Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Photos Part One

My jaw dropped when I saw this photo. You might not even recognize the fact that it is Alanis Morissette. I know. First of all she is smiling a genuine smile. Second she looks amazing and finally, this was taken at a fashion event. A totally superficial, typical Hollywood event and Alanis was there. I'm still in shock thinking about it. She is a completely different person, and thus she gets the top spot.
In any other day, Drew Carey and Bob Barker together on the Price Is Right stage would have received the top spot. Damn though. Will you look at Alanis? Is she wearing heels?
Charo is amazing. I love this photo.
I didn't even know Carl Lewis was still alive. When you are an Olympic athlete, that time for endorsements and popularity is narrow. Remember that Michael Phelps.
Carlos Ramirez. I can't help it. He is Pedro to me. Whenever I see him in something else I see Pedro in my mind.
Candace Spelling and her "guest."
Duffy - Sydney
Eliza Dushku could use a smile and a burger.
Elisabeth Hasselback on a red carpet is a rare sight.
Even more rare is a candid photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri outside. It is so rare that something must be up.
Shape and their monthly tribute to the world of airbrushing. I can't decide if Self or Shape is the worst offender, but I also doubt Jenny McCarthy needs as much as they probably gave her.
I thought the last time I posted Jamie Pressly might have been a fluke because she looked so flawless, but this is from last night and she looks just as good.
This is Kristin Davis. She was the madam of all the hookers who slept with Gov Spitzer and then she also is the one who slept with Alex Rodriguez for free. Oh, and she wrote a book and that is what she is promoting. The Penthouse next to her is for her downtime.
Kirsten Dunst looks healthy and good, and I hope she keeps it up. Is that a turquoise bracelet on that guy's arm?
Melissa Gilbert. I have always thought she looks much prettier now than she ever did when she was younger. Maybe just life experience or good surgery.
I just want to go over to Marisa Tomei's house and see how messy it is. Just give me five minutes to see.
The one and only Nile Rodgers.
I haven't seen Paula Trickey since she was on The O.C.
Apparently she doesn't want to be forgotten again anytime soon. I assume she is blowing.
More O.C. with Benjamin McKenzie.
Pete Wentz looks thrilled and probably has no idea who Audrina Patridge is.
It's a Culkin. Does it really matter which one. It is kind of like the Baldwin brothers. It is Rory in case you were curious.
Ricki Lake looks great.
A first time appearance for Rebecca Mader for all you Lost fans.
Our random tennis player of the day. Rafael Nadal.
So, for the Kid's Choice Awards, Stouffers decided to give away free frozen lasagna. No, actually they had all the celebrities who attend the gifting suite draw on a plate which will be auctioned off for charity. Much better than auctioning off the celebrity. Anyway, here are some celebrities and their efforts.

Wayne Brady and his daughter.
Angus Jones.
Blair Underwood and his kids. I don't have a photo of their plate, but I know all of you like looking at Blair so I put him in anyway.
Kristy Swanson gets the award for the most lazy.
Brian McKnight is just in here because he looks younger than his two kids. He is like some genetic freak. I wonder if they can sing.
Lil' Romeo did ok. He did most of it with his shirt off. Maybe he gets inspired that way.
It is hard to see Jewel's in this photo but she did really well.
I don't know what Raymond Ochoa drew exactly, but he did use the entire plate. The reason I also posted this photo, is I think my winning plate is right behind Raymond. The middle right of the picture. We can only see half of it, but it looks like it took hours to make. I can't find a better picture of it or who drew it, but they definitely deserve the free lasagna for life.
This is the woman who put it all together. No, not Jim Gaffigan. The woman is Melanie Segal and she should be really proud of herself, and she won't get sued for celebrities not doing what they were supposed to do.


jw12 said...

Blair Underwood is perfect....

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

EFREN Ramirez was Pedro.

Carlos Ramirez is just a run-of-the-mill actor collecting the occasional paycheck.

Mooshki said...

Alanis is all growed up!

I like Charo too, (when are they going to remake The Love Boat, anyway?) but boy does she have bad "plastic surgery face."

Enty, you've gotta go back to labeling pics like Candy's as the "Verne of the Day." It makes them more amusing and less scary. :)

Eliza could also use a new stylist - what the hell is up with the shape(lessness) of that dress?

Jamie was really gorgeous in "I Love You, Man." Even standing next to Rashida.

Kiki, just move a little bit to your right - I'm worried about your Vitamin D levels...

It's so sad that all I ever think when I see Nile Rogers is "ooh, he worked with Duran Duran!"

I hope Southland does well - Benjamin is such a cutie.

Rafael is anything but "random." ;)

Those kids are lucky Blair's looks bred true. :)

Sara said...

Elizabeth Hasselback = Mini-Barbara Walters?

Quintessential Southerner said... brian mcknight does not look younger than his kids. but he is holding up his age well.

Quintessential Southerner said...

oh yeah, is elizabeth hassleback preggars again? this would be her third kid right? i guess she wants to tie her hubby down with his house husband duties, and no time for a roving eye. lol.

the.princess.leia said...

I was going to point out that it was Efren that played Pedro, but of course my Pimp beat me to it. (lol)

nancer said...

hasselback photos shouldn't be rare---they should be extinct.

the culkin is butt ugly, whichever one it is.

LOVE duffy.

why couldn't I have been blair underwood's baby mama? where is the justice in the world???

charo.....cher....cockroaches. they will never die.

Cindy said...

Brian McKnight's boys CAN sing. They were on some show I was watching and they were singing and they sound just like him, only younger.

jax said...

Raymond Ochoa is damn cute! lol.

kimmypie1 said...

Janet Jackson is sooo preggers.

Speaking of preggers, that dress and the 'going to puke at any moment' face Jewel is making leads me to speculate that the real reason she dropped out of DWTS is because she is knocked up. Their grueling schedule would be way too much for a prego.

bionic bunny! said...

speaking of airbrushing, i have to share:
mr. buns was nuking his dinner last night and came in with a big smile asking if i'd seen the valerie b. pix.
i can't decide if it was cute or slightly disturbing.

i'm never getting laid again.

B626 said...

Melissa Gilbert -whatta plastic surgery trainwreck,or maybe just baaaad lighting.
Angus Jones-adorable I SMELL SPINOFF...

maggiemei said...

Efren did play Pedro, but he and Carlos are twin brothers, according to IMDB, so the mistake is understandable.

whole_lotto _luv said...

hate Pete Wentz' footwear.

califblondy said...

I think Melissa Gilbert looks bad.

Oooh, Candace has a cute boytoy. You go girl, that oughta piss off Tori.

Blair, Blair, Blair. Ah damn.

mr. ray said...

GOOD FOR YOU ENTY for giving props to Melanie Segal, the gal that put this all together! I've done stuff like this before and I KNOW what a pain it is and that the only time anyone wants to know your name is if something goes wrong. KUDOS my friend and KUDOS to Ms. Segal for an event well done!

jax said...

ps where the fuck is the extra 50lbs Alannis was sporting less than 6 months ago??? that ass! those thighs!

yellow said...

Why should Dusku be smiling? Her show was sent Fridays, the day of lowered expectations, or where show go to die.

There it has been having mediocre, to put it kindly, numbers.

On top of that, the episode the few people watching the show really liked, the 6th, she is hardly in it. The ones before, where she was extensively featured, got the show the moniker of Dullhouse.

Again, why should she smile?

juicy said...

dushku for the bulimic c-lister with b-name recog.

laesmralda said...

I love love love Jim Gaffigan. He is friggin hilarious!

Amber said...

Wow Rebecca Mader is looking amazing!

Babs said...

Melissa Gilbert's face looks lopsided.

Love me some Jim Gaffigan - "Hot Pock-ets!"

The BEST EVER comedy clip was Wayne Brady on the Dave Chappelle show:

hotchacha said...

Whoa, what happened to Drew Carey?

Janet Jackson is way pregnant. You know how she loves to completely hide her life. I guess after the album sales and the tour fiasco she needs to give in for a little publicity.

Why do the Culkins always look so greasy, baked, and strange?

Ricki Lake looks lovely.

Katy said...

After looking at the Charo picture, I scrolled down on my monitor, and saw the top of a black man's head, I truly expected to see Nipsy Russel instead of Carl Lewis.

Mooshki said...

HotChaCha, because they are greasy, baked and strange? ;)

Anonymous said...

jermaine dupree looks retarded

linnea said...

i guess i am the only one that doesnt like alanis' new look! She looks so damn generic now, and I really loved her somewhere in between the slightly overweight and the now too skinny - she looked great. Now, not so much.