Friday, January 23, 2009

I Will Show You Ridiculous

I read some statement today that Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood released through his people. In the statement, Ronnie who is 61 says that reports his 20 year old girlfriend is pregnant are ridiculous. "These are all ridiculous rumours and we would like to make it clear that Ekaterina is not pregnant."

Well, I had not even heard the rumors, but I don't know why they would be anymore ridiculous than him leaving his wife of 23 years after meeting a waitress at a restaurant and hanging out with her a couple of times. Why is the thought that she might be pregnant ridiculous? Did he get the snip snip done or is she sterile because otherwise I don;t think any rumors like that are ridiculous.

I think what he did to his wife is pretty ridiculous, not to mention his kids. Hey, if you are not happy in your relationship that is one thing, but to go about it in the way he did was just wrong. It was like Balthazar Getty wrong. Of course maybe he thinks it's ridiculous because they haven't had sex. I mean maybe they just hang out all day and play Guitar Hero. That way he can introduce her to all the Rolling Stones songs since she probably had never heard of them before she met him. In fact I think they had one of their farewell tours about the time she was born.

On the plus side at least she isn't a teenager anymore. Those headlines were ridiculous. A 61 year old guy sleeping with a teenager. No, nothing ridiculous about that. Creepy as hell, but not ridiculous.


Molly said...

enty, google the effects pot has on male fertility. that's probably what he's talking

Jenn said...

Ewwwwww! That whole story left me nauseated!

Grace said...

20 sounds positively old; remember this?

In 1983 at age 14 Mandy Smith started dating the then 47-year-old Rolling Stones's bassist Bill Wyman. The two eventually married in 1989 and divorced in 1991. At the same time Wyman's son was engaged to Mandy Smith's mother (they would later marry).

ms_wonderland said...

That girl looks underage, which so many of these old rockers go for. Silly old fool.

Judi said...

Yeah, apparently they separated in September. Ridiculous.

Cheryl said...

Grace beat me to it. The Stones can't get no satisfaction with women their own age.

Ror said...

Aw come on. I think they make a cute couple.

Like Grandpa and grand daughter cute.

Wow, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!


fester said...

Mandy Smith was actually 13 when Bill Wyman started up with her. And her mom was completely for it. And all the Stones & their wives went to their elaborate wedding (when Mandy was 18). Grossy gross.

What's especially creepy about Ronnie's hook-up is that girl looks very much like a young version of his (ex)wife.

mabel said...

If she is from Russia and working, she is underage. They lie to get jobs they would not otherwise have, and Russian authorities help them with their paperwork.

Mandy Smith's case was sad and her mother is sickening. Mandy ended up getting anorexia and going mental from being forced on an old man. Who wouldn't?

Ah. Female sex slaves, alive and well and traveling in fine circles near you.

Love Like Winter said...

Ror- not cool, man. Seriously.

I gotta go wash my throat out with Vodka now.


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