Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I didn't look this good at 18. Andrew McCarthy is almost 46 and if you look this good at his age, you get the top spot. Last night I counted 36 separate rolls of fat and he looks like he could pose in GQ.
I didn't even know Claire Danes could smile. Hugh Dancy must be doing something right to get her to react like that.

A viewing of "Bones." Judging by the skeleton in the background, it appears the screening must be sponsored by People.
So, last week Mary Kate Olsen does the whole no pants thing and has set some sort of trend. If you are Blake Lively, do you really want to be following in the fashion footsteps of Mary Kate?
Don't think Brad Garrett has lost some weight? Check out the photo that fan has.
If this photo of Andrea Bocelli was taken in the US, it would freak me the hell out. But, it was taken in Australia so I can relax.
Ummm. Ellen. You need to bake the dough before they become cookies. Actually though, I don't have an oven in the basement, but I do have a Costco membership and have tubs of cookie dough that are really just as delicious, with none of that cleaning stuff after that you need to do with cooking.

Hey guess what? Dianne Wiest is also in the play with Katie Holmes.
I'm guessing that my Spanish Royals must have had all European royalty over to their house for some Twister and martinis or something because now the Danes have the whole synchronization thing going on.
Dana Delaney doing her best Velma impression while Josh Lucas doesn't even seem to mind.
Charlize Theron looks pretty damn good.

A man who knows how to exercise right. John Ventimiglia.

I think this might be the very first time Johnny Rotten has been in the photos. He is on set for a butter commercial in this photo. Yeah, I know. Times change.
So do you think Ashley Judd did the whole Ebony & Ivory necklace thing on purpose?
Jimmy Buffett - Wantagh, NY
"How many balls do you have?"
Would this be an inopportune time for Michael Phelps to yell, "shark?"

So, this weekend, I want everyone to get into a bathrobe and go to your favorite airport and try and pass through security.
When is the last time you saw Fran Drescher and Lynn Whitfield together? I bet most of you didn't even know if Lynn was alive did you?
Lykke Li - New York
Katy Perry - New York
Reese Witherspoon looks really good here. Really good.

Pay attention kids. If your goal is to grow up and be a reality star, you to can look forward to being paid $100 to open sushi restaurants.
You know what? I don't really like Jessica or Jennifer, but to see Rosario, Jennifer and Jessica all in one photo is still pretty cool.
Pussycat Dolls - New York
Just doing our monthly Michelle Williams check.
Now Will Arnett on 30 Rock I can handle. Good thing to since he is filming here for an episode of the show.

"Pssst. Victoria. Typically when you pray, the hands go up. I know you probably owe your career to the direction you are pointing, but still, it looks bad."
Sneaky Sound System - Sydney
I believe this is a first time appearance for Sam Rockwell in the photos.
And this is Sienna Miller actually coming OUT of a hair salon.


Molly said...

Ummm. Ellen. You need to bake the dough before they become cookies.

enty you've led a sheltered life if you've never had raw cookie dough. go upstairs and ask your mom to make some this weekend.

lynn whitfield needs bangs with that airstrip.

Liza said...

little matilda looks EXACTLY like heath ledger. it's a little creepy.

Molly said...

liza, she does look just like him, but i think that's great.

selenakyle said...

I love Sam Rockwell!

Quintessential Southerner said...

i cannot stand christopher knight and adrianne or whatevah her name is...

Molly said...

q. southerner - adrianne the whore.

kidding, it's curry.

Lucky777 said...

LOL at the Andrea Boccelli comment...and bullocks at The Johnny Lydon pic!!!

S. Drew said...

you've had sam rockwell on before i swear

jax said...

Johnny Rotten, you are a disgrace to everything you stood for once.
shame. butter dude?? really? i did not dye my hair purple so you can nancy around in your english attire shilling fuckin butter.

Josh Lucas is hawt. as is Will Arnett. holla canada.

let's be real, we care about seeing Matilda not Michelle.

i am SO over Katy Perry.

raw cookie dough gives you worms.

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jungle007 said...

liza-- whats creepy about mathilda looking like her father? thats a wonderful thing! most kids look like one of their parents... nothing to be creeped out about... :P

Looks more like ashley judd's doing a black/white/red thing to me...

@ the fergie comment--- i lol'ed.

Yay Rosario!! Love her!!!

OK, can someone tell me--i dont follow the Pussycat dolls, but didnt that girl asia win to be part of the group? where is she? did they kill her?

Sienna just came out of a salon?? She must have got a hose-down...

Sara said...

That picture of Dana Delaney and Josh Lucas is so NOT Hollywood I thought it was a mistake.

Charlize is hot, but why does she always have to look so vapid?

Molly said...

jax, that's an old wives tale. the raw egg in it can cause salmonella but the worms thing is a myth. try it, you may like it.

Ms. said...

Love Sam Rockwell. Thanks Enty.

btw everyone, Josh Lucas's new film, Outsourced, is in limited release. Go see it, it's fun. It premiered two years ago at the Toronto film fest.

a full circle said...

best random photots yet -- john daley, will arnett, cute matilda/michelle, michael phelps looking less douchey than usual, reese looking hot again, and a smiling claire danes?!

thanks enty :)

IndigoBlue said...

WTF happened to Brad Garrett?????

Johnny Rotten -- RIP, integrity

ihpguy said...

Lynn and Fran look really great considering that 25 plus years ago they played hookers in Doctor Detroit with Donna Dixon and Lydia Lei. Their pimp was played by Dan Aykroyd. I guess he liked preferred the white meat over either the dark meat, kosher brisket or moo goo gai pan. It is an incredibly funny movie.

Emobacca said...

Is Brad Garret an answer for a drug blind? Wow he has gotten really skinny. said...

God, Charlize is smokin' in that pink dress. And I don't even like her much.

Brenda22 said...

Wow, looks like Fran had a few too many of those Muskateer bars she was in the commercials for a few years ago.

not a famous adrian said...

heh-heh--Velma--so true

jlb said...

Could Brad be the actor on meth? I can't remember if the blind was about a tv actor or movie....hmmm...have to go look.

bionic bunny! said...

thank you for the bubba (buffett) pic! i swear the guy hit a certain age and never changed after that. since i don't do tickets anymore i always forget to tune into radio margaritaville! also, thank you for spelling it right!!! kisses!!
BTW, what happened to poster TULLY MARS??

oh, and andrew mc carthy, always loved him, always!
a crush for me since a long, long time ago.
and i think i'll break up the long weekend buffett ipod marathon with "weekend at bernie's" just for the hell of it!

featherbell said...

How could you not remember Sam Rockwell in FFF? Doesn't that count?

Also, re: Andrea Bocelli -- yes, relax. In Australia, the steering wheel is on the other side of the car. I'm pretty sure, anyway.

Jasmine said...

sam rockwell is not hot, get over him you guys.
hey, check out lainey if you can, there is some crazy blinds solved about ashley judd that will blow you away!
and heath ledger's kid IS creepy looking. she looks very aussie, like bindi (steve irwin's) kid.

bionic bunny! said...

i think bindi irwin AND the ledger kid (sorry, forgot her name) should be off limits until they reach their majority.
this is more in reply to those that threw bindi's name into ted c.'s pot.
i mean, that's usually the rule around here, right?
can i get an amen????

Jerry said...

So, last week Mary Kate Olsen does the whole no pants thing and has set some sort of trend. If you are Blake Lively, do you really want to be following in the fashion footsteps of Mary Kate?

If you're gonna bring attention to the no-pants trend, you really have to credit its inventor, Samaire Armstrong.

not a famous adrian said...

My darling Buns-- I agree as far as Mathilda being off limits, however Bindi was thrown into the spotlight with all kinds of entertainment deals.
I get the feeling Michelle Williams wants to keep Mathilda OUT of the spotlight.
Have a hoppy weekend with the rest of the bunnies & bunnymobile!

Rhianna said...

Wow, Claire Danes is unrecognizable when she smiles. It's nice to know she can do it, now if we can only get her to do it more often. She really is nice looking in that pic. I will now burn in hell for eternity for saying she looks good.

Andrew McCarthy, I love him! He doesn't get nearly as much work as he should. He's a great actor.

Dana Delaney, pretty far cry from China Beach. She doesn't look bad per say, but she needs smaller frames, those are too big for her face.

As calculating a bitch as Judd is, do you think she did it on purpose? She did it to score some brownie points, too bad most people realize she's such a bitch. I hope it backfires.

For taking all those oxygen hits, Madonna is looking old and haggard. Time for her to leave the slippers and bathrobe airports behind and just go away!

I love Reese. I don't think I've ever seen a photo where she doesn't look good. She does classic black dress really well here.

Um, if you can't tell Adriana whatsherface is a Vampire from the look on her victim's face, you never will.

Rosario must have known no one wanted to see the other two in the pic. She's the only one really smiling.

The hobag dolls. They've never been "hot", no matter how little clothes they wear.

I'd rather see Michelle. She's a good actress and that kid has done NOTHING to deserve her photo taken other than having a dad die. She doesn't need to be hounded for the rest of her life because she's some dead guy's kid. Enty, feel free to post Michelle but please no more kids, give them some childhood before they become gossip fodder.

Did Posh have her nose done again? It looks to be pointing more and more up lately. I know she's a snob, but she might drown in the rain soon.

Sienna - at least she has on clothing. What I want to know is did the Health Department come in and shut down the salon for infective diseases outbreak right after she left?

diatribes and dish said...

i love me some Josh Lucas. thanks enty!

Private said...

Yeah, Matilda and Bindi and every other child should be off limits. Bindi may have a tv show and lots of deals, but she's 10 years old. It's her Mom signing those deals for her. Ten year-olds aren't savvy enough to make their way through the very adult world of the entertainment business without being led by their nose.

Mooshki said...

Jungle, they issued a release saying that Asia decided to pursue a solo career. Yeah, right. They just didn't want her in the group.

Raw cookie dough - the salmonella is only on the outside of the eggs, so if you sterilize the egg shells before you crack them, you don't have to worry about it. Or you can use those liquid eggs they sell in cartons.

Bunny, I've also always had a thing for Andrew. How could you not if you lived through the '80s?

John Daley is SO CUTE on Bones. I'm so glad they added him to the already just about perfect cast.

If that Blake Lively photo were on Go Fug Yourself, they'd have a poll with the option "If I had those legs, I wouldn't wear pants either."

Johnny Rotten once flipped off my friend Ed at a really fun PiL concert, so I can't say anything bad about him. :)

Madonna: remove the cheek implants, they are NOT working for you.

bionic bunny! said...

moosh, there was a movie he did about adopting his younger sibs, (i just looked it up, it was called "the beniker gang), it must have come out between my divorce and my marriage, but he was just so sweet, i fell for him, been a fan ever since. he was a convincing ass in "the joy luck club" and hysterical in "weekend at bernie's" (i'm sorry, but anybody who says they didn't laugh the first time they saw that is crazy).
ah, good times.