Friday, November 07, 2008

Where's Jerry?

When I answer the door to some loud knocking that isn't actually emanating from my head, it invariably turns out to be some group of people with a Watchtower or any kid from a ten mile radius who knows I'm good for $50 of whatever edible thing they are selling. Of course, with that there is no immediate gratification, but in a way it is kind of like Christmas everyday because someone is always dropping off something I ordered. "Oh, the green tea chocolate came today. Nice."

I know for a fact that Julia Louis Dreyfus ever came to my door. I know that because she would still be here with me. But, apparently Julia did a lot of door to door campaigning and people recognized her. See, now that would be fun, but I would keep asking her where Jerry was and I would just be asking a million questions about Seinfeld. She could tell me she was supporting Tony The Tiger for President and I would just go along with it to keep her there.

If you want to hear her talk about her experiences meeting people like me while she was campaigning, the video of her Leno appearance is below.


Mooshki said...

I don't buy it, Enty. I think you just mentioned Jerry for the sake of your readers. I'm sure you'd talk to her about the show, but I think you know that Julia is a thousand times more interesting than Jerry.

selenakyle said...

whoa--when did Julia get boobs?

She is aging well, and not in a fake kinda way,either. Kudos.

Molly said...

why do i think she was the answer to one of the kindness blinds?

love her - didn't have to work a day in her life, but she works anyway. somebody raised her right, filthy rich and all.

jax said...

i often think Elaine Benes and i were seperated at birth.

i love Julia.

Alpine Summer said...

I think she's so beautiful. In fact, I think she looks better now than 15 years ago. If she's had work done (it wouldn't surprise me about anyone in Hollywood), she's got a great doctor. She looks like herself.

Anonymous said...

I think her boobs come from not wearing 1990s baggy oversized clothes like she did on Seinfeld, and a wonderbra. She's always in her bra on Old Christine.

shakey said...

Jax, does that mean you dance like her? Bah hahaha! Couldn't resist.

john said...

I've met her a couple of times and she is really, really beautiful and very down to earth. She is super tiny too... When she smiles, her entire face lights up and you feel like a million Unicorns are zapping you with rainbows (okay, so I added that part for artistic liscense but she really does have the most amazing smile).


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