Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You Oprah

It is rare that I ever thank Oprah for anything other than the fact that she is on television while I am at work and so I don't have to even inadvertently flip through the channels and see her. However, today there is something else for which I can be thankful. According to the National Enquirer (through CeleBitchy), Kirstie Alley was in talks to do a show for Oprah, but because Kirstie couldn't ever come to an agreement with Oprah's production company, Oprah instead went with Jenny McCarthy. Although I don't agree with everything Jenny says, I can't think of anything worse than giving Kirstie Alley an hour a day nationally to tell the world what she thinks about everything.

I think Oprah probably got caught up in the moment of Kirstie Alley losing all that weight and thought a show would be a good idea. Of course there is also the whole Oprah Scientology thing which is tough to explain and maybe played a part of it. I think she finally decided that no matter how many interviews she could score with Tom Cruise and John Travolta that having Kirstie Alley blather on every day was simply not worth it.


AnonMom said...

What is that Oprah Scientology thing, anyway? Is she indeed a secret Scientologist?

Pookie said...

not the biggest jenny fan here...but i'd watch her in a heartbeat over kirstie. added bonus of course is that jenny doesn't heart xenu. go jenny.

jax said...

i couldnot watch her segment on Orpah let alone some talk show. FAIL. she's total manic when she talks, its off putting.

linnea said...

but the BEST idea would be to give kirstie and jenny a show they could co-host together. wouldnt that be worth watching?

Quintessential Southerner said...

i don't think that oprah is a scientologist, but i do believe they tried to lure her in.

i wonder if jenny is a scientologist. jim carrey is one if i am not mistaken.

Princess said...

I know why she didn't get the job - she is on Twitter and she is certifiably NUTS.

An example. She greeted the Twitter world this morning with this:
COME ON PEEPS no need to whisper..that's for school and church..and at a funeral!!LET ME HEAR YOU MOTHER F----------!! HOLLA BACK LOUD!!about 5 hours ago from web

Followed by:

Yelling does not mean ANGER. It means ALIVE.. and ..well..the sounds I make when Jamie..SHAGS MY BRAINS OUT!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOabout 5 hours ago from web

About that last one with a reference to "Jamie"... she has become OBSESSED over the fact that there is person on Twitter pretending to be Jamie Lee Curtis. She has been yelling about it for days, and today she went so far as to change her avatar to a new picture of herself holding a piece of paper that has "bye bye Jamie" on it.

She has been posting pictures of Lemurs and chinchillas all day and said they are her pets.

She is just CRAZY. I wouldn't want to work with that either.

Jenny will just kind of hang out and make you laugh. Kirstie will jump up and down and beat on tables and talk about root canals. Who would you choose?

All this kind of makes me wonder... she keeps talking about her new show. Maybe she is refusing to believe Oprah isn't giving her a show haha.

figgy said...

Shouldn't the mighty power of Xenu been able to help Kirstie lose the weight by now?

jax said...

i don't beleive Jim is Scientolo, he talks about being very spiritual at this point of his life. and quite honestly, i cant see either of them taking it serious.

Majik said...

No on the Jim Carrey scientology thing...thank GAWD.

c17 said...

I'd much rather have the innocuous crazy of Kirstie Alley than the harmful blather against science/medicine that Jenny is famous for. I prefer that polio doesn't make a comeback in my lifetime, thankyouverymuch.

ahdaboom said...

I prefer that parents choose for their children. Please don't insist that your government has the kids best interest at heart and is protecting our children with 30+ vaccines by age 6. Look at the number of vaccine injuries every year. And if you are so confident that the vaccines work, why does my not vaccinating my children threaten you? Your precious vaccines are at work protecting you and yours, right?

Anyway, Kirstie sounds like she might be kind of funny, in a Paula Abdoul kind of way. Jenny will likely be a one trick pony.

PollyPureBred said...

Jenny is a crass, loud-mouthed skank.
That'smy story and I'm sticking to it.

watcher said...

I have a daytime job. I don't record any daytime TV. I know who Oprah is, but almost all daytime TV is irrelevant to my life. Please don't interpret this as unnecessarily harsh.

Hervana said...

Cowstie isn't's just all the body thetans making her look bulky.

Ayesha said...

I'm glad more people are catching on to the Oprah/Sciento thing. I have a theory about that whole business.

I think Oprah wants to start her own religion or "spiritual movement" - it would be the ultimate ego stroke. And there isn't really anywhere else for her to go - she's achieved so much but she still hungers for more power.

I think she wanted to get up close to the Scientos to see how the whole thing works, but she doesn't want to be part of it. She wants to run her own religion, and Tiny Tom is the head of THAT one. Plus, Scientology scares regular folks, but Oprah's going to dream one up that they will swallow hook line and sinker.

You heard it here first.

Mooshki said...

"I prefer that polio doesn't make a comeback in my lifetime, thankyouverymuch."


"why does my not vaccinating my children threaten you?"

Because your kids can infect children too young to have been vaccinated. And because your children shouldn't suffer for your bad decisions. It's good to question and be informed about all of your medical care, but to not use the vaccines that 99.9% of the medical community agree are necessary is a bad decision.


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