Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lou Diamond Phillips Wins I'm A Celebrity

Finally something in life has gone right for Lou Diamond Phillips. I don't even want to imagine what his life has been like for the past several years, but winning a show that no one watched has to be a highlight to his career. I had a long discussion with a friend of mine about why Lou would want to be on this show. He still has some name recognition and I would think that Dancing With The Stars would have been a much better way for him to go. I can' see the producers of that show turning him down and being on the show isn't even a bad thing.

When you watch Dancing With The Stars, you don't ask yourself why someone is doing it and if their career has spiraled out of control. I wouldn't be shocked if an A list celebrity wanted to be on DWTS. I would be shocked if they had the time, but I don't think it hurts your career to be on it. I'm A Celebrity though is lower than The Surreal Life and that was on cable.

I guess being on network television every night instead of twice a week for a few minutes was more exposure for Lou, than DWTS, but still, I like the guy and feel sorry for him. I think after La Bamba he was just kind of screwed about the parts he could get. You don't often get typecast based on one movie, but I think it might have happened in his case.

I am happy for the guy and his charity which was Art Has Heart Foundation and I'm guessing we won't be seeing this show on any network for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Good for Lou, I always liked him. He was great in "Bats". ha!

Maybe he isn't a good dancer? Does anyone remember who the first person kicked off DWTS is? Nope. Only if you make it to the top 3 or 4 do people remember.

McDooks said...

A friend of ours said he recently went to a neighborhood japanese restaurant where he lives, and he was seated at a teppan table with Lou and his kids.
He said they had friendly, down to earth conversation and it was a really nice meal.
No prima donna behavior, just a dad with his kids having some dinner like everybody else there.

selenakyle said...

Well, he WAS the Big Daddy of the show from the beginning. I didn't catch every episode but caught some of them in reruns during the weeks.

Glad he won--seems like a totally great guy. I thought Sanjaya had a great shot, too, as well as Salley.

My personal fave was Patti Blagojevich, to be honest.

*I do watch a tiny amount of "regular" TV every now and then*

califblondy said...

I felt sorry for him when his wife dumped him for another woman. That's gotta hurt the old ego. I only watched a little of the show, but I'm glad he won.

Anonymous said...

I adore Lou!
He is a talented actor on screen and on stage!
And he has always been dedicated service within the Filipino Community.
I really hope to see more of him in the future.

RocketQueen said...

I watched a few episodes and thought Lou came across as a kind, likeable and good man - I'm glad he won and hope it helps his career in any way. He deserves it.

I really liked Patti Blagojevich but as I've been following her husband's case, thought perhaps she's either ridiculously naive or just oblivious. She knows how serious it all is, but doesn't seem to comprehend that her husband probably WILL be found guilty - he was caught pretty red-handed. I feel sorry for the fall-out to his family, but he's an ass.

Jade, That Girl said...

he changed my life. if it wasn't for the big hit, i would have plenty of stoned nights where i would have nothing to watch as i ate my munchies. thanks lou!

nancer said...

i watched 3 episodes of this very bad show. he seemed to be the leader and everyone liked him and got along with him, so good on you, lou!

Miss(pdx) said...

I think Patti may not have been totally in the know but decidedly turned a blind eye, which is just as guilty. My ex was up to a lot of no good when we were together and though I never knew the details ( for my ..ahem.. sake ) I knew he was not the best guy. I wised up and left before anything really bad could have effected me or our family.
I only feel sorry for their kids, who have to live with that last name for the rest of their lives ( hello Packwoods?! ).
Patti stands as a testament to no matter how much money your husband makes or what a good homemaker you are...always have your own money on the side.

KellyLynn said...

After deciding I would never watch the show, I got hooked. It wasn't my fault -- my husband found it on hulu one night, and roped me in.

It's too bad the couple-who-must-not-be-named took away whatever smidgen of integrity the show may have had.

Lou definitely showed anyone watching that he is a true professional. I still hope someone will find a worthwhile role for him.

Cheryl said...

Good for Lou. I have a soft spot for him because he looks exactly like my sister's ex.

KellyLynn said...

I forgot to add...Patti came across as nice, but I still wouldn't trust her farther than I could throw her.

jax said...

KellyLynn- totally agree! i was agianst, got railed into it and actually enjoyed it, even Sanjaya.
Holly was my fav becasue she was the complete anti-Heidi and actually was very sweet.

good for Lou,i hope this gives his career boost and if not he could totally become a inspirational speaker type dude.

vian said...

I think that Lou is supposed to be in the new Stargate series on scifi.

skipska said...

What was really scary was at the end the host Myleen said "we'll see you next year"! Meaning, at least as of right now they are planning on bringing this crap back!

Diane said...

Vian, I was about to say the same thing -- he's starring in the new Stargate series Stargate: Universe which starts in a few months. Robert Carlyle from Full Monty and Trainspotting will also star.

Judi said...

Love Lou. He has a recurring role on Numbers playing a GREAT character. Delighted he won.

figgy said...

LDP seems like a really nice, normal guy. And he's still GORgeous! Maybe this will help his career? I wish him the best.


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