Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

A screening of Midnight Cowboy and a Q&A with Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman gets top spot for sure.
Anne Hathaway doing some Shakespeare in the park.
The randomness of the day goes to Cameron Crowe, Yusuf Islam and Judd Apatow.
Chew Lips - London
This is not a good look for Christina Ricci. This has been a bad week for her.
I sometimes sit up at night and wonder whether boxer Vladimir Klitschko punches hard enough to drop a 400 pound fat man on his butt. I don't wonder enough to do something about it though so I guess there is your answer.
Lily Allen and Elton John together again. And surprisingly enough no war of words the next day.
Evan Rachel Wood has started a new trend. Taking your cat everywhere you go. Not sure how this is going to work.
50 Cent and his cologne which, despite what you may think costs more than 50 cents. It's large isn't it?
Guy Ritchie taking David to see Peter Pan.
I would like to see this exact same picture recreated 20 years from now and see if Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy ever change their expression.
Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley at the same party, but not photographed together. Instead Hugh and Geri Halliwell and Henry Beckwith decided to pose together.
Isla Fisher at the LA premiere of Bruno which did remove the scene involving LaToya Jackson.
Jay Roach was there last night but I did not see his wife and the love of my life Susanna Hoffs.
Not the love of my life, but nice to see is Jessica Simpson. For some reason I have missed having her in the pictures.
Justin Timberlake - Windsor, UK
Kate Beckinsale showing off no ring on her finger.
And in case you wanted to see her dress in its entirety.
Kanye West never looks happy.
Paul Giamatti actually was smiling in most of his photos. I just wanted to include one with Katheryn Winnick so you get the non-smiling Paul.
Matthew Broderick is not taking pictures of his new twins, but spent their first day at home at a baseball game taking pictures of Oliver Platt.
Michael Jackson's star.
Farrah Fawcett's star.
Mindy Kaling. I just love her.
I love Martin Landau too. He is the best and the nicest guy in the world.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Nicole Kidman on the set of her new movie.
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in Madrid. No Betty White though. Sorry.
But you do get to see Sacha Baron Cohen riding a big gun.
Winona Ryder and Diablo Cody.
I realize Yeardley Smith has a ton of money, but I would still love to see her sometimes move away from The Simpsons and go back to doing much more acting in movies.


Pookie said...

geri haliwell and isla fisher look fantastic!

wow kate b.! *jealous*

yay pretty readers! fun-looking bunch.

don't think xenu has cleared yeardly w/ permissions to do anything other than the voice of bart. so sad.

ugh. enough sacha, enty. barf.

Max Gosoaus said...

Ferris Bueller has gotten old.

Kate Beckinsale has got to be great in bed.

empyrios said...

has anyone here ever seen the movie "Silence Like Glass"??

t starred Jamie Gertz and Martha Plimpton. older movie.

Yeardley Smith was also in it and she had THE BEST part and all the best lines. She was soooooo good and made me laugh my frickin' ass off. She's the reason i still remember that movie!

RocketQueen said...

Mindy Kaling is a hilarious tweeter. One of the best in the biz.

Kate B looks great, and usually does if I remember correctly.

Lily's really wearing that wig out, hey? Wonder what's going on underneath it.

MontanaMarriott said...

Anne is getting rave reviews for her turn in Shakespeare in the park in NYC

Isn't Yusuf Islam, Katt Stevens?

That is a gorgeous color dress on Kate Beckinsale

Kanye hasn't been right since his mother passed away


LOVE MARTIN L, he was in my favorite sci fi series, SPACE 1999

BLOODY HELL Sandra Bullock has the tiniest waist

About how much is the cast of the simpsons worth?


BTW what was the scene with Latoya all about? anyone??

Quintessential Southerner said...

in the movie, latoya jackson is being interviewed by bruno and he's being persistent about getting mj's telephone number. at least that's the version, i heard.

ihpguy said...

There really is a Ferris Buehler. Different name of course.But he exists. My best friend and I working talked about SJP and Mathew's twins and she said her boos is in the process of getting divorced from the real one. I had no idea that the movie was based on actual events.

ms_wonderland said...

Michael Jackson's star doesn't belong to MJ RIP, but to a British Michael Jackson. The star for MJ RIP is under the Bruno red carpet. Unfortunate timing.

Ms.Leigh said...

i am DYING to see bruno! omg, it looks hysterical! the disco-tank! brilliant!!

isla, sandra & kate beckensale look beautiful!

what happened with latoya in the bruno movie tho? haven't heard anything about that.

reader #3, you look beautiful!!

califblondy said...

Fiddy cleans up well.

Great readers' pix as always.

I'm so sick of the Bruno crap.

Idiot Watcher said...

Whoa, Anne Hathaway's dress sure is see-through!

MontanaMarriott said...
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MontanaMarriott said...

Thanks QS

not on my dollar said...

Kanye never looks happy = his don't mess with me MF look.

AnonMom said...

My ex-husband is OBSESSED with Klitschko. He's a fighting machine.

I'm dying to see Bruno, too, but probably won't until it's released on dvd. Bah!

Yes, Mindy Kaling is a hilarious tweeter.

I've always admired Jessica Simpson's choice of handbags.

Lovely reader photos!

cageykiwi said...

The photos of Jessica Simpson & Nicole Kidman do nothing to dispel the pregnancy rumors, do they??

robert said...

Had no idea who chew Lips were.

Paul Giamatti is just concentrating on the ol' elbow-boob action move.

Maybe can take care of SBC too...

Yeardley Smith isn't rich from the Simpsons, rather she's still raking in the dough from Herman's Head.

DNfromMN said...

Pookie - Yeardley is the voice of Lisa, not Bart, and not a scientologist like Bart's voice.

robert - I loved Herman's Head. Didn't it air right before "Whoops!" about the random 5 people who survived nuclear holocaust?

I love Dustin Hoffman.

I'm glad that JSimpleton has kept her dog alive after all these years.

And a fun group of readers. Maybe I'll have to send in a picture over the weekend.

SnowCherries said...

Ms. Leigh - Thanks! It was an awesome day.

Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous. What is the story with her "marriage" again?

And what is the story with Matthew Broderick's heinous chops?

Christina Ricci is a cute girl, but I think her bangs aren't working in her favor.

Isla Fisher looks amazing as usual.

robert said...


Woops! came out in '92 so it could have been on right before HH.

I was in Korea for part of that year and never even heard of the show so maybe it was cancelled before I returned and we never got it on the military network over there.

Katy said...

Pookie--Yeardley does the voice of Lisa, not Bart. And I haven't ever seen anything on her being a Scientologist (thank god!)

AvaMore said...

hahaha Enty~ loved your comment about the cat carrying~ "not sure how this is going to work"

..for sure, I am sensing some clawed up arms, chests & faces for celebrities that follow this trend~!

(could save Marilyn Manson some work on cutting himself though)

Jungle007 said...

AvaMore-- I was thinking the same, I love my cats but if I carried them around in public I'd be definately going home bloody...

Snow Cherries- Broderick is apparently doing a broadway show in which he needs the mutton chops for his character.

i love the reader pics today. #1, are you on the Canada side or the U.S side?

I love Yeardley, and to be honest it's weird to watch her in any roles because all i can picture is Lisa when she talks. :P

Ells said...

apart from the extreme tan & platinum hair, that doesn't look like Lily Allen. The face is somehow different. Is it that she lost a lot of weight again?

Pookie said...

eeep. sorry for my brain freeze, katy & dn! thx for clearing that up for me. teehee, wth am i thinking then? *so lost* ;)

DNfromMN said...

robert - I think woops only aired like 5 episodes. It was probably horrible in retrospect, but my 14 year old self loved it.

And now I'm going to look this stuff up and I didn't realize Herman's Head was on for 4 seasons. Why did I think it was a one season wonder?

ardleigh said...

I didn't realize that was C.Ricci.

I don't know who has worse hair Elton or Lily A.

It seems David is;for that family;
Everyones favorite photo-op prop.

First time I've seen Jess smile in a while.

Matthew Broderick is wearing my
4th of July picnic table cloth.

Yeardly is funny and she should be in more acting roles. She has perfect comedic timing.

sinjicat said...

Why was it a bad week for Christina Ricci???? Is that reveal?

I loved Herman's head too, so funny.

Great to see guy is committed to David, it was always sold as David was Madonna's son, sort of not both if you know what I mean.

Monalicious said...

Matthew Broderick reminds me so much of the dad from Jon and Kate+god only knows what!!! And the fact that his babies were born and he didn't give two shits......just wrong. Wonder what the "human incubator" thought when she popped and "Daddy" didn't care!

And a big WOW to the readers!!! I've allways said our readers look better than a lot of the Celebs on here!!!

califblondy said...

I thought Yeardley was a Scientologist. Maybe I'll check later. It's Friday, I've got beer to drink.

shakey said...

That Elton/Lily picture kills me. It looks like she just plopped herself down beside him and he is barely tolerating her. I bet he was thinking, "Where the fuck is security."

Nice move, Matthew Broderick. Ass. I remember Space 1999, too! Love the reader pics. And I LOVE the disco tank!

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Elton's face is priceless. It looks like he's can't get away from Lily quick enough!

The cat carrying thing is beyond ridiculous. I hope it shreds her to pieces.

Isla looks gorgeous, I still can't believe she's married to SBC. I just don't find him funny/attractive in any way.

Could Nic throw any more fuel on the pregnancy fire with that pose?

Great reader photos, as always!

Jasmine said...

I'm reader #4! Its sooo weird to see your own face in the random pics I cant even tell you!....
Love how involved Sasha Baron Cohen is in every major premiere! Him riding on a big gun like that with his arms out like he is on ride is hilarious!

Feminine said...

Claire Dane's fiancee is hot! As for her she doesn't have much of a range but she seems to be one of the steadiest young actresses in Hollywood with nary a rehab trip, crotch flashing, or even a garishly dramatic relationship to her name. Or at the very least she's not a fame whore. If one wants to marry an actress (and actors seem to strongly prefer hanging out with other actors) she's probably the best catch in Hollywood.

Ror said...
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Ms said...

reader #1 photo is on canadian side HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!