Friday, May 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Mickey Carroll was the town crier in the Wizard Of Oz and was one of the last surviving Munchkins. - RIP
I know lots of you love Adrien Brody, but unless he has those things in his hair for a role or some medical necessity they look ridiculous.
Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy reuniting for a charity.
Yes, I love Ali Larter, but it really does look like she is wearing a rose bush.
Baz Luhrman looks happy. Hopefully it is because Nicole Kidman won't be in his next movie.
I'm no expert, but Carmen Electra doesn't look pregnant.
Chelsea Girls - Los Angeles
In case you were wondering, Cheyenne Jackson is calling himself a pimp.
Eric Dane does his recreation of the famous Daniel Craig scene, but with a shirt, longer bathing suite and a life jacket.
I watched Seems Like Old Times the other day. Goldie was really, really good back in the day.
Hugh Jackman at a pool in Brazil.
Keri Russell helping Jessica Alba with the big words.
Kendra Wilkinson never stops hustling for bucks. This isn't an ad for Fig Newtons, but she isn't going to miss the opportunity to try and get Nabisco to give her a call.
New Kids On The Block has taken lip synching to a whole new level. I would have also accepted New Kids on The Block is the official band of Anonymous.
Norman Reedus and "guest." I'm guessing it must be tough for him to walk around like that.
"What do you say after this is over, I'll show you my royal throne?"
Rihanna in her never ending quest to bring back the 80's one lady bug outfit at a time.
Even Vanessa Carlton is getting into the 80's thing.
And two people who peaked in the 80's, Kenny Loggins and Sugar Ray Leonard.
I just know deep in my heart that Danny Devito has a matching shirt to the one Rhea Perlman is wearing.
Rachel Weisz looks really good here.
Shannen Doherty in her Chanel biker look.
Who knew Tom Hanks was a tight jeans guy?
Mr and Mrs Spelling coming out from Mr. Chow. It is kind of fitting since Tori looks like a chopstick. I also think the orange woman in the background is Rudolph Valentino's sister. Their tans match.


Pookie said...

teehee, so you're back to stalkin the spanish royals!

aww, RIP mickey carroll. :(


Quintessential Southerner said...

i see dean did some shopping or tori one. getting rid of him is going to be extremely ugly. he would probably cry like a wuss, but write a tell all one year later.

nancer said...

i think adrien brody is repulsive. do not get the attraction there at all.
shannon doherty looks like she's about to whip somebody's ass, as usual.

Rocket Queen said...

Who the heck is Cheyenne Jackson?
Pookie - I am SO with you on Donnie. Joey lovers be damned!

MontanaMarriott said...

The Wizard of Oz would not have been the same without you MC!

Eddie Murphy does NOT look healthy

Goldie almost looks like Linda Evans in that pic

Hugh in Brasil, hmmm a gay porn just waiting to happen

Kenny Loggins does not look like himself, he aged badly

LOVE RHEA PEARLMAN, she was awesome in Cheers and Taxi

Bloody hell, where was Tom Hanks going after the pitch a gay bar??

Wow, I C Tori is spending some of that book money at Balenciaga

Emma31 said...

Did we think Carmen Electra was pregnant? Did I miss something?

Audrey said...

What is up with Kendra Wilkinson's head/body? Her head looks way too big for that body.

Anonymous said...

[/lurking] me some jabbawockeez. i'd almost subject myself to nkotb for that. [lurking]

Cheryl said...

I think Kenny Loggins has had a bad facelift.I saw him on tv the other day and he was unrecognizable.

califblondy said...

I used to adore Kenny Loggins and I sang House On Pooh Corner to the little ones years ago. Dang, I think karma bit him in the ass, or face after he dumped the wife for a younger lady.

Eddie Murphy looks horrible. I hope that's just a bad picture.

Gay or straight, I really don't care, Hugh Jackman is hot.

Goldie never lost the 80's hairdo, did she?

Quintessential Southerner said...

you're right mooshki, eddie does look unhealthy, and the bald head does nothing for him.

not on my dollar said...

I was also a Kenny Loggins fan. If you hadn't told me I wouldn't be able to point him out in a crowd.

My goodness what did he do to his face?

stiffkittens said...

Since when could Tori afford Balenciaga? (i'm hoping there is someone other than me on here that knows that meme...)

pomme said...

Rachel Weisz always is good!! i'm a fan!

AnnMarie said...

RIP, Mickey.

I still think Arsenio is the closeted icon from last week.

Eric Dane - the sensible person's James Bond

Hugh Jackman - always great, but some Javier, please?

Methinks maybe Tom is thinking someone is watching him... ; )

califblondy said...

I think Arsenio is closeted too, but an icon?

kris said...

God, i love Hugh.

selenakyle said...

Nice surprise! I love Norman Reedus. He was in one of my all time favorite movies Boondock Saints. I hope he's a decent guy.

Gotta say, Rachel Weisz looks like she's either on something or had so much work done it messed her up.

DNfromMN said...

No one wants to comment on Tori Spelling's skeletal limbs?! yeesh

Rachel Weisz always looks beautiful.

I love Rhea and Danny, may they bathe in limoncello forever.

lol I love the Spanish royals

Thank hugh, Enty.. er... thank you.

Baz definitely goes in my silver fox spank bank

And Adrien's had those blue feathers in his hair for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

ohh Norman Reedus! yum! Now I have to watch Boondock Saints tonight.

Anonymous said...

That is Danny Devito's shirt.

B626 said...

Eddie & Arsenio are looking ALOT like the old guys they played in Coming to America!

AnnMarie said...

@califblondy, my thinking is that Arsenio has icon status b/c of his talk show.

His was the only one that lasted (for several years, anyway) against the Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson, and it was the first successful late-night talk show hosted by a black man.

I believe it was also Arsenio's audience that introduced the world to the inimitable "Whoop whoop."
BTW, thanks for that, Arsenio. Ugh.

AnnMarie said...
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Anonymous said...

"Keri Russell helping Jessica Alba with the big words."

Fuckin' A. Alba sucks the big one and is a total dumbee. Can't stand her.

ardleigh said...

Hugh Jackman - I'd swim in that pool any day.

Keri R. to Jessica A.-" See Jess, right here Dora says " Be kind to others because kindness matters."
Maybe you should take a page from this book, REALLY! "

Rihanna does NOT look like a happy girl.

I'm just suprised Tori doesn't make Dean carry her purse.

Wil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wil said...

Here Emma .. Is Carmen Electra Pregnant? ...

Forgot the link part above!! : D - LOL!!

Dave said...

No "Ali needs to trim her rose bush" comments? :)

And yeah, I used to love Rachel Weiss, but she doesn't look the same anymore, pity.

Surly_Secretary said...

Well, I like Adrien Brody. However, I am highly suspicious his girlfriend is responsible for his bad hair choices, and scruffy beard days. If it was me, I'd suggest he seriously re-think appearance choices such as those.

He buys her a "castle", and she lets him out of the house looking less than his best. Hmmph.

He made a bad deal.