his newest film he had a little thing going with a co-star. Nothing too blind-itemish about that. The co-star is married so that adds a little spice, but what really makes it blind worthy is the fact that this married B+ list co-star with A name recognition is a guy."

A couple of days later, people were guessing Bill Pullman and someone, can't find that right now.

Joanna said...

Just because I know you all like James Franco. You would think as much as all of you love him that he would be in the tabloids sometimes, but nope.

Ah, but that's exactly part of why I love him, Enty. :)

francesca fiore said...

Oh dude, selenakyle, you just won a million points for saying "by grapthar's hammer". That movie is way underrated, I love it! Thanks for the laugh!!

gossip said...

I was at the Helpmanns last night. Nothing like musical theatre / live performers being totally smashed. :)

trashtalker said...

Dita looks a bit like Salma Hayek in the second one. Have we ever seen her hair down and long before?

Who told Teri that her jeans were cool? Someone clueless, or someone who's just mean?

Amy said...

Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton are who I always got confused.

pam_cris said...

Yea kirsten is wearing a bra (surprisingly). She is the one with new hair.... hating that bleach blonde tone. I'm pretty sure she is not pregnant since she has been photographed a lot lately and she is always smoking.

sauvage said...

Ad Adam Sandler:
The German title of "You don't mess with the Zohan" reads "Leg dich nicht mit Zohan an", which is a fine translation except for one tiny little detail: The original title includes a "the" which would be a "dem" in German, and that's missing. So if you did a super-exact translation, it would be: "Leg dich nicht mit DEM Zohan an".

So now you know even more things you didn't care about in the first place and life goes on.

Christine said...

Is this Dunst??

I really do dislike the whole celebrity pregnancy game, because really that is all it is. It is a way to pass the time and to come up with some stuff to talk about when there isn't anything else going on. However, when it is a juicy pregnancy or the daddy is in question, then I start to get a little more interested. So, you have an actress. B- list, all films, but really B- is more because of what she has been in through more luck than any real talent. Had some substance abuse issues. Recently she had a relapse which was hinted at in some tabloids but it was just for a day or two. The problem is that she got knocked up during that little fiesta and so now has turned for advice and possibly to convince another B- list film actor that perhaps he could volunteer to be the daddy just so she doesn't look like a tramp by not knowing who the real daddy is.

Jerry said...

Of course grownups know who the Umbilical Brothers are, even American grownups. The Umbilicals are hilahreeoos.

Barbara said...

Wow - didn't even recognize Alan Rickman. LOVE him and everything I've ever seen him in.

BIll Pullman is just plain creepy.

Jamie Denton can come over ANY time...

Guy in black jacket - looks like he's doing a one-hit and trying not to choke.

Ms Cool said...

You've ignored my request for more Daniel Craig but I do have to thank you for the great Boss photo.

cinnarose said...

I think the guy in the black suit behind Heather Tom is the winner of season one of Shear Genius, Anthony. Looks like him anyway!