Friday, August 29, 2008

No. Please Don't Let It Happen

I think I have made myself clear before about my love for 30 Rock. But, just to reiterate, I love the show. I love every part of it, and to follow along with that childhood taunt, yes I would marry it. I would marry 30 Rock. I don't care that Alec Baldwin is an ass of epic proportions in real life because, honestly, his assiness is what makes him so good for the show. The writing is great, the characters are great. And now they are going to ruin it. They are going to destroy it for one big publicity stunt, ratings week spectacular. They are going to put Jennifer Aniston on the show.

I don't care if it is for 15 seconds or 15 minutes, I do not want her to spoil that show. I already think it borders on the criminal that the producers of The Iron Giant have never taken my advice and found someone to replace her on that film. I consider that film to be one of the greatest animated films of all-time. It would probably be the greatest, but Jennifer Aniston is in it. Sure, after the first time you can mute her whenever she comes on the screen, because her character does nothing, much like the real Jennifer Aniston.

30 Rock doesn't need a ratings boost. Show people having sex or something if you need ratings. Tell Alec and Tracy they need to do a shower scene and show some ass. Anything. What you don't need is Jennifer Aniston and her publicity machine taking over the show. And you Tina Fey. Yes you. I want to hear your explanation and it better not involve anything that has the word great in it when it comes to Jennifer.


Emobacca said...

30 Rock is great but this is just the latest stunt casting for a show that is known for stunt casting.

GammaGirl said...

I'm indifferent to Jen. I just like the idea of Tina bossing her around.

sandman said...

i'm with you ent, this might be the shark jumping episode.

whats next? "a very special 30 rock..."

gee, i wonder if she'll act like oh i dunno, jen?

what was the ratings boost for cox's show when she appeared?, i forget.

Marisa said...

2 days ago...Central Park South

Alec Baldwin comes walking down the street...

My BF: Hey! You're Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin: Yep

(both continue walking in their opposite directions without pause)


wood1107 said...

Whatever. This may make as big a "splash" as her appearance on Dirt did.

This doesn't change the fact that, somehow, I feel personally betrayed by Tina Fey.

jax said...

unless she plays herself and it includes a desperate play for tracy morgan im out.

Ayesha said...

See, I have to disagree. I think the show will survive. Let's hope they kill that unresolved-sexual-tension thing between Tina and Alec.

DNfromMN said...

My guess is this will go the way of the Verizon gag from season 1:

"Wow, I can do this on my Verizon Wireless phone." To camera, "Can I have my money now?"

Bad Fish said...

Pfft. A show that good can't be swayed by a little publicity casting one way or another.yes, jennifer aniston is annoying, but enough to take down an entire show? puhlease

Beth said...

Some of 30 Rock's stunt casting has been excellent; Will Arnett, Edie Falco and Rip Torn have all been ace. If it's done well (i.e. not like Seinfeld last year), it could be OK. However, I can't imagine in what capacity they are going to use her.

Also, Enty, you love 30 Rock so much, you would marry it? No, you love it so much, you're gonna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

eternity said...

I don't get all the hatred for Jennifer Aniston

zandra said...

I think it's going to hurt Jennifer by showing how really indifferent at best the general public is to her. Honestly it's shocking she gets to do rom/coms - she's not funny and she's not romantic, ever.

I think 30 Rock might survive, if it's just one episode - more than one, it's dunzo. I joke.

Jerry said...

The real reason they booked her is because they know she can get them Matthew Perry, who has all that experience with SNL-type shows.

Jungle007 said...

I don't hate JA like Ent and a lot of u guys do, but when i think back to her film roles (the good girl, along came polly, the break-up, and that rock star movie) she's an actress who's just THERE, and she plays it waaaay too safe. she never really does anything above and beyond to STAND OUT.
I think she strives to just "get by" as an actress and doesn't really have it in her to be outstanding.
Even as a dresser, she always wears something that's just nice. Nice in a totally boring JC Penney kinda way.

But I don't agree that she'll ruin a show. I've seen worse cameo appearances... and if she plays herself it could actually be entertaining.

Well, would be, if she'd be willing to make fun of herself to gain back some respect.

Might i add, JA is/was my bf's celebrity crush, and i couldn't be more happy about that... she and i have absolutely no similarities and i feel 100% not-threatened by her boring ass. So for that reason i kinda like her a bit more. She makes me look even better than i already do.

Mooshki said...

Damn it Enty, you just keep upping the awesomeness. "Iron Giant" is one of my faves too.

JA couldn't be worse than that Seinfeld bullshit. I am SO over him.

ElsieFire said...

30 Rock doesn't need JA. JA needs 30 Rock. This is reverse stunt casting at its best. Woulda loved to have heard her agent trying to get her on it...."Sure, she's still relevant...what? No talent you say? What if we paid you?? Hmm not sure we have that kinda cash laying round.."

I'll watch just to see Tina run acting laps around her. That's how it's done, bitch. :>


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