Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Wow, that is a really big crowd. You would think the people in line were waiting for something really important. I mean it is the middle of the day during the workweek and vacations so this must be something really big. Would you believe it was just an appearance from Adriana Lima?

People were waiting for hours and hours and hours. You would think they would all be like these guys. You would be wrong though.
In fact this woman was the first in line.
And about 90% of all the people in line were women. Did I miss something here? Sure Adriana is pretty, but did I miss the part where women all over New York think she is the second coming or something?
Good news everyone. Corey Feldman finally gets to see his wife naked.

"Here honey, let me light that for you. You shouldn't be playing with lighters."
Garret Dillahunt on the set of Terminator.

One of my favorite actors and completely underrated is Fred Williamson. Plus, he is 70 years old. Looks incredible.
Elvis Costello - Philadelphia
Congratulations to Diane von Furstenberg on her induction into the Fashion Walk Of Fame.
I saw X-Files David, I don't think God or Xenu is going to help with this one.

"Need more diapers."

Who knew they had cars in Tudor times.
Julianne Hough - New York
Jane Carrey - Los Angeles
Look at the passion, and they have been married, what? A month?
The people in Mexico have the right idea. By using Momia they can go ahead and just use the same backdrop for The Mummy and Mamma Mia.

Lou Ferrigno is almost 60. Goodness he looks amazing.
What every one wears to the golf course. How desperate for attention do you have to be?
Ummm. Were you really planning on them lasting forever?
You have to admit that Katherine Heigl looks really good here. If you don't think so, then at least I gave you TR Knight to talk about.

Well, Ricky Gervais is doing something that I hope to never do which is exercise. I do love his shirt though.

Soft porn queen of the 80's Pia Zadora. There has to be a lesson in this somewhere.
Some of that Jamaica reefer kicks in for the Prince.
So, do you think Owen Wilson bought the magazine for its cover?
Yeah, yeah, Mary Kate looking Wackness. But the thing I'm interested in is the water bottle. For those of us who are everyday people, I want you to imagine placing said water bottle in the cup holder of your car. At what point in the first 30 seconds would it tip over and fall out spilling water all over?
Uh oh. Verne has a new weapon. The girlfriend needs to watch out. Man I wish his tongue was out. It would have just made this photo perfect.

The Classic Futures - New York
Tatyana Ali is all grown up. And Harvard educated.
Samantha Mollen - Los Angeles
Ronnie Wood is still alive right? This isn't some kind of Weekend At Bernie's trick right?


emily said...

TR! I love TR. He seems like such a sweety-pie.

not a famous adrian said...

DVF--is she the designer with a wild grandchild>
Corey Feldman looks clean & happy--good for him.
and Pia Zadora looks exactly what I thought she would look like at her age...she hasn't been able to ward off the old & decrepit, even with all her ex-husband's cash.

Mooshki said...

Aw, Enty, you posted that Owen pic just for me, didn't you? Thanks!

selenakyle said...

Ooohhh, good call on the DVF grandkid...

Also, I know not all randoms point to past Blinds, but seems like Ent's making a marked point about MK's water bottle.

I thought Heigl looked awesome too.

OT--does Paris have ANY real hair? Saw her shoe thing on dlisted just now and I swear she has only three strands of real hair under her also thin and straggly weave!

God, I'm in rare form today...

lainiekazan said...

On Tatyana Ali -- thanks to that Harvard education, I bet her royalty statements will be scrutinized to the last decimal.

Years ago I worked on the phone with Fred Williamson and his wife --he was utterly charming, and a good businessman, so much so that I'm surprised he ever became an actor.

Taylor said...

So who is Kate's new boyfriend?

califblondy said...

Whoa, Pia looks puffy.

Emobacca said...

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are both such fucking sluts

MontanaMarriott said...

I grew up on Pia Zadora and her B-movies and thought she was sooo beautiful, now she looks like a shih tzu with all that hair. Hey Enty, you should do a B-Movie queen week and show a pic of my other fave, SYBIL DANNING, love to see how she aged now. lol

Mooshki said...

SK, thanks for the DListed mention - I went to look for the Paris item and lucked onto the video of the earthquake on Judge Judy's set.

"She was thinking, 'I know I'm powerful, but damn.'"

LMAO, Michael K!

jax said...

damn Tatiyana looks good! Halle Berry is lucky she was too young to play Dorothy Dandridge.

Ernestine said...

I kinda think that Heigl looks like shit. That dude in the bumblebee costume is hotter than she is.

Adriana Lima? Naw. But I'd probably wait a while to meet Gisele, to be honest. That woman is a total lioness. Love her.

I LOVED that Judge Judy video! This site and dlisted are my favorite, favorite FAVORITES.


Harriet Hellfire said...

Corey feldman looks like he's straight out of the Goonies...*L*

Robert said...

Looks like we got the answer to the celeb who fills the water bottle with Vodka

Brenda22 said...

I love Adriana. I think she is absolutely stunning.

not a famous adrian said...

I should have changed my name to Adriana--at least she gets a few positive comments.

DNfromMN said...

Owen Wilson with a magazine with a buff dude on it. Ent, are you implying Owen went gay?

Aww Pia Zadora. She always looked like a chipmunk with those big cheeks.

TR Knight does nothing for me. I'l take Eric Dane off Rebecca Gayheart's hands any time, though.

sandman said...

i can see wilson as gay, it would certainly explain alot.

Sara said...

The blind was about a celeb who hid vodka in a Starbucks cup. Funny, MaryKate's MySpace page right now lists her status as "Marykate Drinking Starbucks."

Mooshki said...

As a self-proclaimed Owen expert, I think he does like the boys as well as the girls. He was a popular guess for the gay-in-college blind.

RagDoll said...

Adriana is lovely, no doubt, but i think first-in-line-girl is even HOTTER! Almost CDAN'er hot...

Weekend at Bernie's will forever be Hugh Hefner to me, not Ron Wood. Ron Wood is more like an undead minion from one of "The Mummy" movies.

Oh, Pia! I see that, and I immediately hopw she is not ill. said...

Ron Wood ain't dead. He's been living it up with some 19 year old model and had to go to rehab. All the drugs must have caused a delay in a mid-life crisis setting in.

Ms Cool said...

I can't believe you put a picture up of a Corey and not of Daniel Craig.

BTW, where's Duchovny's wedding band?

bionic bunny! said...

comment on the water bottle, and not vodka related..
after a long weekend of frenzied car hunting (on the dealer's part) to find my dream car, before the 0% financing went bye-bye, i finally came home with my new roadster.
picked up daughter bunny for her first ride, put my water bottle in the cup holder
blasted thing breaks. car's less than an hour old!!

seriously wished for vodka as a replacement at that moment, but at least i have a hot new car!

blankprincess said...

I did NOT need to see Ashley Banks's ass like that! Please tell me we don't have yet another child-star-wanting-to-play-adult-roles-so-I'm-going-to-slut-it-up-like-a-big-girl-now situation here...

That will just lead to having to take the smokes and lighters away from her tots after she gets chewed up and spit out.

trashtalker said...

Who says JRM was filming "The Tudors"? Maybe that's his everyday garb.

And what kind of husband gives a big, smiley thumbs-up to his wife's Playboy cover? "I can't wait for everybody to see my wife's cooter! Awesome!"

Miss X said...

Aww...Corey Feldman looks so cute. I had such a crush on him when I was 13.

Podbaydoor said...

Owen, Teh Gay?
Say it aint so!

Now my chances of ever sleeping with him went from 1/1.000.000 to 1/

Mooshki, I remembered that blind, he was my guess too, or Matthew Maconaheyhey.

Jewels said...

Pia looks so, well, like califblondi said, Puffy.

And even Lou Ferrigno's thumbs look pumped in that photo! LOL! He reminds me so much of my dad, who's 64 this year, and almost as buff as this dude is.

I'm thinking that the next couple to break up should be John Mayer and Jen Aniston, then John and Kate can hook up, and Lance and Jen could hook up. Then I think the whole slutty circle would be complete. I'm sure the day where everyone in Hollywood has slept with everyone in Hollywood is near... Then almost all of Ent's BIs will be revealed. LOL!

Rebecca said...

Jason Biggs and wife look like they just got done boning.

Brandy said...

I think Adriana is a lot of women girl crush she is the hottest woman in the world add Paula Patton, Halle Berry, and Alicia Keys (she starting to look old) to that list. Gisle is over paid and looks like a Tranny imo.