Monday, September 22, 2008

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

That headline is probably going to be the first words out of the mouth of whatever guy they arrest from the Wal-Mart where Casey Aldridge took photos of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her baby and holding the baby in some lingerie. Now, Casey, because he is a world class idiot decided to take photos of a bare breasted, underaged Jamie Lynn Spears to Wal-Mart because he couldn't afford the $100 for a printer which would have printed out the photos for him at home. Plus, I guess he wasn't content to just sit and stare at them on his PC or e-mail them to everyone he knew. Nope, he took them to Wal-Mart where some 18 year old kid took a look at the photos and probably decided he could make a buck selling them. He probably would have made a fortune except for one tiny problem. Since Jamie Lynn is under age, the photos of her bare breast could be considered child porn. There is also that pesky issue of copyright, but hey, he probably still would have got the money.

Now, everyone is going to blame the boy or boys for trying to sell the photos, and yes, she is a minor so they should be prosecuted, but hey, Casey is a dumb ass himself. First of all, what did he think would happen? And second, why was he getting prints made of a naked Jamie Lynn? Was he going to plaster them all over, or send them out as Christmas cards for his friends?

Now, the law is hazy when it comes to someone just breast feeding their child. However, if the boys at Wal-Mart are found guilty of any child porn charge, then there should also be a long look at Casey Aldridge. IF the photo is considered to be pornography, then Casey could be in trouble for distributing it or even possessing it because the law does not make any exceptions just because you may or may not be the father of the child seen in the photo breast feeding.

My guess is that the photo will not be considered child porn, that Wal-Mart will get sued by someone, and that the photo will see the light of day in the tabloids when Casey needs some money to buy a damn printer.


Mooshki said...

Jeez, you must have gotten all caught up on your work over the weekend - you're a posting demon this morning!

Casey sure did blow through his payoff fast.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

The next time a Southerner is offended by a "the South is full of idiots" comment/joke- they need to pay this family a visit. They do nothing about debunking that stereotype.

Mooshki said...

Hey, did Blogger change their font for the comments, or did my settings get messed up somehow?

Mooshki said...

Never mind, I hit "reset" and it was just me. How the heck did that happen? Stupid 'puters.

not a famous adrian said...

Why did she LET him take the photos?

selenakyle said...

Hey, don't assume we're all idiots down here. Many of us are highly educated and have a lot of common sense.

I sure as hell don't claim any of these fricking idiots as fellow anything.

Them, their stupid fuck parents, or anyone even remotely related to them are all a bunch of losers--which occur everywhere on the planet.

Don't blame the South for the Spears gang. Blame Disney.

Julie said...

i doubt that anyone thought "ohai childporn" about the breastfeeding thing.
he was just trying to be Annie Liebovitz with the one in the teddie.

Merlin D. Bear said...

I'm still waiting for someone to demand DNA testing.
Surely the Rat doesn't have *that* much money.

bionic bunny! said...

um, jamie lynn was nickalodeon.

could we blame the parents once in a while? momma didn't care where the money came from, if her little 'uns could've made that kind of money and fame from six flags, she would have.

disney's no angel, but kids are stupid, and bad parenting only makes it worse.

Merlin D. Bear said...

My bad ... I don't do much in the way of Nickelodeon except for Nick At Nite (and Spongebob... but don't tell anyone about that)
I stand corrected on the source, but still want to know when someone's gonna spill their guts and demand a DNA test.