Friday, March 27, 2009

Tamara Mellon Breaks Up With Christian Slater

No more free Jimmy Choo shoes for Christian Slater. Despite every tabloid saying that Christian Slater and Tamara Mellon were on the verge of getting married, or that Tamara was moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Christian, the Daily Mail is reporting today that Tamara and Christian have broken up. Why isn't it broken down? It seems to me that if a relationship breaks it is probably due to something breaking down. Up implies things are good. Anyway, judging by the quotes from the "source" used in this story it sounds like Tamara did the breaking up. There is mention of their tough schedules and the long distance relationship, how Tamara always put her daughter first, and then there was a plug in the statement for Jimmy Choo and Halston. I doubt if it had been one of Christian's reps if they would have said anything about those brands.

The "source" also blathers on about how they will remain good friends and all of that. The couple had first met back in 2007 when Christian was working on a play in London.


Lisa said...

God forbid that a woman should put her child's needs ahead any man! *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

umm...isn't this douchebag a pervert. thank God his latest tv show was canned.

littleoleme said...

Isn't this chick known for picking really bad men?

Judi said...

Exactly, Lisa. Of course she put her daughter first. Bunch of morons implying that this is unusual.
Yeah, Tamara doesn't choose well.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when Slater's ex (but at the time still) wife's arrest for hitting him upside the head with a cocktail glass?

He sure loves him some drama mamas.


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