Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Photos Part One

A little warning. Lower in the photos is another tongue photo. No, not as bad as Verne Troyer's tongue, but still tongue though. PG photo, but the hurl factor is right up there with Verne. Lots and lots of photos today because last night was busy.

First up is Michael J Fox and Tracey Pollan. It seems as if they have been married forever, and there have been some very tough times, but they fought through them. So, for that, they get the top spot.

Antonio Sabato Jr. almost got the top spot, just because he looks so damn perfect. The only reason he didn't was he was at the Reality Show awards and so it kind of ruins it.
I guess maybe Aubrey O'Day is declaring herself, what, a skank? Think not?
Yeah, it got worse as the night went on. I guess maybe the guy was looking a little too closely, but hey, if it is staring you right in the face like that, it is kind of like a car wreck. You are going to look.
Apparently the 80's are back. Either that or Corey Feldman ran out of clothes.

Corbin Bleu, just because, hey he hasn't been in here in a long time and he is a nice guy.
Billy Zane has a new look. More of that whole teddy bear thing.
Apparently Brangelina don't have enough money to have a dry cleaner installed into their home permanently, so they still have people bring it.
The entire Girls Next Door gang was there, but I think we should just focus on Bridget since she is the only one I like.
Dave Stewart - Los Angeles

Apparently Bijou was not as upset at Danny Masterson as I was led to believe. He doesn't look all that thrilled to be there though.
Danny Bonaduce and George Gray. Fun.
A nice random collection. Clark Gregg, Jennifer Grey and Sam Rockwell.
And Sam again with Oliver Platt.

It is that time again and the cast of Lost was at a press conference. Apparently Naveen Andrews finds Evangeline Lilly fascinating.

Daniel Dae Kim was there.
As was Jorge Garcia.
Eva Herzigova looks like a mannequin, but it is nothing compared to
Garrett Neff who actually looks wax.

Hayden Panettiere looks good. Tiny but good.

One of my favorite photos of the day. Harry Connick and Amanda Bynes.
Gary Cole has been working out and wants you to know it.
This is what happens when you love Chachi.
This is how you look when you don't. Ewan McGregor looks really good.

And this doesn't look so good.

Do you think they could find a place for Joan Collins on 90210?
And she just had a baby right?
Ian McShane on the set of Kings.
Also on the set were Miguel Ferrer and Christopher Egan.

Monica Belluci looking about 8 feet tall.

Hey Marc. The doorman called and wants his pants back.
I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that is not just coke in Keith Olbermann's cup.
Katie Melua - Cape Town
And Johnny Fairplay still makes a living how?
Where have you been Rick Schroder?

Notice that Naomi appears pissed and has her hand in the purse. Uh oh.
Molly Shannon and Ben Silverman.
You have to put Matthew in whenever he actually wears a shirt. Camilla just had a baby also right? Goodness how do these people do it?
I'm guessing the whole beard process for Mark Hudson is rather lengthy.
Zoe - Mexico City

The boys from Weezer.
Scott Weiland in a suit. Wow, that has got to be a first.
Gillian Anderson and Simon Pegg. She took a spill right after this photo.
Sara Baras - Sydney


Cheryl said...

Wasn't there a Billy Zane blind not too long ago about him playing for the home team or something like that? Anybody remember exactly what that was about?

Mooshki said...

Harry and Amanda look adorable.

Cali Girl said...

Masterson and Bijou Phillips has to be a reveal of the BI about the open relationship that the girlfriend found out about after the boyfriend was trying to hook up with other chicks, telling them he was in an open rel.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i have no doubt that the dude from grease is back on something. his girlfriend seemed immature and just around for the good time, i.e. pills and booze.

that's probably the only younger, hot woman that he could get on his level.

lachickforever said...

Yep that was a definite BI reveal on Bijou and Danny.

Speaking of reveals wasn't there a BI about an actor needing to do another installment of his franchise due to gambling debt? Just heard that J Depp is doing Pirates 4!

MontanaMarriott said...

OH SNAP, they were filming KINGS near my home yesterday on the upper west side, blocking traffic for forever UHG.

MJ Fox for all your Parkinson's work, YOU ROCK in my eyes!

Antonio Sabato Jr and I share the same bday, he is a leap year baby, 2/29

Aubrey looks just like a cross between Jenna Jameson and Tara Reid

So Danny and BIjou WERE the answer to THAT fashion week BI

For a sec I thought Amanda Bynes was Celine Dion lol

La Bellucci, Che Bella

Jlo and that dayum open mouth, squinted eye look, been there, seen that, YAWWWWNNNN

Quintessential Southerner said...

bridget is normally the better dressed than the other two harlots, enty. :D

GladysKravitz said...

@ quintessential southerner:
"that's probably the only younger, hot woman that he could get on his level."

You think Vicky's hot? Uck. We have to agree to disagree there. I'd rather see Jeff Conaway's tongue near me than hers, and I'm a lesbian. Which is not to say that I'd want to see his coke soaked tongue near me, but to say that she reminds me of a horrible cross between Elvira and Sarah Larsen, George Clooney's ex.

donna said...

not for nothing, but scott weilands date looks like a tranny, and not a very good one .. is that his wife?

Molly said...

For a sec I thought Amanda Bynes was Celine Dion lol

that's okay, for a sec i thought gary cole was kevin bacon.

Quintessential Southerner said...


i don't think she's hot, but i'm sure he does. and the way that she dresses probably turns on many men. lol.

not a famous adrian said...

Garrett Neff is real?
Joanie needs conditioner, quick. It looks like she glued rusty tufts of brillo on her head.
I love Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan. I wish them the best of everything.
Oh--Billy Zane looks like Mr. Slave.

mngddess said...

Can you folks who watch Lost give me your opinion on this? Doesn't it bother you that they are stuck on an island and the heavy set guy (Jorge Garcia) is still heavy? What - is there a Dunkin Donuts on the island or something?

Molly said...

cyn, i don't watch lost, but maybe he's

Harriet Hellfire said...

I cannot WAIT for Lost to start again!!! Right now I'm kind of making do with Heroes but it isn't HALF as good as Lost.

mngddess - the timeline of the story isn't the same as how long the show has been on for. They've only been on the island for a few months. He has lost weight actually - 2 notches in his belt - but the food thing is one of his personal demons. He found a stash of food on the island and had to deal with that.

Looks like Mr. Lumberg is going through a bit of a midlife crisis. I'm going to have to go ahead and kind of disagree with that t-shirt.

I love Simon Pegg and I'm watching "Run Fatboy Run" tonight.

Head Beezy In Charge said...

There's food on the island. I don't want to give too much of the plot away to people who don't know it, but the crash victims aren't starving. There *has* been a storyline concerning Hurley hoarding some of it from the rest of the survivors.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Donna, I'm with you on Scott Weiland's date?wife? WTF...that's just scary. He looks exactly like my ex in that pic...except my ex has more hair and I'm a way better looking date.

mngddess-I have often wondered about Jorge on Lost. It does seem strange that boyfriend never loses weight. I'm convinced he eats the dead passengers. He found the fridge on the island to store them so they don't go bad. ;)

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I love George Gray, but not so much with Danny Bonaduce.

Ben Silverman is an A-1 D-bag.

IndigoBlue said...

I'm on board with SW's date, the first thing that came to mind was, "She looka lika man!" lol! SW looks good, though.

Sam needs to lose the 70's porn look, not good.

Antonio looks FINE. He had a little rough patch there for a bit when he was fighting the hot, but he obviously has gotten over it. yum.

Love Tracy and Michael. Props to both of them.

Joanie....get thee to a hairstylist, quick. And get your thyroid checked, chica, your eyes are ALWAYS buggin' out!

Harry Connick Jr., yum. And props to him and the wife, too.

Billy Zane = Super Mario!

Aubrey O'Day = Super MariHO!

Stephen said...

Ian McShane as Al of the best characters ever.

Either Alba has been working out 8 hours a day or she really had a surrogate. And I'm not sure that 8 hours a day would get her looking that good so soon.

How do either of those Masterson brothers get any women when they wear those stupid hats.

diatribes and dish said...

More Jorge! Love that guy.

And his character, Hurley, did find a stash of goodies ... peanut butter and candy bars included.

DNfromMN said...

The Hot List: Antonio is lookin' good. Billy's actually looking good, and not only can he keep the hat on -- he needs to. I don't know why, but Clark Gregg is hot to me. I wouldn't mind spreading mayonnaise on a Naveen/Daniel Dae sandwich if ya know what I mean.

I love Miguel Ferrer, not attractive, but he looks like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with. Same for Simon Pegg.

Is it just me or does it look like Jennifer Grey got more work done?

Why would you go out in public with your hair like that Erin Moran?!

kimmypie1 said...

I don't get why these "celebs" get invited to an event and then proceed to give the bird on the red carpet. Ooooh you are SO rebellious! "Yeah eff you paparazzi for taking pics of me at this event on the red carpet that I am walking on ON purpose!

clara said...

Wasn't Clark Greg (Jennifer Grey's husband) married to the Eat, Pray Love author?

not a famous adrian said...

DN--you aren't mistaken--she did have more work done:

she was so cute, too.

Happydog said...

Ent, if you're going to show some of the Lost cast, could you show us some Sawyer (Josh Holloway). That man is fine. Can't wait for it to start in January (nothing like experiencing "anticipaaaaation". Maybe Josh wasn't there. In that case, show some Michael Emerson and more Jorge is always welcome. said...

ENT, you WERE kidding about Scott Weiland being in a suit, right? That bitch is always in a suit. And that is definitely NOT his wife. Whassup with that?

Amanda Bynes is adorable.

white lorelei said...

I am SO sorry that Jennifer Grey had all of the character of ther face surgically removed. I just cringe when I see her.

Whatever was she thinking?????

equinox said...

There is a whole lot of ugly in today's pictures.

Aeirynn said...

WOW. Is it just me (and/or the vodka) but has Bridget from Girls Next Door lost a LOT of weight???

And Oliver Platt gained it?

Seriously, she looks, tiny...

trashtalker said...

Billy looks like the old, weird, creepy dude who hangs out with college kids, offers to buy them beer and hits on the girls.

I was sad that they killed off Jin. He and Sun were so great together, and they had some good, moving storylines.

Gary Cole was totally awesome on the season finale of Psych. Totally.

I, too, thought Scott's "lady friend" was a dude. Apparently that's "actress Paz de la Huerta."

hotchacha said...

I miss Jennifer Grey's original face.

Alpine Summer said...

I just want to say that I always wanted my name to be a palindrome. I wouldn't mind being a flamenco dancer, either.

Judi said...

Montana, apparently every female is now doing the squint. They look half asleep. It's stupid. JLo opens her mouth, too, and looks like an inflatable.
Silverman's on his way out. Give it just a little time. He'll get his due.

mngddess said...

Thanks for answering, people!! I appreciate it.

Grace said...

I STILL can't recognize Jennifer Grey! Even more so now with her squinty eyes. That website

She's morphing into Carole King!!

Sara Baras -- love tht picture!!

bionic bunny! said...

having been a huge survivor fan since season one (i was going to try out before my body betrayed me!), i refuse to refer to him by his chosen name. you're right, enty, jon dalton, doesn't do anything. i loved it when bonaduce decked him, he deserved it. i think it said a lot when they wouldn't let him back for the FIRST survivor allstars, and then quit the first day he showed up for the second reunion.

gillian took a spill? is she alright?

mark hudson as in the hudson brothers? as in goldie's ex-in laws?

amanda looks so good and her age. not so much hayden.

love oliver platt. can't help it.

did billy zane fix his eye brows, or am i thinking of the wrong person??

i so love michael J. and tracy. i always loved him, and she is one tough cookie. i hope he finds a cure.
i met a lovely lady at my grandmother's 100th birthday party. this lady was 97, and her parkinson's was not as advanced as michael's, and she didn't want to eat anything, because she was all done up, and didn't want to spill. such a wonderful woman, with so much history to tell, been in the home for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS. my 27 year old son was so taken by her. she apparently has no family.
sorry, side-tracked. anyway, i love him. and this time, i posted before i read the other posts.

grandmastermargot said...

micheal j. fox is absolutely amazing - my dad has parkinsons - and it is very difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. i can't imagine how hard it is for mjf to attend red carpet events. he's my hero!

ld408 said...

that is NOT Scott Weiland's wife... his wife is (was?) Mary Forsberg - she is WAAAAY prettier than Paz De La Huerta, who is the she/man in the picture.. YUCKY!