Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep Dreaming Lemon Jello

Vanessa LemonJello has some serious career goals. In an interview with In Touch she said, “My goal is to be acting and winning an Oscar. I want to be an actress with an Oscar and babies.”

Well my goal is to be a 36 waist, but considering that is about 24 inches from now, I am not holding much stock in getting there until after I have been dead about a year. Then someone can dig me up and see if I could fit in some 36 jeans.

Just like I have to give up on my dreams, I think Vanessa needs to give up on hers. Now, I'm not saying she can't be an actress. I think she can be. I think all the Jessicas have proven that you don't need any talent to be an actual actress and make a very good living.

Vanessa just got done with Disaster Movie. Well, A Razzie is an award also and should be cherished, and an award I think she will become much more familiar with than an Oscar. Oh, I think she should still host an Oscar party, and Nick can probably still get invited into some of the lesser parties after the show. You know, like the Hooters Chicken Wing and Oscar Show with complimentary sweet tea for the first 100 guests.

I'm not saying Vanessa shouldn't dream, I'm just saying that perhaps she should start out with a more modest award and then work her way up. Starting off in Disaster Movie is not really the way to go unless you are looking strictly for a paycheck and to make your agent happy.


Molly said...

"I want to be an actress with an Oscar and babies.”

maybe she meant a guy named oscar like oscar levant or oscar meyer, the king of all weiners.

not a famous adrian said...

So if Vanessa Minello married Peter Lemongello, she would be Vanessa Minello Lemongello. That in itself could help her win some kind of award.

Molly said...

lmao@adrian!!! enty should have a contest like that.

Anonymous said...

If she wants an Oscar than I want to be Queen LOL

Judi said...

Sylvia, you ARE a queen.
You forgot about Jessicas Lange and Tandy, Enty. But they must be the only ones.

bionic bunny! said...

adrian, you deserve a spanking for that one!!

enty, you speak to a dieting girls heart!
you get the tickets for that chicken wing and sweet tea (your texas is showing, dear) event and i'll pick you up!

not a famous adrian said...

buns--don't you rememeber the Peter Lemongello infomercials from oh-so long ago? I remember as a kids we would sit & laugh over that name!!


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