Friday, August 01, 2008

When Publicists Collide

I know that none of you are particularly concerned with Paula Abdul's love life except to the extent it may or may not include some dude living behind her house who also delivers groceries. However, as you may recall, Paula and JT Torregani broke up back in March or whenever she stopped giving him drugs to keep him there on a daily basis.

Anyway, this week the Enquirer actually said that JT was stalking Paula and made the following claims:

Paula Abdul has told ex J.T. Torregani to stay away- and she’s even threatening to have him served with a restraining order because she claims he has violent outbursts and is stalking her!

The “American Idol” judge says 33-year-old restaurateur J.T. tried to kick down the door of her Los Angeles home- and she’s now so scared she has hired a bodyguard, according to pals.

“Paula says she’s terrified over what J.T. might do,” a source close to the performer told The Enquirer. “She claims they broke up after eight months and she put him out of her house. J.T. started harassing her.

“Paula complained that J.T. left dozens of voicemails and text messages on her phone, and when she didn’t reply, the messages became more and more menacing.”

Paula also claims J.T. has been showing up at shops and restaurants she frequents, looking for her, added the source.

Umm, not saying that Paula might not have a stalker or two, because lets face it, out of 5 billion people on the planet, at least 1 or 2 are going to find her hot enough to stalk. JT though? Why the hell not. He's friends with Eva Longoria so I wouldn't put anything past him. But, apparently JT or his people or the people at Beso were worried about being labeled a stalker so just two days after the stalking story, there was this story being passed around like a joint on Snoop Dogg's bus (illegal stop of his bus in Dallas today by the way).

Of course only the idiots at People ran with it.

"The pair was spotted going to the movies together in Sherman Oaks last week, prompting speculation they have rekindled their romance.

A source close to the American Idol judge tells, "They're taking it slow, testing the waters. They've gone on a few friendly dates." The insider adds Torregiani "wants to date her again. JT thinks she's a sweetheart. They have good chemistry."

Well. All this proves is that stalking works. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have let those restraining orders stop me from showing Jamie-Lynn Sigler my tribute to her I made from day old pancakes and magazine cutouts. See, now she and I could be going to the movies in Sherman Oaks and working on our chemistry.


Grace said...

Hey -- this is the answer to a blind when ENT said "...may or may not include some dude living behind her house who also delivers groceries."

He was supplying her with drugs in the blind.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

And here we all thought it was Hatcher.

Sara said...

glad you all saw that, too. dare I go back through and try to find the original blind? He referenced it another time or two, as well.

Sara said...

Eh, doesn't seem to fit. Is this the right one?
#1 This aging B list actress on a hit again network drama has been drowning her recent sorrows in booze. Seems that she is getting her liquor delivered at a rate of about 3 liters of vodka a day. None of that good stuff for her either. Despite a very large salary, the actress is spending $50 a day on the liquor including delivery.

#2 You remember the vodka queen? Well it seems as if there is a little more to her deliveries than just vodka. She always requests the same delivery guy and answers the door wearing next to nothing, making sure he gets an eyeful everytime. She hasn't made any moves on the guy, and he isn't encouraging it either because her body looks as if it was in a car wreck because of all the bruising she has from her last lipo.

Lynne said...

I think the Vodka Queen from sara's entry is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Enty mentioned vodka as SMG's drink of choice in the previous post.


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