Friday, August 01, 2008

Why Can't Dakota Do It Again?

I saw this story yesterday, but was hoping the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would sleep on it and realize what an awful idea it is. Because of the WGA strike last year and the fact the Golden Globes weren't televised, the HFPA decided they wanted to make Rumer Willis, Mr. Golden Globes again. Why? She had her shot. She got to take the photos and had the press and publicity and everyone knew it was her.

All I'm saying is that if we are going to start recycling past Miss Golden Globes than I am going to push for Dakota Johnson to come back. Oh, what about Freddie Prinze Jr. He isn't doing much these days and this would give him a chance to relive his glory days before Scooby Doo and SMG dragged him down to the bottom of an increasingly dark and desperate world. No, its ok, SMG likes her vodka so I'm sure he can stay comfortably numb. Oh wow. Got a Pink Floyd lyric in there. Great song by the way. Probably my favorite by them.

Jane Carrey hasn't got to do it yet and maybe they would even let her sing. I wonder how come they haven't asked her. I can't imagine her saying no, and then Jim would show up and Jenny McCarthy and I think she would be much more fun and entertaining than whoever Bruce Willis shows up with.

AJ Lamas did it before so I don't know why you couldn't have Shayne Lamas. You know, get that stripper vibe going and at the end of the night she could just ask herself to marry herself. I mean she does already have the ring.

I would even be willing to have a Willis if it were Tallulah. At least she is normal looking.


Quintessential Southerner said...

i think that ms. rumer needs to find a stylist and hair stylist who have her best interests at heart and can help her. if that were to happen, i do think she can slide up on the attractive scale.

i can't call her ugly tho'. very few humans are ugly.

attraction is a mixture of how one carries themselves, personality and looks. IMO.

Mooshki said...

Jesus, what were they thinking? I don't care anymore how she looks, she's just generally f-ing annoying.

april said...

Why would they want to do that? I don't get it.

Tallulah is a beautiful name, by the way! I have no idea why she changed it.

jax said...

i try to stay clear of the fug hate but that bitch is UGLY.
all vanity aside i'd have my mom drag my fug ass to Dr. 90210 in a quick minute.

Paisley said...

What's up with the Sarah Michelle Gellar comment? Is she a drinker?

IndigoBlue said...

Me thinks so, Paisley. There's a blind reveal there, but I'm too busy to go wading through everything to find it. Damn.

That being said, yeah, they need not re-up this chick for service. It's called "no-thank-you".

And I guess Enty knows Jenny McCarthy? Hmmmmm.....interesting. I've said here before I went to college with her. But that was a zillion years ago......

not a famous adrian said...

I would be more entertained if they brought out the doll from "Lars & the Real Girl. She looked more human than this oaf.
If anyone remebers that blind about SMG please post it for us lazy people.
thank you.

Reese said...

No need to recycle; there are attractive children of celebs who are the right age for that job. Andie McDowell's daughter is beautiful; she'd be perfect, and Rumor could stay home and knit herself a ski mask that she could always wear when she goes out in public. That poor girl was too ugly to be considered even once; twice is too mean to the viewing public.

selenakyle said...

...something about an actress carrying vodka in her water bottle, only a week or two ago.

I have sensed quite a few blind reveals this whole week.

Jasmine said...

rumer is just not a nice person, so you can see her arrogance and attitude in every pose she makes. i think that contributes to her overall icky factor. and i definitly think smg was the one with the vodka, she seems depressed and pouty and lonely to me, always has. and the loners like that tend to have a vice or two....


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