Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alli Sims Is Working The Flea Market Circuit

You remember Alli Sims don't you? She was the assistant to Britney who people also thought was Britney's cousin. Later she kept selling out Britney and then has tried to make it as a singer. I wouldn't be surprised if she had also been sleeping with Kevin.

Anyway, during her year by Britney's side she collected some swag. She probably would have got a lot more, but lets face it, Britney wasn't exactly being invited everywhere during the year Alli was with her. Also, Alli doesn't appear to have convinced Britney or whoever had the money to buy her anything. Basically what she has is a bunch of year old stuff from various gift bags and now she's trying to sell it. Instead of going the eBay route and attracting some worldwide attention and money, from people who might be crazy enough to buy it, she instead has gone the local garage sale/flea market route.

The first week she set up her little area she got like 20 people visiting according to Life & Style and barely sold anything. Apparently costume jewelery and used bikinis are not big sellers at those kinds of places. How did flea markets get their names anyway? Is it because the stuff people sold had fleas in it? Were fleas once a commodity and people bought and sold them like stocks? Who was responsible for keeping the fleas in one place?

Anyway, Alli needs the money and since she isn't famous enough really to get on any of the current D list ensemble reality shows she either needs to get a real job or mooch off the fame of Britney for as long as possible. Guess which she is choosing.


not a famous adrian said...

I guess she's not too interested in Freecycle,

Mooshki said...

"Who was responsible for keeping the fleas in one place?"

And this is why I love you so much, Enty.

Quintessential Southerner said...

this dumb ass messed up her chances for being another celeb asst when she got greedy and sold out brit.

those ca jobs are a goldmine (provided you are not working for gwyneth, naomi or star). the better jobs pay 100k. no one will hire her again.

and this dummy probably only had a high school education, but was making a gold mine with brit brit.

Bad Fish said...

So she's a traitor AND stupid to boot? Ebay would have gotten her a ton of publicity and the $ she wanted.

Ernestine said...


So she's a junklady? So what? Flea markets and yardsales RULE! I'd hit up her table, if her prices weren't stupidly exuberant (which you KNOW they will be, but whatever). For sure.

I still don't care about Alli Sims or anything; I think she's proof positive that ANYONE, regardless of talent or cultural importance, can become famous. Not impressed. But I still think that having a yard sale is more fun than selling your shit on Ebay, and I don't blame her.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

She is quite the dumbass. First for selling out Brit and then for not going Ebay w/her sell out shit.

Assistants can make 100k a year? Dang....I might have to look into that shit when I roll to LA.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

God I miss the Britney days! I wish she was like that normally and not about to go insane.

equinox said...

Hey don't drag Kevin into this. He hasn't sold Shitney or the kids out.