Friday, May 22, 2009

Amy Winehouse And Michael Jackson Should Perform Together

I saw today that Amy Winehouse canceled out on her next concert which was supposed to be held next Sunday in the UK. It isn't surprising, but at least for her fans they won't have to suffer through an awful performance and can get their money back. At this point I don't think Amy should perform at all because it is just one big disappointment. I guess it would be different if she lip synched, because then she could just grab the microphone for support and hang on to it for 90 minutes or so and then be helped off the stage.

I am waiting for the day that Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse sign up to perform together. It won't ever happen of course. Not the signing up part, that might happen, but the actual playing. They will just take the money and run. Amy to the nearest crackhouse and Michael to the nearest place he can find to buy the ugliest pieces of crap with which to clutter his house.

Yesterday, I talked about Michael postponing the start of his scheduled run in London and just as all of you predicted, people are ticked. People have bought plane tickets, booked hotels, and lots of other things that are non refundable. It does them absolutely no good to have the show moved to the end of March. Moving it to the end of March also means that promoters don't have to offer refunds. It isn't a cancellation, just a postponement. Of course that will change. Michael was in LA seeing a doctor again yesterday and it is only a matter of time before this whole idea collapses. I'm guessing there must be some kind of medical out in his contract which will allow the promoters to get their money and Michael to keep what he has paid. Of course all of the ticket holders will be screwed. Oh, they might get their money back for the concert tickets but nothing else.


Pookie said...

aw & mj....hmmm. honestly? i'd totally buy tix to that train wreck.

ElsieFire said...

Well, Pookie, you could TRY to buy tix!

Lisa (original) said...

I'm surprised otherwise (probably) smart people would willingly plunk down their good money to buy tickets to anything Michael Jackson does. He's such a flake, how did they seriously NOT see this coming? He loves getting money for nothing. And in this economy too! (This comment was not directed at you Pookie, I thought it before I came to comments :-D )

Harriet Hellfire said...

Add Fleetwood Mac to that list. There are a lot of Hurtin' Albertans because of their cancellations last week.

WineGirl X said...

I'm surprised anyone would even want to see MJ. Seriously... if they GAVE me the damn tickets, I would be completely uninterested.

Can't believe he still has a fan base considering he hasn't really done much in the last two decades.

nancer said...

he DOES still have a fan base, but there are also people who would go to this to see if he implodes. kinda like some who go to the indy 500.

like maybe he'd get all sweaty and his face would slide off his skull and land in a puddle at his feet during his moon walk.

seriously, he's not doing any concerts. neither is the other (female) alcoholic drug addict.

ms_wonderland said...

According to the very reliable source of an anon commenter on an internet board, MJ has not yet shown up for rehearsal. Also, the promoter included a minimum stage time for MJ - 13 minutes. So, just Thriller, then the rest of the show can be dancers and backing band and singers and baby elephants and lights......with MJ safely back at the hotel.

ardleigh said...

Well if Mikey was collecting freaky stuff to take home wouldn't he collect Amy too?

Why does anyone buy tix to his concerts? He is well known for ditching them. Infact why does anyone promote them when they are going to have to return the funds?

Grace said...

At least MJ had a career -- Amy was barely starting hers when she got sidetracked by drugs.

I think the gig is up for her; she's ruined not only her health but her career.

Isn't she pre-emphysema?

Tammy said...

Not a bad little earner either for these grubs with the concert ticket money on the short term money market before they have to pony up for the cancelled tickets, i'm sad for Amy, she's too young to be this screwed up .. as for that other fetid freak, the sooner he is banished to a far away island the better.

bionic bunny! said...

i'm almost ashamed to say, i would love to go to Indy, and i have panic attacks at even mild car crashes (long story). big brother raised me to be a racing fan, before it was associated with only rednecks and drunks, and i wanted to be the first woman to drive an indy car. i still have a need for speed, in spite of my anixiety.

and @ ardliegh: i think you have the most brilliant idea!
can you imagine a stuffed amy inside the darth vader suit? or just standing posed with a syringe and a crack spoon? much better than the chimp and giraffe! lol!
o.k., that was just tacky of me.

jdg6385 said...

Tammy shut the fuck up you inconsiderate prick. nancer are you done talking out of your ass? Lisa i'm so sick of haters believing you are "experts" on his state of mind. Always underestimating him. Jut the same typical crap you guys always spew.